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Joe Dashiell, left, Alison Parker, center, and Adam Ward, right, are show in photographs posted on Facebook.


Andy Parker, the father of the WDBJ-TV reporter who was shot and killed during a live broadcast Wednesday morning along with a cameraman, vowed to fight for stricter gun legislation that closes loopholes and ensures background checks. Parker told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly he would make it his “mission in life” to make sure “crazy people don’t get guns.” Former WDBJ reporter Vester Lee Flanagan gunned down Parker’s 24-year-old daughter, Alison Parker, along with cameraman Adam Ward while they were on the air. Andy Parker appeared Wednesday night on The Kelly File along with his daughter’s fiancé, Chris Hurst, who also worked at the station. Andy Parker said after an emotional day, “Anger is starting to creep in.”


WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 13:  U.S. President Barack Obama meets with President of the Government of the Kingdom of Spain Mariano Rajoy Brey (not seen) in the Oval Office of the White House on January 13, 2014 in Washington, DC. President Brey is scheduled to meet with U.S. President Barrack Obama in the Oval Office. The two will discussed promoting economic growth and new jobs, support for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, cooperation within NATO, Latin America, shared challenges in North Africa and the Middle East, and other topics of mutual interest.  (Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images)



Barack Obama calls opponents of Iran deal ‘the crazies’

Back from a notably uneventful and restful two-week vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, Obama was immediately on the road for a short trip here, first to speak at a green energy [3] conference hosted by retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, then to raise money for his preferred successor, former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto….Ruddy from the sun, Obama described himself as “refreshed, renewed, recharged — a little feisty.”

And he delivered, recounting the ride he and Reid had just taken from the conference to the fundraiser in his up-armored presidential limo, where they talked about old times and getting back to Washington to “deal with the crazies in terms of managing some problems.”


green energy – money – memory

In Roman mythology, Moneta (Latin Monēta) was a title given to two separate goddesses: the goddess of memory (identified with the Greek goddess Mnemosyne) and an epithet of Juno, called Juno Moneta (Latin Iūno Monēta). The latter’s name is source of numerous words in English and the Romance languages, including the word “money“.

Juno Moneta, an epithet of Juno, was the protectress of funds. As such, money in ancient Rome was coined in her temple. The word “moneta” is where we get the words “money”, or “monetize”, used by writers such as Ovid, Martial,Juvenal, and Cicero. In several modern languages including Russian and Italian, moneta (Spanish moneda) is the word for “coin”.

As with the goddess Moneta, Juno Moneta’s name is derived either from the Latin monēre, since, as protectress of funds, she “warned” of instability or more likely from the Greek “moneres” meaning “alone, unique”.


Moneta Virginia? What about Bob?

Moneta, VA was popularized as the filming location for scenes in the movie What About Bob?.

What About Bob film.jpgDSM-5 Cover.png

It’s time to get on board COTO. These hoaxes, stagings, and mk-ultra events are for us. The crazies are in charge. A sacrificial lamb for the muses of committee. The nine rules the roost. We are watching an actual event take place in geopolitical and geodesic global game of cards played by Illuminati numerology. Not often I see one so transparent. This tells me the time is near.

Once again I repeat the credo of committee in a TRIAD dialectic process. “Never waste an opportunity”, never deviate from the goal and always make it profitable. Barry Soetoro never wastes a movement from his “crazies” (handlers)

The crazies article from the POLITICO prop factory should really indicate the code and otherwise meaningless stringing of words. From Memory to Money, the bullshit only represents code for the crazies and crooks who operate at different levels of this JADE HELM Media reality show. The connections are clear, the numbers are always consistent and the only the names change for the purpose of true Illuminati vortex manipulation.

This specific TRIAD op runs the gamut of the DSM-5 manual, TPP, CarbonGate, the race war-UN transformation, the first and second amendment, Patents, internet and global surveillance and social engineering at it’s worst. But truly, the genius of the monetary and economics side is brilliant.  How they have managed to send the vectors of indices, currencies, commodities, jobs, bankruptcies, defaults and derivatives all flying in the direction that is destroying the working class is indeed impressive. But more incredible is the way they communicate through the code and how they get all the operatives working in sync to spew so much disinfo, diversion, deflection and interference is unbelievable. And then the real crazies start chirping and all the mind-controlled masses start mimicking the crazies like parrots.

