Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 1, 2015


Umpqua Community College Hoax

Code Pink – 711

The scene of an active shooting at Umpqua Community College, Oct. 1, 2015 (COURTESY NRTODAY.COM)


AARON YOST/THE NEWS-REVIEW | A patient is wheeled into the Emergency Room at Mercy Medical Center. Mercy was under extreme stress dealing with victims from the shooting at Umpqua Community College and regular patient admittances.


AARON YOST/THE NEWS-REVIEW | A patient is wheeled into the Emergency Room at Mercy Medical Center. Mercy was under extreme stress dealing with victims from the shooting at Umpqua Community College and regular patient admittances.

Officers Respond to Report of Shooting at Umpqua Community College

Multiple people were shot at community college in central Oregon and the shooter was detained, a Douglas County fire official said.

At least one female was shot in the chest at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, another Douglas County official told MSNBC.

Umpqua is a two-year school with roughly 3,300 full-time students and 16,000 part-time students. It was established in 1964.

This is a developing news story. Please refresh for updates.

We know all about MSM developing stories. Much like the “Walking Dead” developing scripts. Too bad the sheeple are zombies and cannot see these hoaxes from the very beginnings of no blood to the no active threat.

Another Holyrood East production for consumption by the twitter gluttons of Fantasyland. Meanwhile the 43rd Parallel should provide for Hurricane Jouquin to pour copius amounts of rain on New York and parts south. Possible tornado activity if the weather minions should want to play with El Nino.

Also suited for 43rd parallel is the French and Russian hostility which could escalate in the airshows over Syria. Stay tuned for that one.  If France reneged on big contracts with Russia, Putin will surely remember. We need a good NATO-GLADIO air event to bring the strategy of tension to a boil.  We do not expect Barry Soetoro to do it so Israel has turned to other associates. France Turkey and Ukraine.  Once Iran gets into the game it should be a nightmare for the MK-Idiot McCain who can barely keep the players straight in his mind.  They may have to invoke SILENCIO for Johnny Boy.

What comes as the October surprise was left instructional by Bergoglio and all meetings by the Security Council.  Hillary’s emails could never be as juicy as the ones flying about right now. Stay tuned for more of the Putin Supremacy show.



  1. ACTIVE WIDCARD = 43 rd parallel = 711 of the 811 event cycle. Easy decode here.

    I’d like to tell this guy he’s on target but he should try to cut down on his stress level 🙂

  2. “Please stay away from the scene” …as we don’t want video cameras or cell phones catching the actors and directors having lunch or kidding around.

    I get nauseous listening to this Baldwin broad. She’s so annoying.



  4. Radio Communications have been in rough shape here. UHF and VIPER have been under interference and gain and wattage have had to be boosted. There are solar flares for HF but this is HAARP messing with the cellular ranges at 1GHz down to 800Mhz where the UHF reside. A lot of activity in the 1.7 GHz range according to my information.


    Air Force weather forecasters are closely monitoring Hurricane Joaquin as United Launch Alliance prepares an Atlas V rocket for an early Friday launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

    The planned 6:08 a.m. launch is still 70 percent “go” for blastoff from Launch Complex 41 with the Mexican government’s Morelos-3 communications satellite, according to the 45th Weather Squadron.

    Full Spectrum Dominance is having some issues for the Mexican Crime Syndicate and Drug Cartels.

  6. Chilling: Netanyahu Glares at UN Delegates for 45 Seconds for Their ‘Deafening Silence’ on Iran Deal

    You can hear a mouse fart at 1 min 8 seconds…

    It’s so transparent the bogus stories behind the Popes visit, Obama-Putin, Obama-Xi, Netanyahu-Putin, Kerry-Lavrov and the rest of the gang at the UN prepping for the big show. What comes to mind is the last preparations and making sure everyone knows their job and most important, don’t let the game get out of hand. Keep your team in order. Gotta love Bibi’s performance here. Iran is itchin to get the kickoff started.


