Posted by: Mr. M | September 21, 2015

Hey! We made it! Means I don’t win the pool.

 EndworldPool  When’s CERN kicking in? Can I buy back in?

What do you plan on doing in the last few days on Earth? I’m going too do what most others seem to be hell-bent on doing, act as if we really don’t get sucked into a black-hole, or unleash hell in one form or the other. But just in case it turns out that this might be one of the last transmissions coming from this planet, let it be known that it has been one of the privileges of an otherwise wasted, eventful, wicked, sad, wonderful and pathetic life to have crossed paths with those I have. Especially those of this rag-tag of discontented misfits known a COTO.

Here’s praying that we’ll all be back on the 24th.



  1. The day the earth stood still me thinks. What happens? GEO-EXO transitions?

    1. Neotectonics
    2. Politics
    3. Science
    4. Religion
    5. Finance
    6. Health

    We may not see of hear it, but we should feel it. (at least coto-ites should if the pineal is healthy)

    “What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day”

    JESUS INCORPORATED CEO appeareth soon.

    Netanyahu visits Putin amid concerns about Russian involvement in Syria

    GOG and maGOG lining up. Why the Uber pope-mobile has no protection? Answer: Because the one world order is aligned. Therefore leaders have no enemies except us.

    Numerology says her star will continue to rise. Did I say her? Okay. – no kids and a rock star bodyguard for a husband

    Theta Xi vs Alpha Delta Gamma

    “As an undergraduate at Stanford University, where she studied medieval history and philosophy, Fiorina says she had a special fondness for the Theta Xi fraternity, which in the 1970s was home to a lot of “band guys.” In a 2001 commencement speech at Stanford, Fiorina recounted: “I was made an honorary member because I had a man’s name and could survive an initiation ceremony that involved a stein of vodka and an iron stomach.”

    The history of Hewlett Packard from Theta Xi to Fiorina’s 40 million parachute.

    She/he’s very scary and the Joo-joo-bees will kill millions of us to win the throne. Watch Bibi and Fiorina take on Obama and Francis. Putin can relate to the butcher Bergoglio but barely when it comes to Ukraine. But they are on the same page, I think.

  2. Michael (from Louisiana)


    It would be the first withdrawal from the vault, she said. Many seeds from the Aleppo collection have traits resistant to drought, which could help breed crops to withstand climate change in dry areas from Australia to Africa.

    Syrian war spurs first withdrawal from doomsday Arctic seed vault

  4. Jake Brewer-Office of Technology Senior Adviser killed Sunday

    Jake Brewer, the 34-year-old White House technology adviser who died this weekend in an accident during a charity bicycle race, was hailed by President Obama on Sunday as one of the brightest young leaders in the civic tech movement.

    As word of his passing rippled through technology and policy circles, Brewer was remembered by grieving friends and colleagues as a fiercely intelligent and compassionate person who adored his family and dedicated his life to making government more responsive to citizens.

    In a statement, Obama said he was “heartbroken” and described Brewer as “one of the best.”

    “Armed with a brilliant mind, a big heart, and an insatiable desire to give back, Jake devoted his life to empowering people and making government work better for them,” Obama said. “I’ve often said that today’s younger generation is smarter, more determined, and more capable of making a difference than I was as a young man. Jake was proof of that.”

    Dr. John Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, said in a statement that he was “shocked and devastated by the tragic accident that took Jake Brewer from his family and from all of us yesterday.”

    Brewer, a competitive triathlete, had been riding Saturday in a DC-based charity event to raise money to fight cancer when he lost control of his bike at a sharp curve, crossed the double yellow line, and collided with an oncoming vehicle, according to the Howard County Police Department. He was pronounced dead at the scene.


    Hmmmm? A triathete cyclist gets killed losing control on a cancer ride. Hmmmm?

    I think this was a hit. I wonder what he knew about Holdren and Obama’s plan for Project Bluebeam and the Global Info Grid?? I’m just not buying it.

  5. The world won’t end until the pedophile, child sacrificing pope comes to Philly on 9/26. I am so dreading his visit even though I will be far enough away across the bridge.

    Micheal, let’s all meet here on the 24th 🙂

    Patrick, looking forward to the really big blue show…fire up the projector already :/

  6. You don’t know how close I was last week to taking-off for Sand Point, ID. But my truck needed repairs and I doubt it would have made it over the mountains. All fixed now though. So at lease when the end comes I’ll have a new alternator and good tires.

  7. What Is an ex-NSA Employee Doing at Uber? What was NSA Fiorina doing at Hewlett Packard? It’s the revolving door of the Corptocracy and the Googleplex. Nobody should be in the dark on this. Snowden is a clown and the truth is Full Spectrum Surveillance and NSA are well entrenched in every NASDAQ tech firm.
    It’s part of the thousand points of light.


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