Look at Barry’s and Harry’s last moves before they retire to Dubai. Right now Bankruptcies are up 80% this year with the energy markets leading the way. Coal, Crude and Shale leading the way. Manufacturing and orders falling like a rock. Market VIX peaking, while commodities sink and yet the dollar is so strong exports are dying in global trade.  What happens in September will only be confirmed by me, thanks to the vortex and decoding available to the masses who will look beyond the obvious and see the elegance.

It’s too bad sheeple I meet on the street are telling me they are too busy to decode and know their future.  I ask them about the past and they cannot remember.  That is the worst confine of the American penitentiary, when the mind is locked away in the moment of NWO mind-control.  Obama spent two weeks getting recharged, refreshed and a little feisty.  Does anybody think that is a good thing? I’ll bet he spent time getting the future’s report and remembering the past and then he and Reid got their orders.



  1. Gun Crime is up (false) but the economy is doing great (false)

    Everything can be [man]ipulated except your mind unless you let them in. Artificial Intelligence = Jade Helm 15

  2. ERIKA EVENT: The name is thus usually taken to mean something along the lines of “one ruler”, “autocrat”, “eternal ruler” or “ever powerful”.

    Tropical Storm Erika was a short-lived tropical cyclone that had minor impacts in the Lesser Antilles. The fifth named storm of the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season, Erika originated out of a tropical wave on September 1 near the Lesser Antilles

    Where will they send her? Maybe virginia….maybe South Carolina….maybe to New Orleans

    • excellent excellent boss! a friend in virginia was telling me he was upset because of the shooting, and I said “oh?” I said its probably fake. he said “no, you go too far sometimes…its real, I live here”.
      took five seconds to determine it was bullshit. sent him some video breakdowns, but now Im sending him this…much more sophisticated and intelligent than a video with BULLSHIT scrawled on it (even though i love those videos haha some people require more).
      all my love !!!!!

      • Tell him he has to go to school again. First, he has to do like Hillary and “wipe” his server, clear out all the viruses and spam he collected during his education and then begin to rebuild his platform. You can see that he graduates Nico. If you turn him around, you have done a great thing. But if he refuses to do the work, just move on.

        Both the videos and articles are good, but my theories on vortex and googleplex code may be too much for conspiracy 101. I send people to the James Tracy memoryhole blog for Sandy Hook. NODISINFO is another good one as well. See if you think those might be good for the recently awakened.

        I love you too and good to see you percolating again and looking forward to some input from the occult watchdog. The luciferians at NASA are pumping up the heavenly bodies with dark energy
        a-steroids and other Brew HaHa.

        The biggest fraud and black ops money-hole in the universe.

        * Buzz Aldrin Plans to Live on Mars by 2040
        * Relax, NASA confirms that an apocalyptic asteroid will definitely not hit Earth in September
        * Phew! Asteroid to miss Earth in 2040, NASA says –
        * Millions At Risk As NASA Warns Of 3ft Sea Rise

  3. from the Moneta…..economy Bretton Woods vs Austrian Economics

    Up to 50 refugees have been found dead in a truck in Austria, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Balkan leaders gathered in Vienna to decide on how to collectively tackle the biggest refugee crisis to hit Europe since World War II.

    The vehicle, which contained between 20 and 50 bodies, was found on a parking strip off the highway in Burgenland state, police spokesman Hans Peter Doskozil said at a Thursday press conference with Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner.

    “This tragedy affects us all deeply,” Mikl-Leitner said. “Human traffickers are criminals. Anyone still thinking that they’re kind helpers cannot be helped.”

    The Carbon Economy is all about depopulation, defaults and carbon credit swaps. Human trafficking is merely a transaction and death, a swap.


  4. Frightening Numbers

    Lower 9th Ward News:

    Not good for New Orleans–politics.html

    Time for a storm and the Black Lives Matter team? Probably.

    [“That, more than any other reason, is why I’ve come back here today,” Obama plans to say on his ninth trip to the city. He also visited on the hurricane’s fifth anniversary in 2010……Obama says acknowledging the loss and pain Katrina caused is important, “not to h(a)arp on what happened, but to memorialize it.”] = Memory & Money = Moneta

    Be careful and alert Michael.


    Lights Out!

    India turned off mobile internet for 63 million citizens amid protests in Ahmedabad

  6. Why we would be better to fight gun confiscation rather than mental illness confiscation. See the con game of the NWO [DSM-5]


    Double cross in the triple cross

  7. 9th circle News:

    Stopping the war criminal called Pope Francis: A Call to Action to all Americans

    Exciting times for September. Hel comes to America.

