Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 25, 2015

Pope gives John Boehner an offer he could not refuse.

John Boehner official portrait.jpg

Did Pope Francis give Speaker Boehner the Ax?

Yes, I think he did.

But Bergoglio will let him live. The planned Parenthood government shutdown and other agendas need a new face. No doubt as John Boehner is the first JESUIT speaker of the house like Bergoglio as the last Pope. There is no doubt that Xavier University grad Boehner is a huge Jesuit like 50+ others in Congress and House positions.

Boehner was taken aside by Bergoglio and promised Satan’s favor. This ought to jump start the anti-GOP war and the next six months should prove to be a living hell for America. Another shutdown coming?


Members Take the #WalkWithFrancis Pledge

Jesuit Alumni Comprise Nine Percent of 114th US Congress

January 6, 2015 — Nine percent of the 114th U.S. Congress are Jesuit educated. Among the 535 members, 48 are alumni/ae of Jesuit colleges and universities: 11 in the Senate and 37 in the House of Representatives.


2011 List of Jesuit educated : Some are out and a few others have been added. We have to wait to see who replaces the cry baby but I bet he or she will never shed a tear.  Pope Francis must have had to slap him around a bit before giving him the heave-ho.


Senator John Barrasso
(R-WY) Appointed 2007, Elected 2008
B.A. Georgetown University (1974)
M.D. Georgetown University (1978)

Senator Scott Brown
(R-MA) Elected 2010
J.D. Boston College (1984)

Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr.
(D-PA) Elected 2006
B.A. College of the Holy Cross (1982)

Senator Richard J. Durbin
(D-IL) Elected 1996
B.S.F.S. Georgetown University (1966)
J.D. Georgetown University (1969)

Senator Mark Johanns
(R-NB) Elected 2008
J.D. Creighton University (1974)

Senator John F. Kerry (working hard for the Vatican as Sec of state)
(D-MA) Elected 1984
J.D. Boston College (1976)

Senator Patrick J. Leahy (Most Powerful Jesuit in Senate and a real criminal pedophile)
(D-VT) Elected 1974
J.D. Georgetown University (1964)

Senator Mark Steven Kirk
(R-IL) Elected 2010
J.D. Georgetown University (1992)

Senator Robert Menendez
(D-NJ) Appointed & Elected 2006
B.A. Saint Peter’s College (1976)

Senator Barbara A. Mikulski
(D-MD) Elected 1986
B.A. Loyola University Maryland (1958)

Senator Lisa Murkowski
(R-AK) Appointed 2002, Elected 2004
B.A. Georgetown University (1980)
Senator Jim Webb
(D-VA) Elected 2006
J.D. Georgetown University (1975)

Representative Steve Austria
(R-OH) Elected 2008
B.A. Marquette University (1982)

Representative Timothy H. Bishop
(D-NY) Elected 2002
B.A. College of the Holy Cross (1972)

Representative John A. Boehner (no more power)
(R-OH) Elected 1990
B.S. Xavier University (1977)

Representative Vern Buchanan
(R-FL) Elected 2006
M.B.A. University of Detroit Mercy (1986)

Representative Ann Marie Buerkle
(R-NY) Elected 2010
B.S. Le Moyne College (1977)

Representative Francisco “Quico” Canseco
(R-TX) Elected 2010
B.A. Saint Louis University (1972)

Representative Michael Capuano
(D-MA) Elected 1998
J.D. Boston College (1977)

Representative David Cicilline
(D-RI) Elected 2010
J.D. Georgetown University (1986)

Representative Hansen Clarke
(D-MI) Elected 2010
J.D. Georgetown University (1987)

Representative Henry Cuellar
(D-TX) Elected 2005
B.S. Georgetown University (1978)

Representative John D. Dingell (replaced by wife Debbie)
(D-MI) Elected 1955
B.A. Georgetown University (1949)
J.D. Georgetown University (1952)

Representative Jeff Fortenberry
(R-NE) Elected 2004
M.A. Georgetown University (1986)

Representative Paul Gosar
(R-AZ) Elected 2010
B.S. Creighton University (1981)
D.D.S. Creighton University (1985)

