Posted by: boomerangcomesback | September 15, 2015

9/11 Truth Reveals the Real Conspiracy. How Many Must Die for the Lies?

Where there’s smoke, fire, and money — there is a Conspiracy.

9/11 Video Clips Dan Rather Would Rather Not Show You

9/11 INTERCEPTED – Brought to you by Pilots For 9/11 Truth

Christopher Bollyn — “Solving 9/11 Ends the War”

While you’re at the above site, check out the titles of the other videos along the right side of your screen, for MORE revealing videos on the TRUTH of 9/11 — hidden by the real jackals involved in the Crime-of-the-Century against All humanity.



  1. How do you like the header? Have you ever seen a better thousand words in one optic?

    It’s like yesterday those 14 years. Seemed like a lifetime to get to age 14. Must have been the same for WWII false flag vets and Vietnam Tonkin vets. Yes I guess we can call ourselves veterans of the domestic war considering we have been fighting for at least 14 years. Some of us over twenty five. I feel like a career officer and I have only achieved Captain. What the hell do we have to do to get the star?

  2. It was the Header that made me put this up when I ran across the first video with the believable guy saying it was a “Bomb!”, not a plane.

  3. Jim Stone points out the Obvious Omission by major alt-news sites (such as Infowars) of the young Jewish guy busted for ISIS-related terror acts in the U.S. of Israel. Check it out —

    Evidently, False Flag catastrophes like 9/11 spur many, many people to lie their asses off. Some for reasons, some for no good reasons, some just for the hell-of-it I guess —

  4. As you contemplate your job (if you have one) and the grotesquely smashed state of your “freedoms and rights”, and pathetic incongruity of you and your family’s security (be it financial, medical, personal, etc.) when compared with the politicians, MIC agents, bankers, wankers, and such like…you will see a colossal chasm yawning before you. The Haves, and the Havenots represent two entirely different classes in the U.S., and worldwide.

    Why no accountability or prosecution? You know why.

    Latest example —

  5. I got through about one hour of the Debacle or Debate and at that point all of them appear to be idiots. I looked at the audience who were trance-like in appearance and that was my limit. Reagan Library without a book but it had air force one. What a charade.

    California is officially in La-La land, much like the rest of the Carson, Fiorina, Trump, Hillary population. I turned it off before listening to Christy give his 911 Guiliana speech but it came out while listening to Alex Jones Money Bomb telethon which also made me sick to my stomach. He wants to raise a million dollars to pad his account after his divorce with his wife who certainly got a nice deal at about 5 million I hear.

    They all make me sick.

  6. Yes. I think a piece regarding “Not Voting” for Anybody that operates within the 2-Party matrix, should be written. NOBODY can do squat from the inside. The entire charade needs to be shit-canned. It is a circus, and they’re wasting colossal amounts of bread on the entrainment/entertainment. I’m out. How can a thinking person legitimize this crock? The REAL issues are sitting there in the shadows waiting to be discussed, but nobody from within will Ever touch them. So — all of these “players” are illegitimate puppets. Put a lowly businessman/veteran from anywhere in the U.S. in charge, and let him see what can be done with People-Power behind him, rather than corporate/lobbyist shtink.


    “Reality” is heavily skewed by the criminal “world-improvers” NWO crowd. This is Obvious. First thing for people to do? De-legitimize all lying/deceptive institutions/people/Etc. That is, get informed and KNOW the Truth, to spot the lies/deception. Then, mentally, emotionally, and through individual personal decisions and actions, STOP buying their shit. Boycott at all levels their BS. Scorn, laugh at, and by all means Point Out to others the scammers and state “Why” they should not be believed, or patronized. F&$# the Fed for instance. It is BAD for humanity…Obviously.

    I suggest people view the ongoing “sElection” circus as pure entertainment/entrainment. Every shred of this farce should be condemned, including the horrific waste of money on Bad Theatre. “Playing along” with the manipulators’ game(s) is foolishness. Why waste your time on a contrived circus-for-the-masses that is simply a control mechanism?

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