Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 8, 2015

The New World and Order of Hospitallers


Fox Lake Illinois Shooting of Police Officer is a Ridiculous Arch-Zionist Fake – NODISNFO.COM

Jade Helm Coordinates 42°24′15″N 88°11′00″W (666-811)

Fox Lake = 666 & 811 =  Hoax

Fox Lake officer to be laid to rest in Antioch, Illinois – CNN

Authorities have disclosed few details about the case

Antioch, the cradle of Christianity: The fall and siege of Antioch – Sacrifice to Syria fall, Siege of the Levant and the TPP trade negotiations.


THE CRUSADES: The Jesuit child slavery trade:

BERGOGLIO the BUTCHER: Ninth Circle Sacrifice (posted 2014)

Knights Templar: France, England, Aragon, Portugal, Poitou, Apulia, Jerusalem, Tripoli, Antioch, Turkey, Anjou, Hungary, and Croatia

Syrian, Aylan Kurdi, 3, – Antioch Turkey

Knights Hospitaller – Bodrum Turkey

Aylan Kurdi : Age 3

Pope Francis will visit 3 Cities, New York City, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia during September visit to U.S.

Time to get the global authority in Sync with the eugenics of the brave new world. Watch the Cultists from the UN, Vatican and Soetoro team get their ducks in a row for TPP, Climate Gate and Depopulation.  The Club of Rome, Knights of Malta and the Project Bluebeam team are ramping up for the crisis followed by the ushered buy-sell-trade mandate in the ultimate “Survivor” game. Bergoglio, the butcher, will as usual only select certain cuts as he dices up the US in divide and conquer. Expect a major event in the US Crescent and the ME Levant.

Rhodes to the Transformation

Upon the order of the Black Pope – The Migration begins

The US trip marks the coming of the Hospitallers to our shores.

Antioch Triad




  2. Eiscat, HAARP, Arecibo, SURA and Arctic-Antarctic SUB BASE. There is no shortage of scatter ionospheric heaters. The Pope on a rope and prick with a stick are gaming the agenda [21]

  3. China staged terror event #4

    Terrifying images show massive explosion rip through yet another chemical facility in China – the fourth toxic blast the country had in less than a month

  4. Heller catch 22 via Jade Helm 15

    DSM-5 HOMELAND SECURITY MERGE – DHS and FEMA grow while hospital beds and shrinks dwindle

    Across Much of US, a Serious Shortage of Psychiatrists

    Report: Mental Health Resources Inadequate Across the Globe

    So…How will they make you crazy? Mad Cow?

    Germany: Dozens of People at Homeopathy Conference Given Hallucinogenic Drug

  5. FLASHBACK: 911 Vigilant Guardian 2001

    Let’s call this “SKYFALL” 2015

    US Aerial Surveillance Impaired Off The East Coast Until October 1st Due To “Military Activities”

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