Posted by: Mr. M | August 21, 2015

Lunatic Bitch-slaps Planned Parenthood on the Streets of New Orleans.

Sometimes God, working in His mysterious ways, makes it easy for you. I make no apologies for anything I say. I’m actually surprised I held my composer as well as I did. You see, it was just that morning I watched the latest PP film. I still had that sick acidity feeling in my stomach, and someone stopped by my booth and told me PP was right around the corner.

I looked up at the sky and said; “Thank-you God,” grabbed my camera and took-off after them.

Too have these millennial’s telling me, at 68-years old that I don’t know history, well, I wanted to bitch-slap that Pillsbury-dough-boy into the next parish. Especially when he “told” me too leave. Even if he had asked me nicely I wouldn’t have left, but my response would have been a little more tempered.

I particularly liked dough-boy exposing himself by saying the “millennial’s” couldn’t wait until we all “died-off.” Some times their own words condemn them. Not only will they kill you in the womb, they feel equally as compassionate if you’re old. How fucking humane of them. Death-panels anyone?

I’ll be ready for them next time. Next time I’ll have some people with me, and documentation. They want attention – good! I will make sure they get it. But not in a way they’ll like.

I just want to thank God once again for giving me the opportunity to face the devils minions, and pray He keeps protecting this – what was I called? … lunatic.

Guilty as charged your Honor. I admit it. I have to be nuts, because I’m living in an insane asylum. Everywhere I look I see people doing insane things, or at least not doing anything to stop the insane things, which I can understand, but not forgive. This Idiocracy meets the Third-Reich, meets Alice’s Wonderland on bad-acid world is living proof that there’s crazy people, doing crazy things, all around me. Could it be any worse being actually in an insane asylum?

Ah, God help me … God help all of us. Well, not all of us. You are God, you can forgive these bastards. I’m just your failed servant and a very bad one at that. I don’t have the will to try and change some people, or even the ability to forgive them. You God can do that if you so see fit. But if you would allow me more opportunities to improve, please … I need all the help you could give.

ay they’ll like.

I just want to thank God once again for giving me the opportunity to face the devils minions, and pray He keeps protecting this – what was I called? … lunatic.



  1. Grrr this is outrageous.
    This is the cream of the crop who will inherit the world. They will be in charge someday. We are all screwed. Hand in hand, they are gleefully helping the evil elite. This is what bothers me the most, that so many people willfully go along with whatever is the new prevailing agenda. Look at that boy, smoking right in your face. I want to slap them all! Why did they take off their shirts? Were they ashamed to draw attention or something? Were they told that if they got into an argument, that they should not misrepresent PP so they should not wear the shirts?
    I can’t stand millenials! And they were acting so high and mighty the whole time….what terrible attitudes. Can not stand it!!

    • Oh these are well trained minions.

      Amazing that they insult you with their “And you believed them?” bullshit. As if I’m too stupid to tell that the videos are somehow faked. Everything in history that doesn’t fit their agenda is propaganda. Sanger didn’t say that, Hitler wasn’t her friend, PP wasn’t the Eugenics Society, everything is an elaborate scheme to undermine women’s health and put them barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. They’re only here to help. Put down your weapons.

      And I doubt these snarky, little, creeps will inherent anything. Their world doesn’t have a future. It has no life at all.

      • Michael, you get a “10” on the political correctness score 🙂

  2. Remember the Millennials are generation Z. It comes from the Department of Education. I comes from the GOOGLEPLEX and it comes from Hollywood and their celebrity bandwagonneers.

    They were vaccinated – death panels, Not a good outlook for the smoking boy.

    There’s the black lives matter head coming out. So I’d ask her how after forty years of fetus tissue why they hadn’t cured a single disease. And ask them why after soaking the public for years of ribbon sales and walking money, only the tax free orgs are able to hire new employees at a living wage?

    And ask them why the IRS only supports their side while targeting the opposition? I’d say to the little faggy guy that their numbers are skewed even when they get the majority of the money and weapons.

    Were in good hands with Obama’s Allstate.

    • Understand I was still fuming from just having watched the video that morning. There’s all kinds of things I wanted to ask and do to them.

      The camera didn’t catch me spiting at their feet. There are things I wanted to do with dough-boy’s cigarette that would have made him quite smoking for life.

      Today I took some images of aborted babies with me in case they had the guts to show-up. They didn’t. But as I understand it there was a nationwide protest against PP today.

      I love what Jindle has done. PP came to him complaining about the videos and he told them to go screw themselves and erected huge TV screen and loudspeakers outside the gov’s mansion and had the CMP videos loop-playing over and over again.

      I’m an old man. I’ve witnessed the brutality mankind inflicts. I’ve done my share of inflicting. And this is nothing new. Brutality has been the way of the world forever.

      But for a moment in time America was the exception. Even if it was just an illusion, it was an illusion that was perceived to be true, and for a brief moment was true.

      Now of course its all turned to shit.

      The question on the side of the rig today was: “Which will come first – an election or a revolution?”

      Revolution one by over a 2-to-1 margin.

      A lot of the people that stop and talk to me are prepared as well as can be. And they’re ready. Revolution is in the air, only instead of being out on the streets in protests, like it was back in the day, it’s more underground.

      I jokingly tell them that if they see me coming in a little blue-truck to not shot. They don’t know that I’m not joking. I told one guy today that I’d trade my rig for his 20-acres, that is completely off the grid living.

      But alas, I’m afraid that unless the hand of providence swoops me up and off to a safe redoubt, that my fate is pretty much sealed.

      With my luck I’ll wind-up with dough-boy as my guard in some FEAM-camp re-education camp.

      Now there’s a happy thought …

      • Liberty or death from this Patrick, Michael.

        “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
        ― George Orwell

        Keep it up!

  3. They are doing god’s work !… Lucifer that is…” all hail Satan” as they chanted in “Rosemary’s Baby”. Good job M. We are truly fighting a spiritual battle, no matter what you believe, it’s good vs evil and it’s intensifying every day.

    NA .. I feel your passion and anger !

    Good points as usual Patrick.

  4. Good for Bobby Jindal on this but he just ain’t my cup o tea in general. No one in any type of power is ..sooooo

  5. Jindal? To hell with Jindal. To hell with them all. We’re way beyond a political solution.

    Unless people realize that we don’t need politicians anymore we’re doomed to have these imbeciles lead us to our doom.

    And I have to tell you my dear, that I don’t see that happening. I see Katrina everywhere. For a long, long period of time. Barricaded neighborhoods and houses. This entire city is a tinderbox. Literally.

    And here I sit. Having known this was coming. Really never believing I could do anything to stop it from happening. Yet, against my own best instincts, instead of doing something about saving myself by getting in a safe haven, what did I do?

    I’m sitting here paralyzed into inaction, looking around me at all the things that need to get done just to make it to tomorrow, that I have been procrastinating on. I’m an imbecile. I should have my COTO credentials revoked.

  6. Ha Ha Ha!

    Look at the desperate Hillary Cabal. How obvious is this? What idiots they take us for. It’s like watching high school class president tactics.

    Team Hillary plays “Camelot” Card

    Ambassador Caroline Kennedy’s Use of Personal Email Faulted

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