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The Wednesday Memorandum



A serpent came crawling (but) it destroyed no one

when Woden took nine twigs of glory,(and)

then struck the adder so that it flew into nine (pieces).

There archived apple and poison

that it never would re-enter the house.

Sometime after the 2012 psyop which we experienced as mainly a Mayan Prophetic based end time scenario, we were assaulted by the Disclosure project’s massive arsenal of mind control.  Coming off Fukushima as a stressor, it was timely for the data collection of what I call Bluebrain. We may now want to use the timely “Jade Helm” artichoke segment of Operation Bluebird. Even a birdbrain can see the MK-Ultra of Jade Helm today.

When I first began exposing the GiG in 1990, I was certainly labeled a lunatic and though it cost me friends, I realized that they were only facebook facades before Zuckerberg brought bluebrain and braingate into the social media realm of 811.  Now the friends have come back and though I get the requests from facadebook and other NETworks after dark. Oh well, the jury has returned and it did not take Snowjobs from the ‘Little Blue Flowers’ to confirm what I already knew. But I had an advantage. An education provided through the newsletter no different from Mel Gibson’s “CT” variety. I just did not know if I were one of nine or nine hundred that may have been on the mailing list.

Was E.V.A.N. really Serge Monast or one of his disciples?  Obvious to me back then was that I had stumbled upon this like finding a blowing dollar in the leaves as a child.  The chance of me deciding to pay for a newsletter ad from an underground newspaper was not by accident, but by a wish of a child to know. We are children all our lives and it’s the curiosity that keeps us children. We will never know the truth while under the dome of the GiG and gatekeepers of the committee of nine. And nine is the sum of all numbers.

Had I not lost (by design) these letters, I would love to have posted them for COTO. My failing memory has misplaced many people, places and things contained in the letters but not the overall theme of bluebeam and the techno-reality of the transformation that we are skating towards on the ice of the Niflheim.  What Evan dictated in these writings was the core of Genesys Six and what the blue projects would entail. These would include the burgeoning intranets, networks and electromagnetic visual audio network. With the monumental monoliths of IBM, the Delphi Oracle and Sun Systems in tow, TPTB have proved out that the Trilateral Commission was joining the Mind, Body and World into a single system running independent of human domains. One in the darkly of deepest depths and without the full preview of any single human soul.


It is the joining of the three worlds, six domains and nine variables or maybe nine tolerances. In any engineering process whether mechanical, electrical or civil, whether bio, material or molecular or civil, social or EVAN, the tolerances must be recorded, the stressors determined and data, mined. Since 2012, it does seem to indicate a rapid increase in the stress in our human domain has occurred. It is only from this observer that this claim is made.  What Jade Helm 15 may be all about is the human civility thresholds and tolerances that will eventually play a major role in the new world reality of all domains for the children of (wo)men.

We have had a series of highly profiled stressors foisted upon our heads in recent years since Obamascare and the Masters of the Domain in the Network beta programs. From Black lives Treyvon to Planned Parenthoodies to VA, IRS, Immigrationgate and Snowbound NSA full spectrum spying.  Fast & Furious was a call sign for rapid and relentless media operations to stage, direct, apply and gather the intelligence of the events which I believe ultimately will be used in the hoax of the coming bluebeam event.


The eyes are the window to the soul? Possibly, but I would suggest they are the portals to the visual cortex and hippocampus. Beware this type of transcendence. Along with the chemical, biological and electromagnetic stressors, the audio-visual social beta testing may be the most fully misunderstood and detrimental to the human soul.  What appears to be a healthy human may be a fabrication of the dexter to the sinister based upon the POV. What the right may seem as correct is truly the left. We can see this in everything from the yin yang to the paradigm of Washington DC.

It may be time to start decoding the true purpose of these events that will come. We may be living on Wednesday but dead on Saturday coming and it’s Wednesday (Mercury) the messengers and Saturday (Saturn) when we die. What we glean from the vortex of the committee’s management the Helm of the Blueish hues of Jade 15 may be critical for our real destination or escape from this virtual imprisonment.  The eyes and ears are suspect. Smell and taste may be as well.  It is internally in our minds that we are receiving and transmitting. Be as wise as the serpent, kill no man, but shake the sticks and clear the house of the snakes for they crawl through our eyes, through our blood and into our thoughts in search of our souls.






  1. Love in the Time of Science – Wednesday’s Child

  2. Wednesday’s Child is full of woe.

    Police: Ashley Madison hack might have led to suicides

  3. Did The Bank Of England Just Admit Financial Markets Aren’t “Real”?

    No, the Tavistock Institute and City of London Rothschilds just unleashed a psyop set for the cashless society, SDR’s and TPP in a NWO transition.

    This is when the reality of change is worse than the fraud.
    “Building Real Markets for the Good of the People”

  4. Dont fall west, but lean east for JADE HELM 15 – April 30, 2015

    [China’s dumping of US debt says much too to the events we are watching this year. I can say we will see Jade Helm as an entity in itself but what we see outside the borders of this event are even more. The shoe points west but the west of Jade Helm is China. As far as the sacrifices that will come with the events I predicted in January will come to pass this year. We will get an event that will trigger a global shift in September. I said the war begins in September and I say August, die we must. Metaphorically speaking for America, die we must.

    I will be looking for major events and sacrifices during Jade Helm. I will be watching specifically the Vatican, Pope Francis, Benedict, the late birth of Prince William, QE2, California, Mexico City and Belarus. I will be looking a Holyrood sacrifice possible and keep my eyes on AIRBUS BOEING and in the sky for MH370 or another missing aircraft to make an emergency landing.

    If you spot Queen Elizabeth wearing her Jade ensemble, let me know.]

    BRICS and Drones may break my bones

    [By creating this as ground zero, the events that follow are too numerous to mention but will be better identified once we see the reaction of Russia and especially China. Obama made the trip to China regarding the climate change agenda and the empty promises and discussions were for show as China knows the whole global warming hoax is the attempt for Western Hegemony and a huge financial power shift to the UN. China has no intention of agreeing to the TPP unless there is an option for opting out of Kyoto, the next round. I expect the event to take place in the summer and formal attack to take place in September.]

    So in January we had Russia the Gog to our MaGog but China was known by this predictor. Watch the rally to hold the dikes before China strikes again. Watch the Sept 22-29 week of open threats and an event to come in one of two ways. The Keynesian War or the Global Crash and attack (Pearl Harbor) on the heels of a false flag.

    If the lines are true we have Pakistan and India with Pakistan about to tank.
    We have North and South Korea / China and Japan / Turkey and Ukraine and shipping/trade wars to bring the leviathan above the water line. A good Pacific, Indian and Mediterranean embargo would work just fine. I am hoping for little casualties and mostly staging in this coming false flag.




    #6 = Vester L. Flanigan [528]

    #3 = APPLE / POISON……..the death cross [417]

    #9 = KATRINA 511 August 29 2005 [396]
    Hurricane Katrina was the eleventh named storm and fifth hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season

    MAJOR EVENT LEADING TO SEPTEMBER RESET. LOOK FOR AUG 31 -SEPT 1 for universal event. Time zone difference

  7. NASA CLOCK: Keep your eye on the clock.
    KATRINA = 8

    Erika – 8

    NASA – 8

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