Representative Mazie K. Hirono
(D-HI) Elected 2006
J.D. Georgetown University (1978)

Representative Steny H. Hoyer
(D-MD) Elected 1981
J.D. Georgetown University (1966)

Representative William Keating
(D-MA) Elected 2010
B.A. Boston College (1974)
M.B.A. Boston College (1982)

Representative Jeff Landry
(R-LA) Elected 2010
J.D. Loyola University New Orleans (2004)

Representative Frank A. LoBiondo
(R-NJ) Elected 1994
B.S. Saint Joseph’s University (1968)

Representative Zoe Lofgren
(D-CA) Elected 1994
J.D. Santa Clara University (1975)

Representative Daniel E. Lungren
(R-CA) Elected 2004
J.D. Georgetown University (1971)

Representative Stephen Lynch
(D-MA) Elected 2000
J.D. Boston College (1991)

Representative Donald Manzullo
(R-IL) Elected 1992
J.D. Marquette University (1970)
Representative Edward J. Markey
(D-MA) Elected 1976
B.A. Boston College (1968)
J.D. Boston College (1972)

Representative Thaddeus McCotter
(R-MI) Elected 2002
B.A. University of Detroit Mercy (1987)
J.D. University of Detroit Mercy (1991)

Representative Gwen Moore
(D-WI) Elected 2004
B.A. Marquette University (1978)

Representative James P. Moran
(D-VA) Elected 1990
B.A. College of the Holy Cross (1967)

Representative Mick Mulvaney
(R-SC) Elected 2010
B.S. Georgetown University (1989)

Representative Timothy F. Murphy
(R-PA) Elected 2002
B.A. Wheeling Jesuit University (1974)

Representative Jerrold Nadler
(D-NY) Elected 1992
J.D. Fordham University (1978)

Representative William J. Pascrell Jr.
(D-NJ) Elected 1996
B.A. Fordham University (1959)
M.A. Fordham University (1961)

Representative Gary Peters
(D-MI) Elected 2008
M.B.A. University of Detroit Mercy (1984)

Representative Michael Quigley
(D-IL) Elected 2009
J.D. Loyola University Chicago (1989)

Representative Robert C. Scott
(D-VA) Elected 1992
J.D. Boston College (1973)

Representative Albio Sires
(D-NJ) Elected 2006
B.A. Saint Peter’s College (1974)

Representative Adam Smith
(D-WA) Elected 1996
B.A. Fordham University (1987)

Representative Lee Terry
(R-NE) Elected 1998
J.D. Creighton University (1987)

Representative Chris Van Hollen Jr.
(D-MD) Elected 2002
J.D. Georgetown University (1990)

Representative Peter J. Visclosky
(D-IN) Elected 1984
L.L.M. Georgetown University (1982)

Representative Peter Welch
(D-VT) Elected 2006
A.B. College of the Holy Cross (1969)

Representative Frank Wolf
(R-VA) Elected 1980
J.D. Georgetown University (1965)

Representative Lynn Woolsey
(D-CA) Elected 1992
B.S. University of San Francisco (1980)



  1. “The Children” It’s been a honor to serve who?
    What happens before Hollow’s Eve?????

  2. I think the St. Patricks Mass and Madison Square Gardens event means weather wars. The Chinese are lining up as are Russia. This is very disturbing when you take in the coinciding visit of Xi from China on the heels of the Jesuit assassin.

    Chinese Military Personnel, “Aerial Assets” Allegedly En Route To Syria

    They want you to believe this is about cyber security and finance but it’s more likely the final coordination of Obama’s global transformation for his committee handlers. There are nations who are going to get nailed coming in the next Quarter. The U.S. in on the list as are Southeast Asia and the EU ie; Germany who may stick it to the EU when Merkel takes center stage.

    The Climate is ripe for a weather war. The recent Tsunami alert false broadcast is the cue and clue to the event. This is so strong that I am convinced it is a precursor. The fact that it was centered in Connecticut tells me Bush & Co. and the Clinton crime syndicate are playing a part.

