Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 18, 2015

I got this feeling………

….the feeling that we have arrived at the end of the world.

It’s not just a feeling but more like the insomniac’s waking dream in a hallucination of a completely flipped reality.  When you can’t sleep, it’s a possibility you will hallucinate, but I am guessing it is real. As Jade Helm ended “officially” so did my sleep. For three days I am unable to find unconsciousness for more than a hour or so. It is something that I have experienced before and I have the decade old Ambien prescription in the medicine cabinet to prove it.

After the debate I realized that there are likely millions of people, Americans and worldly folks who are feeling the same thing.  The conversation of the candidates, which by the way, MSM has referred to as “the cast” and “players” on multiple occasions has admitted to the “bad actors” of the geopolitical realms and has offered “plots” to convince only an audience of what they think are the necessary attributes required to take us into the next 8 year cycle in the vortex of time and space. Unfortunately I have seen no matter, no substance of anything appearing legitimate or touchable since the time before the Jade Helm’s end.

What we were to have had was a magnetic storm peak and a changing of polarity from pole to pole during the 11-year solar cycle.  But something weird is happening. I think we have to look beyond the cosmic CMEs and focus on the terrestrial.  Have we reached our minimum? I think so.  I believe we have literally hit the bottom and are in a bounce. This may be due to the departing solar max to minimum and the perfect time for the departure of the Exo-savior from parts unknown to the destination of perfect landing here on Terra firma.

With the arrival of the trumpet Bergoglio to the Triumvirate, we may be seeing the formality of this newcomer.  It is certainly ridiculous to see any candidate as a real possibility of such a figure to take us into the next phase of transformation.  Even El Trumpo couldn’t really pull it off and I suspect it has to be a eunuch or female or possibly both.  Hillary can’t pull that off either unless we are to receive a HAARPING of unknown frequency and a chemtrailing unlike ever spewed across the unfriendly skies.  For some strange reason I keep feeling that the darkest part of this  agenda will be that we actually miss it.

Not that there is going to be a pre-press release regarding the trip but instead a series of subtle clues and innocuous cues and some form of latent subliminal triggers that will happen making us oblivious to the real terror arriving and instead keeping us in the Truman show for 2016.  I am still banking on no election, more than ever, based upon the caliber or lack of firepower of the castaways we are currently surviving.  I just cannot believe we are to flip for Bernie or gamble on a Trump card who seems to be bent on destroying what was left of the GOP.  The money has been redistributed, the monopoly game is down to few more rolls of the dice and the Demonicratics are best to usher in the new world considering the world is bankrupt.

It’s not in the cards for a new Reagan era or revived economic resuscitation.  ‎Trickle-down economics is the welfare faucet about to be shut off. Then the pain begins and then the arrival happens.  He/She should arrive with a holographic codex likely transcribed from the Vatican and with the blessings of all the Joo-joo-bees who have paid their way into the new world authorship or the historical sacrifices they orchestrated which brought the masses to the shores of change on the ship called hope.

Pumped, primed and provacateured into poverty, we are all but programmed for some great movement by the committee in charge. This is the thing that we cannot sleepwalk through. Sometime soon we will miss the most important clue or cue that will announce a change much larger than GW Bush announcing Obama as Bilderberg’s choice as a park in Botswana, the real moment I knew the Gods Must Be Crazy but like a fox.  If we could see the future I think we would be looking harder right now.



  1. Operation Mongoose 1961 – Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

    The Cuban Project – Bluebeam 2015

    Love the White Rabbit. What happens. Thousands of Scarfaces in the US Mariel Round Two? Maybe the Island Tipping in a White Spring? Sure the DEMS want immigrants for votes but the GOP wants terrorists for the Pentagon and DHS complex. The NWO wants power and that comes from a need for security.

  2. The Bush Clinton Cartel Crime Syndcate and the Sweepers from Holyrood.

    A warning for restraint. A Kubrick/Pollack Calling card.

    A plane crash on the set of the film in Colombia on September 11, 2015 killed two people and caused serious injuries to the airplane’s pilot. The plane (a twin-engine Aerostar), which was carrying crew members (three American pilots), was returning to Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport in Medellín when it ran into bad weather and the crash occurred.[8] The dead were later identified as Carlos Berl and Alan Purwin who was the founder and president of Helinet Aviation, a company which provides aerial surveillance technology to government agencies and law enforcement, and film pilot who had worked in top films. American pilot Jimmy Lee Garland was seriously injured and rushed to a local hospital.[9][10]

  4. “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King

    I just finished reading “Cat’s Cradle” for the 100-th time. And again was reminded of mud’s (man) conversation with God as to the meaning of all this?

    So what do plan on doing on the last day on Earth?

    I was hoping to receive a replacement computer-screen, and some of those supplements I got on sale during Infowars Money-Bomb. Damn sure I’m not paying any bills until the 24th.

    If I think about it too much it always come down to this. What is there that I could have done to prevent this from happening? The answer is always the same.

    Not much.

    I muse on my encounters, and their connections to other things I don’t quite understand. My life is a Kurt Vonnegut saga. On the same day I can have a conversation with a mathematics professor from a prestigious college, who sounds like she hasn’t left the streets of the Projects that she came from, and a gentle mad-man, who writes rambling pose on the incomprehensible insanity that surrounds us, who sounds more like a scholar. In between military families, that are fearful for what’s going on and things they can’t tell me, and every-other manor of life that can walk, stumble, or ride by. And in most all of them there is the normalcy-bias, that even I suffer from.

    Which reminds me of another ending to a Vonnegut book, when asked at the end what advice should be given to anyone entering this world.

    “Be kind,” was the answer.

    In this case. It sounds like a good way to also exit this world.

  5. And on second-thought, there’s this; “Rage! Rage against the dying of the light!”

    I suppose you can be kind and rage at the same time, but that may take talents I don’t have under control.

    • Well said I agree. It’s the nature of all things. If you don’t rage you can’t be kind. Love and hate, the same. I appreciate the Powers that be of committee. They give me the opportunity to love a lot after I have cursed them thoroughly.

      At the same time is not possible I think. It would take some special ability I believe. Dogs are a great equalizer. Maybe a cat for you. 🙂 Felix?

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