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Aφollo 11: Not Aφφlicable

Postcards to COTO

DELPHI – Δελφοί

11 – the Grand Delusion
apollo – 11 NASA = 8
811 – ISIS
NASA(8)-NAVY(8)-NIST(8)=NSA(6)   [3^6 9 complex]
Δελφοί – Delphi [Coordinates: 38°29′N 22°30′E]

Delphi Experiment  – Delphi Method – Dedication to Apollo

“It’s a mutual, joint-stock world, in all meridians. We cannibals must help these Christians.”


Creación de Adán (Miguel Ángel).jpg

Axis mundi


Gardners' Hollow Earth (Public Domain Image)

occulted by or OCCU-Pi

iridology, mucous congestion, iris reading, iris analysis, eye analysis

The Universe is very small


Aug 2010

NOV 2011




    Scientists working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have devised and demonstrated a new, shape-shifting probe, about one-hundredth as wide as a human hair, which is capable of sensitive, high-resolution remote biological sensing that is not possible with current technology. If eventually put into widespread use, the design could have a major impact on research in medicine, chemistry, biology and engineering. Ultimately, it might be used in clinical diagnostics.



  3. Cool video! Check out this one, straight from the horse’s mouth. NASA’s “photos” are proudly photoshopped, and they explain how and why. This does not sit well with me, sorry to say!

    Here is another funny video. To calculate the curve of the Earth (if this is wrong, Please correct me!), it is miles squared times 8 inches….for every squared mile, drop down 8 inches. So, you should not be able to see a city skyline from 60 miles away, because 60 squared x 8= 28,800 inches, or 2400 feet below the curve. So, when this man snapped a photo of the Chicago skyline from almost 60 miles away, it should be approx. 2400 feet below the horizon. So, the spin doctors came up with this gem of an excuse–that it is a mirage! Yes, I know superior mirages are real, but the way they describe this one is just too unbelievable. I’m not convinced!

    • Yeah NA I ‘ve seen these. The HOAX of NASA and NIST are well documented in books far before Youtube ever came into existence. The Analog to Digital / Kodachrome conspiracies during the Apollo missions were ridiculous to a junior astronomer (me) as with other real scientists.

      My father used to see Alan Shepard at the golf course in Clearlake Tx (about 1980) off NASA rd 1. He told me the guy was so bizarre and would mutter to himself in the Pro shop, wearing grungy jumpsuits and unwashed, unshaven. So I came to see for myself. It was worse than he had stated. I just knew this guy was off his rock and depressed. I figured he was also under surveillance from the Mercury program where the hoax began. As you well know the early astronauts all died of cancers and blood disorders due to the Van Allen death radiation belt. Others were just knocked off when they felt compelled to blow the lid off the scam. It’s hard to say how much skimmed money came from NASA and Cold War hoax but I’d say a trillion dollars or more. That’s not much today after the 911 redistribution of four trillion in Dov Zacheim and WTC Center Gold rippoff, but back in the sixties and seventies it was a ton of dough. (we had only a few billion dollars in debt then.

      WWII and the COld War were all about NAZI Neuschwabenland and keeping the truth out of the hands of Germany. Once the Soviets took power after operation paperclip the committee did the same thing there. Khrushchev got the word in no certain terms. We were the marks for the greatest hump of bullshit ever with all the Nuclear crap. That was another huge funnel of money that went to creating the Gatekeeper project just like alCIAda and ISIS today.

      When they threw me out of history class I decided to become a real historian and after years of sending editorials on the hoaxes of challenger and KAL007 and other theories, the gatekeepers finally got tired of it and entered my home in Florida, drugged my dogs and stole my files. I had amassed a ton of info and it came shortly after inquiring about the bird and fish kill that came after the Challenger sabotage. When I left Florida by necessity, the Israeli moving company lost some of my boxes,. Funny that it was my books and papers only. When my file cabinet arrived the locks were broken. Hmmm how odd?

      It’s been gratifying to know that the I must have touched some nerve in the info I sent to newspapers and email back when chatrooms were taking off. The days of dial up external modems before they had the NETS. There was a time when great info was available before all the Alternative psyops flooded the web. Real scientists were communicating all the time and newspapers were still free of the gatekeepers. That’s all gone now. I don’t care anymore having them watch me as I am just one of thousands of cotoheads worldwide and they are losing the information war.


