Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 9, 2015

Flying Economy: The Eagle Has Landed

The Refugee Crisis Hoax and the Real Agenda for War

I have to post one of the best and most succinct rants of truth I have ever heard. From August 29, 2013 Ken O’Keefe, the ex-marine and expatriated American. It is appropriate as to the coming (D-Day) for a new war.  It is one I have played over and over when I get to feeling really bad. This is as good as it gets. What we see now with Putin ,Syria, Obama, Iran and Israel, the staged and ordered refugee migration is a hoax of the extreme order. It is a shift to war and merely troop movements. This is the real JADE HELM where the war is all created by the people with the NATO Gladio CIA as “masters of the domain”

There is no doubt that war is coming. The MIGRATION is a al CIAda and ISIS (Gladio) migration of I$I$ bankrolled mercenaries filtering through Europe. Make no mistake and blow off the MSM staged video, the facts are 70% of the refugees are males and they are coming to destabilize and crash the economies of the EU and US as well as battle in the streets to create the chaos necessary for Obama and the EU puppets to get the war they want.  Obama and Iran are working closely with the Joo-joo-bees and financiers for the combo of the war and economic shift.

Once the I$I$ Gladio are out of the region NATO will be responsible for the false flag and Puppet Putin will run the opposition for the battle in the Levant.  I expect as Obama brings in 40,000 or more of these rebels  into this country under the SPECIAL and EXTRAORDINARY circumstances we will get our false flag sometime in September of before years end.  What comes over the borders from Canada and Mexico will be less deadly than the scum of scum from the Gladio operatives who have trained under the CIA and NATO-OTAN since they were babies. This training was happening when Clinton was in office and these boys have grown up mean. They come from points all over the map. Libya, Yemen , Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan included while the real Syrians are in Turkey, Lebanon and they are now coming to the EU. They are the rebels, disenfranchised, yes and will like a virus they will create the same thing they did in Syria. But make no mistake those who remain in Syria are the Gladio I$I$ “stay behinds”  and funded and armed by the West, US EU, Israel and Saudi and Arab Emirates choice to kill swaths of religious peoples. Once this begins the flying economy will begin with the help of BRICS and Drones.

Get ready COTO, it’s going to be a bloodbath of universal proportions and no theatre from NATO will be out of the loop. I$I$ is Gladio, the bankers and NATO-UN in sync for the final and third war to create the third world, a new world…a new world order. This will make Bush-Cheney’s Iraq look like a bar brawl.

War Hawks are Vultures

The Eagle Has Landed



  1. Exclusive: Russian troops join combat in Syria – sources

  2. Flying Economy – Airstrikes solves migration crisis?

    France says tackle Syria to solve migrant crisis, promises airstrikes

  3. Who are these Russian fighters posting pics of themselves in Syria?
    Answer: Jade Helm “Masters of the Selfies” Wagging the Dogs of War!

  4. Obama to propose higher refugee limits for Syrians (ISIS)

  5. No 10 (Downing Street Joo-joo-bees) plans limited Syria strikes and push for transition of power

    “Downing Street is drawing up a new strategy for Syria that would involve limited military strikes against the “controlling brains” of the Islamic State”

    Who’s kidding who? They are the controlling brains.

  6. Once the Iran deal is done Obama takes the gloves off on Syria. Iran should be thr real trigger as well as Russia.

    ‘An Iranian sphere of influence’
    “The administration’s Syria policy has been predicated on the White House’s desire for a deal with Iran and its care to accommodate Iranian interests in Syria, which he [Obama] saw as an Iranian sphere of influence,” Tony Badran, a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told Business Insider via email.

    Read more:

  7. Russia says its planes are carrying military goods to Syria via @YahooNews

  8. As reported

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