Posted by: waldopaper | September 23, 2015

Riding a Dutch Gal

The Power of Allusion  



When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)   — Matthew 24:15

CLUE: “God (Bible)” does not “plan.” People do. God did not write the Bible. People did.  God (Universe) wills.   Read the data on global temperature and ocean acidification (“hoax” according to Breitbart). Do you see a pattern here?  Authoritarianism: obey the King. Reality is different.   We all obey the laws of physics. We will all repent trying to avoid them.   

Have some fun with our allusions.  So suppose dollars were just like inches… which of course they are.  Measurements of some fucking thing.  Say you got six inches… bucks– whatever.  You can buy a really nice sandwich or a really good beer. Today 9/21/2015 6:06 PM ET.  Along comes some asshole who says, yeah well I got a trillion inches.  That’s 631.31 times around around the world.

Lots of assholes got a million bucks.  In inches, that’s 15. 7828 miles.  Do you believe that shit?  How big a truck would carry that much silly string?  So go into math-“wonk mode” and try to fathom some kind of trillion inch “conspiracy” from the standpoint of some four-buck motherfucker.  Big Mac and a Tallboy maybe?  Same nasty shit as barrel or blade length.

We do not need to allude any of those things.  Did you know God used emoticons?  Right at the end of the epigraph… See it? When was the last time you saw a thousand dollars in currency?  That’s 83′ 4″ and you could barely get it into your yard.  Or meter… pint or pound the same all world around.  There is only so much oil in the ground.  Call it a buck or ground chuck.  Maybe we make our won reality.  Making our own perceptions is side-show magic- delusion illusion.

The allusions are there… but not the hare.  Eye bee justice silly wabbit.  Reverbend is a real old solder.  Remember this girl blogger from Baghdad?   Faded away for six years.  Popped in and out two years ago.  Gave up looking for Riverbend.  Don’t know if I missed the 2013 post or just forgot.  And that’s the way you do it.  Slipcraft.  She’s good.  Young woman- old soldier.  Riverbend will never die.  Never will Rossini.

War makes old soldiers out of young people.  There are no old bold pilots.  Thought the Curtster had it made.  While I am now dreaming of escaping back to Hessen… Curt figured it out years ago.  Escape… and stay escaped.  Long as possible.  Having a Harley in Hessen.  Now that’s fucking class.  First class.  American.  Goddam.  There was a time when strangers were welcome here.  That was before we hijacked the American name and most of the land mass.

So Thomas Piketty writes “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.”  You probably already knew about it… but wouldn’t have forgotten this.  It’s one of those skull-buster solo road-trip talking books that you can listen to for about 8 hours until your brain explodes.  Brief History of Time was like that.  There’s this huge WWI thing that has lasted through both coasts.  Ask me about the Schlieffen Plan.  I learned in Ireland that you can’t take the Country out of the boy.

Boys and their toys goes without saying.  



  1. Nice thoughts can cross my mind when Climate change. capitalism, carbon economics, zebra hunting, equity and population control are presented. It’s too bad the time factor doesn’t work with the religion. Lies are the real thieves of time. Emissions and Mileage may vary but the truth is real treasure. Scarce as it is, you have an opportunity to hit the mother-lode.

    I guess god alludes today in Francis the friendly pope. Too bad I cannot invest. Isn’t it possible all of the above are an allusion by both sides to an agenda that has no basis of truth and does not exist in this time?

    I think our goal should be to change time and solve the overcrowding and refugee problem by sending them to another dimension. That would be easier than the current program which involves may too much mileage. Why don’t we just agree to pay both sides for the truth. I’d give Alpha Centauri and amnesty to Bergoglio if he’d just admit he’s a child killer and molester.

    I used to think life was too short but I had a real reversal in that thinking. I believe it’s way too long and once you figure out the hoax, you are just waiting for a plane.

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