Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 30, 2015

UN Introduces New Feudalism Under Guise of Social Activism – Memory Hole Blog


Feel the "Love"...

Feel the “Love”…

Perfect timing for this analysis from the Memory Hole Blog after the Black Pope Bergoglio’s  ceremonial global announcement.



  1. We did not vote for any part of the UN 1945 plan for a totalitarian, one-world government.

    The Pope, Obama and Putin have been working together behind the scenes to get us to voluntarily jump from the frying pan into the fire.

    “Stalin’s science” explains how abrupt and unfounded FALSEHOODS were inserted in the foundations of nuclear & solar physics after WWII

    • Yes, they are bedfellows. I have pointed out Putin and Obama working closely. Today we see the Syrian event of Russian bombings in Western Syria. Obama and Putin met to work this out, just like Obama and Xi worked out the plans for southern Asia. This is a global plan of misery until such time as the masses will agree to anything based upon Hope. The plan is so thin and transparent that even Fox News is presenting it as such.

      Obviously Israel’s BiBi was in communication with Putin to get their ducks in a row. True Muslims and Christians are the targets. The first on the list to be exterminated was Africans and now it’s open season on all people who reject the NWO.

      Kudos to you on your knowledge of NASA and the conspiracy of Climate fraud and weather weapons. It is the WMD we will face in the end.

  2. M5.5 Earthquake

    My prediction for Mexico City is getting warmer…..BRICS and Drones

    2015-09-30 17:25:56 (UTC)
    2015-09-30 13:25:56 (UTC-04:00) in your timezone
    Times in other timezones
    Nearby Cities
    36km (22mi) ESE of Tres Palos, Mexico
    58km (36mi) NNE of Zihuatanejo, Mexico
    63km (39mi) N of Petatlan, Mexico
    68km (42mi) SW of Huetamo de Nunez, Mexico
    271km (168mi) WSW of Mexico City, Mexico

    It’s just a matter of time.


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