      How do you like the EYE, theory of earth? I wish I still had a drawing I did of what I envisioned the earth really looked like but the eye photo i posted is pretty close. Just imagine that Antarctica is everything outside the ICE Ring. And it’s a paradise and pristine.

      Why is it an eye? And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. There is no escape from earth for them. They can try but they will never succeed. Instead they have conquered the last frontier beyond Atlantis in the hollows of our world and now they spend our blood and treasure trying to conquer our souls and mind. Why we keep funding it I will never know.

      Someday in private I will tell you about what came out of my right eye.

  4. I like that idea of the eye! You said you made a drawing of the Earth–does this mean you are an artist? (I’m an artist, and I love to know other artists 🙂 ) I’d love to hear more about what came out of your right eye! I can give you my email address, but of course it won’t be private since everything online is probably recorded.

    Speculation about the “photos” of Earth–Let’s imagine that there IS extra land out there that we pawns do not know about. Well, if we are to believe that the Earth is exactly as it is presented by satellite photos, well we can clearly see that there is no hidden land anywhere. They want us to think that we see all there is to see, and know all there is to know. They want us to believe the photos of Earth and space are real, so that we will not wonder what else there is. Atlantis, Eden, or just extra land, could have been discovered, and we would never know. I cannot prove this, but it is just a feeling, a theory. If I were an evil genius mastermind controlling psychopath, I would totally hide land from the world.

    So, you’ve had quite a history! You must have struck a nerve with your truth meddling! I agree that now, much of the alternative media are gatekeepers. I have only been at this for a while, and I cannot imagine what it must be like for you to see everything playing out just as predicted. Doesn’t it get to you sometimes? How does it not drive you crazy? Half of the time, I’m ready to denounce humanity altogether and move into a cave next to Bin Laden!! People just keep letting this all happen, and they DEFEND the corrupt leaders and system. That’s the worst part, the defending of our captors. I don’t know how I can stand years and years of this. Any tips on how to survive this world without losing your mind in the process? The more I learn, the less I know, and the more frustrated with people I become. A modern-day Truth-Seeker’s Survival Guide would come in handy right about now!

    • I went through the anger phase years ago. I was not a happy camper. Mean I would say. Always fighting and a mouth to shame a sailor. It was Jesus who intervened. I make no bones about this. I’d have been a goner without intervention. Instead I turned it into a mission. Knowing is religion and you can energize and convert the anger into power. Sure I get angry still but it’s temporary now.

      EYE: Yes I think it’s much about the image.

      I suffered eye and sinus issues for years. I have eye infections often in both eyes at different times. It was after an event that I can not explain that something changed. To cut to the chase, I had an episode in 2011 where my face swelled on the right side. A large bump formed and it moved from my jaw up to my eye (temple) It formed into a large pimple type formation and finally bust. I pulled from it, a formation a small chip that has an unknown origin. I believe it was something put into my sinus or root canal during a medical procedure. I no longer have my microscope but I have it saved. Well since that time I have had only one eye infection and i was the left eye. I do not expect a right side infection again. I only hope another case of purging happens if indeed I have another gift from some unknown benefactor.

      I have suspected this kind of activity goes on with hundreds if not thousands of Americans. It may be moot at this point with what we know about nano-tubes, fullerenes and morgellons fibres and the rfid that they can put on the head of a pin. But I had some real strange times in my life and it’s not something that even this conspiracy researcher wants to contemplate. It may be the Morgellons version of body rejection where the fibers converged into a mass and ejected. I do not know.

      I was a relatively good artist. My mother was the real talent. Drawings were my expertise. Hers was painting. Too bad that now I only design headers with Photoshop. Where is your art? We had many posting their music and art here. You need to start posting some thoughts and art here. You have the ability to do so. I’d sure like to see some.

  5. Wow, what an amazing story!! That definitely sounds like Morgellons to me. I don’t have any Morgellons symptoms that I know of, but I have a nice mouth full of amalgams and a childhood full of fluoride, so they got me there. They’ll get you one way or another, won’t they? Maybe many of us have Morgellons, but our bodies aren’t expelling the fibers so there are no visible symptoms. It’s a good thing your body pushed it out!

    I would love to share my artwork here! Most of it is either birds or fantasy creatures, so it probably won’t fit in with any themes here. It will still be fun to share though. Just let me know how to load it to the site and I’ll be glad to do it!

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