    A post on the Centerstage Theater at UCC’s Facebook page Wednesday night lists a Chris Harper-Mercer as a production assistant in an upcoming show. It has not yet been confirmed if that is the same person as the shooter. The theater is affiliated with the school.

  8. “Obama calls for tougher gun laws in his FIFTEENTH speech” via @MailOnline

    Why is dailymail psyops capping “FIFTEENTH?” Joaquin-15 October 15th or something else? Jade Helm 15 never sleeps.

  9. Oregon Gunman Singled Out Christians During Rampage – Ha Ha! Nice try Sandy Hook!!

    SANDY HOOK REDUX – Back by popular demand. One show only!



  11. SILENCIO: Cops had silencers-supressors. Witnesses had cell phones confiscated. Blood drops only after 9-17 dead?

    ‘Drops of blood:’ Students describe horrific mass shooting at UCC in Oregon

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  13. The “numbers” of killed and injured seem to be jumping around from the start. Reports now on some alt-media say, “9 killed, 9 injured”, “9 killed, 13 weapons owned by the killer”… Jim Stone not buying this latest psyop try. Obama’s immediate “gun control” chatter and others is like a freaking Gong Show response now, along with the other known advocates who immediately seek to take advantage of every supposed shooting like this.

    Many similarities to other FF’s. Getting tired of these trick or treats hallowmeat shinings. They seem to get “shot down” themselves very rapidly now by those who are paying attention.

    Looked at a radar image over on the east coast around 8:16pm and noticed this perfectly round area just to Columbia, SC’s west right in the middle of a very large band of rain. Perfectly round area devoid of any precipitation whatsoever. Like a radar pulse effect. Manipulation everywhere as SOP. The world-improvers cannot sell their memes without lies, deception, control and force. That ain’t never going to change. The Truth hurts — Them.

    • This shoosting was as hectic as any others before. It was definitely the Bergoglio Rffect at play here. The timeline seems to be in order now. Obama’s rapid response to the pre-planned event was obvious was it not?

      There are faster cycles now and that seems to be causing a problem with accomplishment. Obama seems to want out. He may get his wish I think. When Iran-Russia makes it so. The Congressional body will have their chance soon to get the walk with the pope going. WAR?

      Timing says interest rates have t have a step-brother. War would make that happen. Up the ante and all in because there is no folding at this point. I think the Committee has made that certain now.

      I feel like I am sleeping on needles lately. Too much CERN and HAARP or just the sixth sense. What I expect is a curve out and then back west for JOAQUIN 15 and New York is going to get hit. I have no numbers on that, just a googleplex indication for New York.

      Still think Mexico gets a quake of size and I expect it to happen post-storm. The real target in HAARP is Indonesia and southern Asia. Why the TPP is holding up the transition is based in this region and China seems to want to play nice now. So I ask if the plant bombing/explosions were the backlash of TPP. Did Barry tell Xi to get in line or the Pope would bomb Bejing?

      Funny things going on in the east. All our crap seems to keep the majority off the ball on closing the TPP deal. Where the Syria thing goes is anyones guess but I think Russia is getting it’s way for BRICS concessions. What pipes are coming are not on the illusion of a permanent Oil fire sale. Looks pretty bad for the Bankers and Brokers who are coming into the light for their crimes.

      I like this Hillary Clinton Foundation banking email diddy

      Funny that Hillwitch is pandering to Obama again after her exit considering her email and criminal investigation, I think she has had a talking to as well. Bergoglio got a lot done in a week. Most of it from the hotel room.

  14. May ALL of these criminals run around stressed to the maximum that at any moment the axe may fall upon their neck! Such, should be their second-by-second life experience from this day forward. No rest for the wicked!

    When an individual is so corrupted that everything they do is scheming for advantages in power, control, and personal profits, their licentiousness takes off on its own mad run. After a period, their flimsy or firm foundation of lies and deceptions accumulate to the point of leaking out of too many holes to keep plugged…THIS, is what we are seeing around us.