  8. VA Reporter and Cameraman Shooting Discrepancy
    by James Tracy

    Video and photographic evidence suggests assailant in video is white, yet so-called shooter Bryce Williams is black. There appears to be a major contradiction in what has been presented as the official storyline of what has come to be known as the “TV Reporter, Cameraman Murdered Live on Air” story being pushed by mainstream and […]

    Read more of this post

    Update: Virginia police order BBC journalists to delete footage of suspected shooter’s crash

    Unibomber -Unishooter? crISIS
    The [man]ifesto @ABC News received a 23-page fax from someone who says he is Bryce Williams. We have turned it over to authorities.

  9. CBS Virginia News Crew Has Been Shoot

    Shoot? As in the Directors cut it has been shot, edited and canned for sheeple consumption. Part II, yet to come.

  10. As always the burning question is… Where the hell is the bloody BLOOD??!!! No blood anywhere…. Are you kidding me?? She’s shot at point blank range three times with hollow point bullets and YET… she lives to scream like a banshee as she runs away NOT dripping blood anywhere…

  11. Reblogged this on Occult Media.

    • Hey Nico. Glad your kicking and blogging. Gotta take a peak at Occult Media. I hope you are well.

      • hey boss I left a huge comment here as well..Im devastated it isnt here!!! 😦 Please if you go see me, go see me at tumblr…I really am absent from this place in case you haven’t noticed. not online life has receded in light of certain issues occurring ..but I always maintain my tumblr…imagery based ranting that manages to expose a dark underbelly in all media.
        def not for anyone requiring much reading and def not for the average joe who would not, understandably, know what the f i am trying to display. i know you are beyond hip to the media so this would be easy viewing for you. pedantic, even.

        BUT COOL


        • my description

          Occult influenced media has moved the focus away from artists..towards an invisible network of handlers, managers, psychiatrists and supporting creative factions. In this new view, celebrities and famous performers are the victims, not it’s perpetrators.

        • Ill Check into that girlfriend

      • omg the picture I love it!!!! (the flag) youre the coolest, PD-

        (stealing stealing )
        with credits of course! its too good not to use in my arsenal!
        like putting on a GREAT shirt that poops in the face of everything FALSE

  12. Uh huh. Just like all of them. It just looks phony. I saw the WDBJ clip on the news tonight and the tears and remembrances. I just wonder if the whole team is in on it or are they really just that entranced in this virtual reality.

    I see Dawnatilla popped in with a thumbs up. Thanks Deb for the video. Keep em coming. I am waiting for part two of this event. I think it has a sister if my decoding is correct. So I see a several days of 24hr. coverage followed by another shootist by next Tuesday.

    • regarding this sister….someone somewhere was connecting sandy hook and this for some reason…It didn’t pique my interest enough to follow up on it or check out what he was even saying…but this made me think of that

      a rat a tat tat


  13. I have my doubts about this William Mount character, but I don’t have any doubts about .guv doing things like “starting” wildfires to increase the crescendo of the terror. Yes, I have knowledge of this sort of things from a man who worked bulldozing on fire lines/roads in WA state 20-30 years ago. At that time, flares would be dropped on the “other side of a mountain ridge” where there was no fire, to start a fire going down the opposite side.

    Reason? Then, it was to expend the .guv funds allocated to fire districts/depts yearly. If you didn’t use up your funds, you didn’t get the same or bigger the next year. It was a big reason why mountains of expensive gear were just left “in the mountains” to rot, why equipment was tossed into the fires, or left to be obliterated. You got New Stuff to replace it!

    Don’t look to .guv to truly look out for The People. As psychopathic, narcissistic, and parasitic creatures they are entirely Predictable. They only help themselves, at the destruction of their “hosts”.

  14. Sorry — Mount’s link —

  15. For Puddy — “The Returnof The NINE” —

    • Yes indeed my friend, thenk you. I love to see the people on the ball and the nine is a critical component of GODS plan and TPTB will jam it anyway they can. This goes to Bluebeam, the MilSTAR, G.W.E.N. system and cellular towers.

      Tesla, Pucharich and others had information and were targeted by the powers and info was stolen. What we know about the ELF psychtronics of low level 2-5Hz and the upper ranges 15-30Hz are in the frequencies of depression and anxiety, rage. Things we are all dealing with now.

      Remember that Bush had this weapon pointed at Baghdad when the army surrendered as they could not tolerate the amplitude of the direct assaults at close range. They cratered like scared sheep and were suicidal.

      This also follows Woodpecker and the US embassy in Soviet Russia from the sixties. Preppers who know and have read the info know they need a Faraday countermeasure.

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