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U.S. Indulges the Pope

Please indulge me for a few moments (pun intended)…

Now that this Jesuit Pope is HERE IN THE FORMER REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES (for the 1st time EVER a pope comes to America I understand), it behooves us all to examine the background of this pontiff puppet of pagan “power” which passes itself off as “Christian”, but which shows itself to be Anti-Christ in innumerable ways.  Shall WE as a nation of Free People’s bow to this foreign power’s usurping “leadership” in perpetuating the fraud of “Global Warming”?  It is nothing but a continuance of the deceptions perpetrated over the centuries by this fraudulent agency.  Form you own opinion, however.  / “Pope Francis Speaks of a ‘Common Home’ at the White House”.  That’s scary!

Former Pope Dressed for Halloween

Former Pope Dressed for Halloween

Feel the

Feel the “Love”…

The more one looks into this organization, those who represent it, their dogmas, claims, history, etc., the more troubling it is to a thinking person’s sensibilities.  For instance:

(Ugh!)  The video is so gross I removed it from this post.  You can find it at the link below.

Quite simply, it is Extremely Important that every individual form their own opinion regarding the Pope, and the Papacy as it has come to the fore, and come to whats left of “America” under the auspices of the (UN) United Nations, quite obviously influencing/directing policy decisions at the International/National level now “Openly”.  What we don’t see is what is going on behind the robes, pomp, and circumstance presented. There is so much to assimilate and to discern that one’s investigation is a “process”, not a quick look-see and determination.  May you be granted wisdom in these things.

Due Diligence:

Papal Infallibility:  Who ever “gave” the Papacy the “Rights” they claim for themselves?  Well…They did!  Much can be found on this subject, the Papacy has claimed this “Right” to never be wrong for centuries.  Does it seem right to you, that a “man” representing an organization such as the Papacy, can never be wrong?


Quote from Story on Pope:  “With the first words that Pope Francis uttered publicly on American soil, he made it clear Wednesday that he does not intend to sidestep the deeply divisive issues that are roiling this country — and indeed, that he plans to fully employ his voice and influence as the spiritual leader of nearly 80 million Roman Catholics in the U.S.”

Quote:  “In his brief address at the White House, delivered in English, the pope also congratulated President Obama for “proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution. Accepting the urgency, it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation.”  { I thought he meant he’d eradicate chemtrails,  their architects, and those spreading the Bad Air?

Quote:  He noted the efforts of American Catholics toward “building a society which is truly tolerant and inclusive, to safeguarding the rights of individuals and communities, and to rejecting every form of discrimination.”  Since the Papacy and Pope are “infallible” and will not change any “proclamations” they have made in the past (Papal Bulls), how do WE square the above statement with history’s account of “the Dark Ages” atrocities, and the attitude of this religious order towards the millions judged “heretics” for unbelief?  “Heretics” sounds painfully akin to “Infidels”, to “Natives”, and to “Insurgents” or “domestic terrorists”.  All semantics used to demonize and destroy entire swaths of humanity.  With a blessing and a kiss.

Apparently, we are not far from the uniting of church and state.  Historically, pointed out as a very, very bad union…for the unbelieving.



  1. AGENDA 21 – Pope arrives on the autoban. Seems the timing for the destruction of the auto industry has been designed to take down Germany who is the last of the solvent EU countries. Not hard to see the agenda

    First VW and Now BMW. It will ripple through the world “NO MORE CARS” only full spectrum surveillance vehicles running on Pope solar batteries

    So who cares if gas drops to $1 a gallon?

    “Powered entirely by solar energy, the benevolent pontiff will wave his blessings from your bookshelf, window, or dashboard. Whenever a beam of light touches him, he’ll reassure you with a wave that everything is going to be okay.”

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