    The colossally criminal deeds of the ilk of the Bushes, Clintons, British “Royalty”, Pope, priests, and pretender wanna-bees, all of the “agents” like AG’s, FEMA heads, gate-keeper czars, or criminal agency managing slugs, the inept, the despicable, the predictable psychopaths, and soul-perverted acolytes, this band-of-thieves stretches beyond the horizon. And their deeds cannot be hidden forever. No, The Watchers have just been sitting at home with their multi-media devices taking it all in, forming opinions, cleaning their guns and their homes and their own lives so that they will never resemble the raft of refuse they watch floating by.

    The really hilarious yet pitiable part to watch; is seeing career criminals who are very intelligent desperately try to continue to hide their crimes as bulging leaks spring open everywhere beyond their ability to do damage control. These narcissistic individuals erroneously believed that they were TBTFail, TBTJail. They believed They Could Fool All of the People All of the Time in Perpetuity! What a fallacy! No can or ever will. Their sins are in the midst of finding them out — publicy!

  15. Just wanted to let you know, the link to this article on your blog has an “error” and can’t be found on your site. Regards, KPW


    • Sorry Kymber, not sure what link you speak of.

  16. Just had this comment ripped off of Yahoo.

    #1-Rule in detecting a “false-flag.” Massive media attention typically coinciding with news embarrassing to the government. Notice how Russia and Putin have been shaming Obama lately? (X) Check.

    Rule #2- No photographs. No crime scene photos. No victims in ambulances. No nothing except pictures of road-blocks. Everyone has a camera on them – where are the photos and videos of any of this happening that students or witnesses would have been taking? And there’s ONE eye-witness? And she did what? Hide under the dead bodies too survive? Pleeease … All the other witnesses said they only “heard” gunshots. (X) Check

    Rule #3 – Have an axe to grind. The sheriff has been vocal in opposing state and federal gun-control legislation. In 2013, Hanlin sent a letter to Vice President Joe Biden after the shooting at a Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school, declaring that he and his deputies would refuse to enforce new gun-control restrictions “offending the constitutional rights of my citizens.” (X) Check

    Rule #4 – Profile emerges of the shooter almost immediately. Before anyone could say “Chris Harper-Mercer” we get this as though it was scripted in the basement of the CIA profile of a man “living in his mother’s basement” who just manages to collect an arsenal of guns, that goes completely unnoticed. Oh! Did I leave out the “religious” twist. Must touch all bases and get everyone mad at each other. (X) Check

    Rule #5 – Shooter dies. (X) Check

    Rule #6 – Never let a good crisis go to waste. Before the alleged victims are even cold Obama is calling for more gun-control, and even hinted at confiscation. At the same time not taking questions about Syria. (X) Check

    If anyone can provide links to where any pictures of any victims anywhere at any time are please post them. As it is all we’ve seen are some seemingly scripted news reports. It would be interesting to see profiles on the alleged victims and see if the survivors and their families might not have done any acting in their past.

  17. All great points and especially the 4chan / NSA link. I don’t for a second believe that someone would drop a graphic of the carnage if even a poor sample. Yet we can get videos of cops pulling women from vehicles and punching them in the face.

    There is not one believable random pic… from Aurora to Wisconsin to Tuscon to Newtown, South Carolina, Tennessee or Roseburg. Why? They don’t exist because the event never happened. They could stage that part of it and do themselves some good in the conspiracy department, yet they always fail to do it. Why? I don’t know. It keeps me up at night, why they want run these ops so poorly.

    Is it just that the Millennials they use in these ops are just idiots? No I don’t think so. Does Steven Spielbergs involvement with Obama offer a clue? Why can’t he iimprove the program to make it more believable? I have concluded and stated over the last three years that I do not think it’s about grabbing the guns but destroying our peace of mind. Whether you are a sheeple and believe it all or you are coto and know the false flag inside and out, it takes it toll. Either way it’s like a slow death of the spirit. Sound like a possibility?

  18. Great points by M, and commentary by Puddy.

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