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Jim Stone Posts 9/11 Information Pointing to Israeli Involvement

Source of Information below from at

Carl Cameron’s BANNED 2001 911 Fox News Report linking Israelis to 911 RESCUED!
Note: Much of the super damning stuff is in the second half.

Pakalert Press managed to get this up to Youtube. It was RAPIDLY deleted. However, Keepvid kept the 3gp re-encodes up on the server for a period of time after it was deleted from Youtube. I don’t have enough bandwidth to serve the video because it is huge, but I can serve an MP3 copy of the soundtrack, which SAYS IT ALL anyway, CLICK HERE to download from server 1 (preferred) because that server has more bandwidth available, and if it does not come in from that server, Click here to download from Iceland. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN, IT TOTALLY BLOWS ISRAEL OUT OF THE WATER and after seeing this I can’t believe Fox News ever got this published.

This series by Carl Cameron,which Fox News released in 2001 was supposed to have 12 parts. Only 4 parts ever got broadcast, and all 4 are in this ONE MP3. Even these 4 parts should be enough to wake your sleeping zombie sheep, they prove Israel is raping the U.S. and was heavily involved in 911 And it all went out on FOX NEWS, IT IS ALL HERE, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!

Key points:

1. After 911, Israeli companies tipped off perpetrators of 911 to when the FBI, CIA an other American intelligence was onto them, so they could immediately change their identities and prevent the investigations from proceeding. Additionally, once the investigations started, the perpetrators were given the ability to wire tap all of the investigator’s phones and other communications via Israeli owned companies and spy infrastructure, to totally circumvent capture. If this does not by itself prove Israel did 911, I do not know what possibly could.

2. Israeli companies tip off Israeli drug dealers to when American investigation efforts have pinned them down, and like the perpetrators of 911, the Israelis then provide even drug dealers with wire taps on the investigators in pursuit of them, to help them completely evade capture.

This Fox News report is SO DAMNING I wonder if Carl Cameron is even alive. This series was shut down 8 out of 12 segments early, because it NAILED THE TRUTH. Much can be extrapolated from even these 4 segments, they prove Israel is America’s ENEMY NUMBER ONE, ARCHIVE AND POST!



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  2. At this point Bush and Cheney could come out on national T.V. and confess to the whole damn thing and it wouldn’t mean a thing. People would shrug their shoulders and just move one more step closer to the cliff.

    • I agree M. I had the same thought, thinking back to JFk and the CT’s that came out from the factory. The Committee model is clear. The modi operandi is divide and conquer and if you want the results, then you use all the usual suspects.

      Who benefited?

      The Joo-joo-bees, corpo-regimes, covert government, bankers and ghosts (ISIS and Saudi’s-Keyser Söze.) all work for one boss. Pleased to meet ya, hope you guess my name. The Cosa Nostra could only dream about such a family.

      Maybe we can get a Russian, Syrian or Cuban to knock off the Pope and finally get payback for the Vatican Assassination of JFK. Wait it was the Israeli’s, no the mafia, no wait …Bush and Cheney…Nixon…Pentagon…Ruskies Oh, my head hurts 🙂

  3. WE THE PEOPLE NOTICE, that virtually ALL of the insider perpetraitors of 9/11, from PNAC members to Wall Street, to Banker & MIC “investors” are still running free in America and around the globe. How can this be WE ASK?!

    Billions and even Trillions have been wasted on illegal war-making, supplying those for-profit ventures (Halliburton, Kellog, Brown & Root, Blackwater, Xi, or whatever their recent reincarnation), and the build-up of the Police State in the former Republic of the United States. Post 9/11 financiers siphoned off Billions/Trillions from the American People and enriched their cronies throughout the MIC, Govt, Banking industries and their peripherals. I note here the Henry “Hank” Paulson is still running about, amazingly, operating at the top levels of power and policy-making — . How can this be?

    WE NOTE “ALL” of the Bush, Jr. crowd is still free, richer, just as powerful or more so, and still involved at high levels in power and profit centers…Bush, Jr., Cheney, Rumsfeld, Pelosi, Chertoff of Homeland Security fame, the Attorney’s General, and the list is Looong, folks! Dirty Devils like Hillary are actually vying for POTUS. Henry Kissinger advises Soros & Obama, and is consulted for his particular “expertise”. What’s Silverstein doing with his Billions from the dirty insurance policies on the WTC complex?

    What a horrendous job Homeland Security is doing managing the illegal immigration and borders issues —

    Insiders pat themselves on the back, as they stand back and admire the instruments of destruction they have imposed upon America & Americans — .

    WE NOTE what a fine job of the destruction of the former Republic of the United States of America, these participating associates have accomplished. On almost all fronts, the pillars of Freedom have been ripped down, abolished by fiat, attacked relentlessly by MSM puppets and those who would demolish Americans’ individual rights and freedoms. The CON in this conspiracy is the inversion of terms and fundamental concepts. Black is white, evil is good, the good are bad, citizens are now homeland (sic) “terrorists”. Their “Game Plan” for ripping this country apart through destabilization has been tripping along at an extremely rapid pace.

    Internationally, WE WITNESS the destruction and carnage from the war making. It is quite a stinking panorama to behold. SO WE ASK? When will real investigations into the Obvious crimes begin, when will accountability occur and justice be applied to those who so richly deserve it?

    September, 2015 is the due date on an Israel funding bill — Huge dollars of U.S. Taxpayer money goes to this rogue country. Rogue you say? Center Stage stands one Bibi Netanyahu. Case Closed. Who profits from this “arrangement”/relationship that is out of the hands of the American People? It is almost too big to wrap your mind around. MSM, Hollywood, Banking, MIC, Wall Street, and industry after industry participate. What is the result on the ground? War & Carnage. Just take a look around for yourself.

    AIPAC taking all but 3 freshmen Congresspeople to Israel in effort to sabotage Iran deal – See more at:

    Let me know when you see anything that resembles Peace-Making, Prospering for The People, Making a Better World for Humanity. You get my drift.

    • Regarding the three “stay behinds”

      Debbie Dingell (D-Michigan), Don Beyer (D-Virginia), and Norma Torres (D-California).

      – Interesting that they are Jesuits grads from Georgetown, Xavier, Williams or have Roman Catholic or Episcopalian roots. The Jesuits are on the rise
      in the house and senate. trending…

      Joo-joos going to Judah to sell their souls for the Syria war. The question is do we get the Babylonian Judea or the Persian? Game on!

  4. M–Your depressing, shitty, cynical comment is of course — right on the mark.

  5. “Habemus Papam”

    Bergoglio made Cardinal in 2001, made Pope in 2013 and King in 2015. Isn’t it time to see the seven heads and ten horns? I think so.

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