    The FBI has all but assured the public that Hillary’s new found emails are regarding Benghazi which we know was a false flag and event to get weapons and WMD into the hands of Gladio for the Syrian Levant war. Benghazi was cover or containment only and it is clear Clinton has allowed this whole email event to happen for some reason. This was not by accident that it has gone this deep. This appears to me to be a game of chicken or disinfo, a redirection of intel.

    The coming blood moon and Israel are orchestrating something for the eclipse which comes during hell week (sep 22-sep 29) When Bergoglio hits the City of Brotherly Love and gets with the ninth circle and his fellow Fabian Freemasons, we can expect the rule of thumb. Pedophiles and Banking events go hand in hand and no place better to mark the time but in Philadelphia.

    Now with Boehner calling it quits after Holloween, the whole chaotic scene should get a little clearer.

    Joseph Zwilling, a spokesman for the Archdiocese of New York, told the NY Times that this mass (Madison) is smaller than it generally would be, explaining that:

    The reality is, it’s smaller than we’ve had in the past. The Archdiocese of New York and the Archdiocese of Washington said, ‘We don’t want to do anything that would be too big because we want the main attention to remain on Philadelphia.’

    I believe we know now that the Hostitallers are here and ready to roll. It just required the blessing from the Luciferian Mouthpiece.

    We now know that we will receive up to 440,000 refugees in honor of Obama and his efforts to push the NWO agenda. But this is a domestic Gladio migration and nothing short of a black hole open border visa nightmare. Nothing can happen at the southern border that this SB Bullshit migration cannot handle.

    Why is sanctuary coming up this month? Planned Parenthood is a diversion. The target is sanctuary. If you have not felt like a red-headed stepchild yet, just wait for this shift. The criminals will be coming like the Mariel Boat-lift x 10.

    I just can’t decide on a communication internet down or a financial trigger and a banking holiday to start the ball rolling, but I am opting for both, followed by weather event, then the floodgates open.

    No doubt Philadelphia is where we will get the clues and that is where we can glean some fruit and get somew holy-see.

    i’S Wide Shut

    Pope to visit accused killers, rapists, robbers – and victims – at Curran-Fromhold

    Gee, I thought he already visited killers, rapists, robbers in Washington DC. Boehner got visited, so did Soetoro. A little redundant don’t you think?

    Bergoglio loves his fellow criminals, does he not?

    The Ninth Circle – Philadephia

  4. That picture is worth a million words. I covers all the committee tentacles. Joo-joo-bee heaven.

  5. I don’t even know where to begin. I can only imagine that people around the world watch Boehner blubbering all over the place and must think us all insane.

    And I guess we are.

  6. John Boehner — A very successful Jesuit “plant” within the corrupted U.S. administration, and as good of a “gate-keeper” as Nancy Pelosi was for protecting the criminal elite infesting the halls of the D.C. corporation. May his karma catch up with him.

    I liked this logical take by Rappaport on the Pope —

    • logical in an illogical world. Fakery and facade dominate the landscapes in every venue now. If you don’t think insane by now, I think it is a negative. It has drizzled rain since the Jesuit General arrived. Radio communications and power brown-out here for days.

      The Magic Band has been active and the geomagnetics have been goofy as well. CLIMATE CLIMACTIC’s for the coming conversion. My area has had police and EMS radio issues. The cops are complaining all day to repeat. The attack is on.

  7. “The Jesuits have Arrived” —

    Read this, folks. It reaffirms some very important things to think on and consider, as the Pope has been presented front and center in America. Feted by TPTB here, and allowed to roam (pun intended) freely in the last bastion of freedom on the planet, the USA — which we see has been suffering a full-on assault from all angles.

    Never forget what a Jesuit “is”, and keep their oath in mind as you watch the world marveling after this Roman Beast power. This Pope’s visit is the culmination of years of planning and stealth, can be construed as an obvious cog in the fulfillment of certain biblical prophecies (See Daniel/Revelation), reinforces the bogus “Global Warming” agenda and the UN plans for breaking down nation states and “nationalism”. Much is packed into this multi-billion dollar popefest. Power, money, and control are what is behind the glitz, pomp, and rhetoric. Once again allow the “Church” to control the State, and shortly the persecutions of the Dark Ages will return with a vengeance. Why? Because the “Church” changes not its character. Like a chameleon, like a Jesuit, it only changes its appearance to deceive and obtain a better advantage. This IS the gospel regarding this institution. It is vastly important to keep this in mind always.

