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From the Illuminists and Illusiionists comes “The Lighthouse”


Ship with 33 aboard missing as Hurricane Joaquin slams Bahamas

The perfect Storm of misery, courtesy the Joo-Joo-bees.

The U.S. Coast Guard was searching Friday for a missing cargo ship with 33 crewmembers, including 28 Americans, as a slow-moving Hurricane Joaquin continued to batter the Bahamas.

The 735-foot ship called El Faro was caught in the storm Thursday, when it signaled that it had lost propulsion and begun to list at 15 degrees near Crooked Island in the Bahamas, the Coast Guard said in a statement. The other five crewmembers are Polish.

33 crew [6]

28 Americand =1

5 Poles=5 [6]

735 foot ship ElFaro (the lighthouse) =15 [6]

EL FARO = 8 11

tag: Jade Helm 15,  Joaquin #15 (2015)

“This vessel is disabled basically right near the eye of Hurricane Joaquin, right where the strongest winds are” Capt. Mark Fedor said at a news conference Friday afternoon. “So the challenge is trying to get our assets as close as possible to try to find the vessel.”

The crew reported the ship — en route from Jacksonville, Fla., to San Juan, Puerto Rico — had taken on water, but the flooding was contained, the Coast Guard said. Aircraft and rescue crews have been unable to locate and re-establish communications with the vessel, the Coast Guard said.

The waves in the area are currently 20 to 30 feet tall, and the ship, without power, is at the mercy of the waters, Fedor said.

TOTE Maritime, the owner of the ship, said in a statement that it was in contact with family members of those on board and was working to “establish communication by whatever means possible” with El Faro.

The vessel has 391 containers topside and 294 cars, trucks and trailers below deck. That cargo makes the listing problems even worse at sea, Fedor said. He added the Coast Guard is “very concerned” about the ship and is doing everything it can to locate it.

The Coast Guard has contacted the Air Force for additional resources, such as C-130 airplanes and more helicopters, Fedor said. A C-130 with sophisticated radar flew down to 2,000 feet earlier Friday but came up empty handed.

Tag: 9, 15, C-130

“Hurricane Joaquin is absolutely a very dangerous storm. … That’s pretty far offshore from where we are here, no one should go out there,” Fedor said.

The National Hurricane Center predicted Friday that Joaquin will move to the northeast, avoiding a direct hit of the U.S. East Coast. A bigger U.S. concern is potentially historic flooding this weekend that’s forecast in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic from a weather system not directly related to Joaquin.

The combination of a low-pressure area, a stalled front and a plume of moisture streaming into the Southeast from Joaquin will lead to extremely heavy rainfall over portions of the Southeast and southern Mid-Atlantic states, the National Weather Service said.

Already, howling winds and pounding waves were causing coastal flooding at beach towns in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. Many roads were closed due to the high water.

A majority of the area could see 1 to 5 inches by Monday morning, and 5 to 15 or more inches are possible from Virginia to the South Carolina-Georgia border, the weather service said. In South Carolina, the weather service called it a “historic and potentially life-threatening rainfall event.”

Because of those expected totals, officials are urging people to use extreme caution throughout the weekend, as flooding is likely even in areas not normally prone to it.

Residents reached by relatives said they were “trapped in their homes, and reported feeling as if their structures were caving in,” Russell told the Associated Press. “It’s too dangerous to go outside because the flood waters are so high, so we ask that persons stay inside and try to go into the most secure place of their home.”

Joaquin had maximum sustained winds of 125 mph, the National Hurricane Center in Miami reported. As of  5 p.m. EDT Friday, the storm’s center was located about 15 miles west-northwest of San Salvador in the Bahamas and was moving north at 7 mph.

The Philadelphia Effect?  Since Jesuit Black Pope Bergoglios visit we have had a nice start to 711. Off the heels of Umpqua (Umpqua Holdings Corporation) the magic number settled on 9 which is par for the (11) fake events. The El Faro is another staged event covering a coded message regarding the Jew Jesuit Banking Crime Syndicate.

In the Trade War we are currently experiencing there seems to be a show of power from the BRICS, FED and IMF. Seems the BRICS players are taking a beating after the FED team has lashed back with a vengeance. The Vanguards are watching closely now as the BRICS seem to be retaliating. From Putins recent plays to the Clinton assault, the Jesuits have come back with a purpose.  Red Team is on the march and the Blue are quick to move. Bibi Netanyahu is almost impotent on Iran and yet Putin is looking like Darth Vader in power.

While Barry has has his wings clipped, lord francis has stepped in well. The Philadelphia visit seems to link well with the missing MV El Faro. The PA Experiment may be a display of power and we never see or hear from the crew again. That is until such time as the COMMITTEE decides to use them in the coming Exopolitical shift to the extraterrestrial global government transition in PROJECT BLUEBEAM of which Jade Helm 15 seems to linked to in that we are to experience the human effects of Scalar and EM research from the days of Montauck , MK-Ultra and the UTAH experiments.

