Posted by: jerseyg | August 30, 2015

Shine – “All the World’s a Stage”

Music and lyircs by Steve Shine….another talented friend.



  1. I love the tune Deb. It’s got a little Floyd and Moody Blue to it. It has an old time feel as well. Good compilation as well.

    Holyrood to Hollywood, we have a perfect segue for the arrival of the extraterrestrial. What do you expect with Bergoglio the butcher’s trip to Amerika? I think it’s the juxtaposition for a major sacrificial event. Therefore I am prepping like crazy. The crisis teams will be in high gear from September thru the Saturnalia solstice of satan. We have the Joo-joo-bee holidays, the last of the Blood moons, Jubillee QE2 and his visit. The pot’s got to be at boil.


  3. China Rocked By Another Massive Chemical Explosion
    #3 –

    This is the prelude to the war I predicted beginning in September. I suspect two theaters. ACTORS: North Korea-South Korea, Malaysia with George Soros and the team preparing to collapse the economy (dollar)

  4. Yea, Patrick I agree Floyd and Moody Blues… odd you said that. Someone else said the same thing when commenting on it in our SH group.

  5. As for the Argentinian killer, child abusing Pope…yea.. I agree there too. I’m wondering if something will go down in Philly while he is here. They are closing down the entire city for 4 days. Nobody can come or go during that time. Why? Is everyone Catholic when that demon shows up? Absurd and yes, I do believe the coming together of the events you mention are all part of a planned ritual. Economists are predicting the collapse of ..what else, the economy but it gets even worse. I really believe total evil will be unleashed next month. I’ve thought that before but this time, it seems everyone is in agreement, even main streamers.

    • Talking to Prof. Iris Mack (Tulane, Economics) Saturday she said the first thing she was doing this week was buying more ammunition and food.

      The number of people I talk to on the streets all feel the same way. Not the ones that are passing by slack-jawed, I’m just talking about the ones that are aware.

      The coming death-toll will be unimaginable. Of course if CERN should create a black-hole, or if more likely we dive head-long into nuclear war, it will be total annihilation. And even if we don’t manage to vaporize ourselves all the alternatives seem even worse. Being one of the hundreds-of-millions, or one of the billions, that are going to starve too death, getting sucked into a black-hole might seem merciful.

      I’m starting to become a little comfortable with the whole idea of extinction. I imagine it’s much like a killer might feel after years of death-row, finally approaching the day of their execution. Or a warrior might feel before the final battler.

      I still go out and try to warn people, but it’s become a rather empty gesture. It’s more like a funeral march. People stop by and we talk about what we’re going to do if this or that situation comes around. More often then not it dissolves into a “how will you end your life conversation.”

      I imagine this isn’t the first time mankind has open the doors to his own destruction. History is strewn with ancient artifacts of civilizations and peoples that we still have no idea of, of where they came from or where they went. Maybe we’re just the next Atlantis.

      Maybe the best thing that could happen is that we get sucked into a parallel universe. One where sanity has the upper-hand and we try this all over again.

      My guess is we’ll fuck that up too.

  6. I might add, it’s got bad actors.

  7. The waking dreams I have says the event will happen on a beautiful day. It will start as a normal day and like 911 WHAM! but it will change the weather dramatically.

    There will be no explanation because there will be no information. It will become it’s own staged event. We will wonder until the decider and his henchman begin to release the disinfo. Like 911 this will be a series in different areas of the country with the staged electrical and communications nationwide.

    People will panic, not knowing but hearing the propagandists they will get the worse case scenario. I see the Disney staged Lemmings going over the cliff and the SB1 visa mercenaries carrying out scattered terror. Then the masses (these lemmings) will agree to Martial Law and that begins the real show.

    So they get the biggest bang for the buck and the warrant by the actions of the very people that Michael cannot wake up. In essence, it’s we who dig our own graves. Open the FEMA gates and get the rail cars and shackles ready, DIA is open for business. Then this JADE HELM thing is ready for prime time. You will never know the cops from the military or the mercenaries (longknives) Their accents will give them away.

  8. Video Comparison: Visual Features of “Real” Shooting vs. Parker/Ward Shooting Footage via @MemoryHole

  9. I knew the next financial phase would happen Sept 1. The dow drops 469 points today. Next one happens Sept 8, 2015 and ISIS on the 11th.

  10. Supersize blood moon and total eclipse combo to leave stargazers in awe on Sept 28
    (sept 22-29)
    A total lunar eclipse following the so-called “supermoon” will occur on September 28 bringing the rare phenomenon of four consecutive total eclipses – known as a “tetrad” – to an end.

  11. And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

    Obama Takes Over Social Media During Trip to Alaskan Arctic

    In Alaska, Obama Depicts Stark Future Without Climate Action

    BRICS and Drones….Subduction Zones!

  12. In climate bid, Obama STARES down melting Alaska glacier

    Hope you got your things together.
    Hope you are quite prepared to die.
    Looks like we’re in for nasty weather.
    One eye is taken for an eye.

  13. Hey Patrick… what do you make of the explosions in China and now this?

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