    • The fawning by CNN was sickening. I can’t believe what hope and pope on a rope do for the dopes. This was nothing less than an open calling card to the pedophiles and kissing the babies was merely a symbolic luciferian gesture from the days of crowley who pretend to advocate for children.
      Planned Parenthood only eliminates the pedophile’s stable and supply of victims. Listening to the sycophants was surreal.

  8. Consider the “Timing” of events…ISIS “problem” rapidly came to the fore, due to somebody funding these killers with brand New Toyota Trucks, weapons, ammo, fuel, food, access, and the killers. Illegal Immigration sanctioned by Obama Administration and funded. Mass Immigration in strategic countries, fanning out into European countries and abroad, which obviously creates a present and continuing Destabilization to all areas affected. Pope & United Nations entourage converge on American Soil, with scads of int’l VIP’s attending. U.S. gov’t bends over for this invasion, inconveniencing many local populations, charging U.S. Taxpayers for the radical and escalated “protection” afforded these world-improvers. Then, factor in all the other items occurring around us all in the U.S., then abroad.

    Do you think all of this convergence is happenstance?

    The Saudi’s are in the news, and on the alt-news radar at present. Some interesting commentary has been written recently highlighting important facts for consideration of current events.

    See Here:

    Jim Stone comments on the “stampede” dead numbers, and the elusive Truth that has most probably been covered up — “Hajj stampede whitewash”

    Interesting Facts here — “Why Saudi Ties to 9/11 Mean U.S. Ties to 9/11” —

    “Exodus & The Global Trojan Horse”, Jim Kirwan 9-23-15

    “The Inquisition of the West”, Jim Kirwan 9-25-15 —

    • I’m going to get to the Stone piece but I can say we are funding ISIS. I say it’s the IRS that needs to be hung by the heels. They are like the CAFR slush funds, CIA drug money (us again) and our sheeple ignorance to who is really funding it.

      Time to take a national stance on Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS and VA money and find these bank accounts and oil profits as well. I’m over this. I’mn not opting again. I’m finished. We funded the largest security effort in history for a criminal who was in no danger.

      When one accepts the bankruptcy of the US, then the nature of spending becomes clear. Max the credit cards on bills and put your cash into safes.

      Wow are the American people idiots. The world knows, yet the simpletons here are in the land of Gaga.


    I wont get to see the eclipse as it has not stopped raining since Bergoglio arrived. The most miserable week in a year of miserable weeks. I hope others will catch it at 10 pm tonight.

    • Cloud cover. Just as well. Maybe we avoided a curse.

  10. Let’s ALL note “The Incredible Instant ISIS Machine”. Zen Gardner points out the obvious —

    Heard this Carly Fiorina pResident wanna-be call in to the local upstate 106.3FM “Tara Show” this morning. This individual was asked what she would do on the 1st day if she became pResident. She said, “She would first call Bibi Netanyahu and let him know the U.S. had his back and could be counted on” as an ally. Second, she would call Iran’s leader, and tell him he needed to allow a veritable colonoscopy of his country’s nuclear infrastructure, or things would go very badly for him.

    And with these 2 first bold strokes of her pResidency, she would prove that “leadership” was back in the U.S.A.

    And The People said…Faaarrrt on That!

  11. Killer stuff Patrick. Do you know as the Pope got off the plane the theme from “Rocky” was played? Blasphamy! Philly is my hometown that was shut down for four days…major bridges closed, businesses one allowed in or out from late Thursday night into Sunday. The only part of the entire day I could stomach was to watch that sick, murderous, lying, bastard child trafficking pedophile walk off the plane. I could not listen to the fawning Philly press another minute after that. They were talking in hushed tones as if they were in Church and having a personal audience with God himself. OMG. Where is that 9th circle stained glass window?

  12. Just ran across this piece by State of the Nation, “This Is Why Speaker John Boehner Resigned”

    Some Truth finally oozes out of the backroom. We can speculate, but as with much in that political cesspool, reality is probably way worse than any of the cursory reports we get of dirty pool in the slew.

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