This event in the Bermuda Triangle only supports my theory of the Disclosure Agenda, Agenda 21 (2030 phase) and the Climate Carbon-Gate financial transition.  I can theorize the decoding of the Banking information in the above Reuters_AP numeric vortex code but it is certainly in the 3-9-6 series of the dialectic process with a substantial focus on the 15.

That confirms psyops, stagings in October, November and the winter sacrifices in December to be large and numerous. With much going on from the banks with LIBOR, PM manipulations and other laundering investigations, the economy itself seems to be stalled but like Joaquin, (“lifted by Jehovah”) the Joo-Joo-bees are on a similar path. If we don’t get a war, the perfect storm will tear the markets to shreds.

They must know now that the Black Pope has decided to unleash the swan of the same color and that things are being handled.  So the Joaquin near miss has been averted. Or has it?


Weather Weapons, ENMOD, HAARP, Philadelphia Experiment, Malaysia Flight 370, missing craft, Bermuda Triangle, Project Bluebeam, The Disclosure Hoax.



  1. Umpqua – 33 (9 dead) 711
    Joaquin – 33 (? dead) 811

    Harbinger? 911 I$I$ (11) Therefore the Lord shall set up the adversaries . . .—The Hebrew tenses are in the past (has set up), but probably as representing the prophet’s visions of an accomplished future. The “adversaries” of the text can hardly be any other than the Assyrians; yet the context that follows clearly points to an attack on Ephraim in which the armies of Rezin were to be conspicuous. The natural explanation is that Syria, after the conquest by the Assyrian king, was compelled to take part in a campaign against Samaria. The reading of the text may be retained with this explanation, and the sentence paraphrased thus, “Jehovah will stir up the adversaries of Rezin (the Assyrians who have conquered Syria) against him (Ephraim and the inhabitant of Samaria), and shall join his enemies against him, and those enemies shall include the very nations on whose support he had counted, the Syrians and the Philistines”. The latter people were, it is true, enemies to Judah, but their hostilities extended to the northern kingdom also.

    The bricks have fallen down, But we will rebuild with smooth stones; The sycamores have been cut down, But we will replace them with cedars.”

    7:11 “Ask the LORD your God for a sign of confirmation, Ahaz. Make it as difficult as you want–as high as heaven or as deep as the place of the dead.”

    8:11 The LORD has given me a strong warning not to think like everyone else does. He said,

    9:11 Therefore the LORD shall set up the adversaries of Rezin king of Syria against him, and join his enemies together;

  2. Samaritans

  3. This was NO ACCIDENT! Obama killing Americans in transparent bombing
    Umpqua Aphganistan: Nine dead at Afghan hospital after U.S. air strike

  4. The Talican can, the Talican can — Tallying up the numbers…”Doctors Without Borders says U.S. airstrike hit hospital in Afghanistan; at least 19 dead”,

    • The Perfect Storm – It’s a fact that is unreported but we have already broke the record. It is officially the wettest year on record. From Januarys unprecedented snowfalls in the East to the Central Southwest flooding in May to the East Coast drenching of the Perfect Storm where a stubborn low pressure HAARPING (El Nino) of a inland system is meeting the offshore JOAQUIN in a dance of deluge.

      Whether the MSM media reports it, take it to the bank. It is quite possible the wettest year on record for the Northern Hemisphere.

      Should they decide to HAARP steer the Low with io heating or dump the heaters in the current High zone they can wreak the same havoc on the Northeast. I assumed this was a targeting of the bible belt considering how they have manipulated this cool low pressure zone but it may be an Agenda 21 Climate-Gate mission and they want to dump as much rainfall as they can muster.

      As I predicted in June:


  5. The Fed’s Grotesque “Explanation” Why 94.6 Million Are Out Of The Labor Force

  6. Yes, we note that is the unfederal “Fed” talking out of their ass which doubles as their mouth.

    Here are 2 prescient pieces from Jim Kirwan. He is stating the obvious, but in an incontrovertible manner. The liars truly are getting lit up and exposed for their multiple treasons.


    Here, he points out the “planned” nature of using nature and seasons to do the work for you in multiplying chaos, burdens upon humanity (swaths of society at a time as you reflect on this scheme), knowing, KNOWING that Diabolical POLICIES will end in the deaths of innumerable innocents. This is obvious “blood-on-the-hands” of all nations administrations that “caused” this “crisis”. Let us say, they shall not get away with it! Look to the “leaders” when all hell is breaking loose, because it is “They” which caused it.

    • We can look at the PM COMEX paper trail on 250 to 1 trading. Same with Silver shortages in Physical and see where the treasure is going. Glencore and Copper? etc, etc, etc. The manipulators are creating the next 2008 and it’s all by design. We have yet to see the Oil bottom and the Swiss are going to bust it open I think. UBS?


  8. Another Lighthouse pic courtesy of Max Keiser Peak Prosperity

    Deflation Warning: The Next Wave

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