Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 5, 2015

The European Spring and then came America

The Obvious

Its not about guns, knives, ammo, pressure cookers or fertilizer. It’s about BUY-SELL-TRADE  666 and Full Spectrum Surveillance under Jade Helm.  You can Windows shop and browse but you cannot buy. Not without the grade. The Mark is your grade. If you do not pass, you do not pass go, collect $200.00 and instead you go to Jail.



What the border fence will be about is keeping you in the largest SUPERMAX prison ever imagined by the infidels of I$I$ and committee of One World Order. As we watch Revelations play out coto, it is a good time to ponder the night raids, stealth BRICS and Drones and how your name is classified under the Great GiG in the sky.

The event for ISIS US, our American Spring should occur before September. It should assist in diffusing Clinton-gate,  Jade Helm psyop. The best move by the globalists would be to stage a real assault on a Military Base and make the Martial Law scenario much more palatable to the sheeple.



So let us review the Ukraine event and the Khazars running that operation (Globalist I$I$ funded) and see the Spring. EUROMAIDAN

Now jump to Syria and see the Arab convert to Ukraine and the movements of McCains I$I$ project and what is currently happening in the specifically targeted, Greek, German, Italians, Turkey, Hungary, France, the Czech’s and on and on…

Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Myanmar, Somalia and Ukraine and others handling the EU project transformation but we can look at the huge migration of Mexico, Honduras, Salvadore Guatamala with the same globalist funded rebel (mercenaries) from El Salvadore, Colombia, Peru and now wherever they can get the men from these countries to Join “I$I$ West”

It is I$I$ global and it’s IS east and IS west that make up this International Spring. But what’s really happening.


In this post I identified the Club of Rome which is the core of the Joo-joo-bee Khazar Zionist money managers for One World Order and their objectives.

Fiscal eBola is a Beta test for the mechanisms of Change / Transformation to the system of Agenda 21. It combines the Foundations, UN, Corporate, Banking, NGO and current international governments into an International Level Exercise of the One World Singularity or Solidarity if you prefer.  It explains why Obama is relatively missing in action.   This is a transition from sovereignty to global control and the ebola event  is based upon this transition which requires induction of the Third World to the Second World and the decline of First World to Second World status.

Problem, Reaction, Solution, the dialectic was termed as transition by collapse by design in prophetic disclosures in World Problematique’ and ‘World Resolutique.’


Operation Gladio – Arab Spring – Armed Rebels – State Sponsored Terrorist

All the pieces are coming together. The EU refugee crisis will be the US crisis. Adding to the dialectic and TRIAD is the Corporate takeover of all resources and continued oppression and terror until the committee can move in.  NEED WARRANT OPPORTUNITY (Never waste one) is perfectly suited for this agenda.  While the refugee crisis and coming American Event, soon to explode, comes, the redistribution of wealth  will soon begin flowing to the top, while the EU and US become second world and thereafter third world countries.

Also the Border fence gates will be one way. In only.

I believe that the HAARP SCALAR SIHF EMP attack on Haiti was the first step in the transformation of the Island to a UN troop base for martial law. Chinese troops are moving to Haiti under cover and they are already amassing in South American locations in UN support missions of good intentions of course.

This will be the largest migration since the European Dutch English Slave triangle to the colonies. They happen by warfare, climate change, and famine throughout history in all countries and our will be no different.

2010 Transformation

The questions remain what our event will be. I predicted Mexico City for a major event but any major seismic, Flood, Storm or other catastrophic event in the US or Central America zone could unwind the spring.  With Cuba, Venezuela, El Salvador, Haiti and I$I$ movements from EAST to WEST (which have been confirmed by everyone except MSM) this could manifest the exact same program that Ukraine, Syria and Libya did in Fast & Furious.

Obama and Clinton can be assured of skating through any legal entanglements since they are witness and enablers of the agenda to create the world migration and conflicts that have ingeniously shifted not only the human assets en masse strategically to destroy what economies were not on the edge but they have cleared the way to move in on these vacated highly rich resource nations.  It is not by accident this headline has hit the googleplex and airwaves.

Gaza will no longer be “liveable” by 2020 unless urgent action is taken to improve water supply, power, health, and schooling, the United Nations’ most comprehensive report on the Palestinian enclave said on Monday. – Reuters

How much neglected infrastructure here must fail before we get our headline? Why are the rich leaving the US and giving up their citizenship?  As good investors, I’d have to say it’s strictly a poor risk. Why does this seem to escape the sheeple?  How long has it been since you have seen a PR sign announcing a new project in your town. A new road, bridge or water treatment? Not likely. At least not until the UNESCO and ICLEI have migrated the sheeple out of the wildlands and wetlands and into the crumbling slums of Detroit or Baltimore. I am sure once the Palestinians are eradicated, the Zionists will be building mighty fine settlements and state of the art water and energy facilities there.

It’s not hard to look at the world map and push some pins into the regions and see the specific and planned agenda to destabilize, invade, terrorize, false flag, poison and drive the eugenics culling of the herds onto the beaches of Normandy for the same reception in 44. Operation Overlord will bring the financial collapse to it’s conclusion at the same time that humanity are crammed into the Skinner rat model experiment where we will be forced to kill each other in a final episode of survival.

I see this shaping up in Indonesia and we should be hit at the same time. I can only guess it has to be a CLIMATE event. Why? It’s “never wasting an opportunity” to get a NWO in the bargain and a real nifty Global Trade Agreement. (TPP/TTIP)




  1. Forgotten Victims of the “War on Terror”

  2. Soften your mind, Neo…….Red White and Blue….. take the blue pill, Neo…..let it happen…..go to sleep……

    The Department of Defense now authorizes the domestic deployment of US troops in “the conduct of operations other than war” including law enforcement activities and the quelling of “civil disturbances”: “Federal military commanders have the authority, in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the President is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances…“

  4. Yes, turning the world on its head, turning your burg on its ear, turning people/societies ass over tea kettle. A farmer might call it turning the soil, to replant. Weed whacking. We’re the weeds. Gotta be plowed under, so the NWO will pop up in rows. Beasts of burden, chattel, useless eaters, corralled, managed, co-opted, sold out. That’s US! It is becoming quite obvious.

    Those that fund multi-billion and trillion dollar programs like world-wide chemtrailing, resource wars, Big Pharma, Big GMO, Big Fast Food, on & on are simply (in their minds) minding Their businesses. Through destabilization, funded chaos, banker-managed money games, military & police Gladio ops, etc., WE GET ground up people burgers. And wonder “Why?” is this happening.

    COTO has been on the trail of these “world-improvers” almost from the start.

    Don’t take it lying down. Know whom are your oppressors. Focus on their machinery, focus on them, focus on “The Players”, and shine a light on these roaches. Do not let them get away.

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