Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 19, 2015


Time to taint the waters


I was not surprised to see the MSM go on the anti-politician Bilderberg planned candidate for the next wave (sine-cosine) of the human domain.  For the next eight year cycle will be the most extensive transformation in the Agenda 21 program. The reality of the two party lock will never be subject to a third.

As we have seen, change with Obama was everything we could imagine and he was truly the trough for the crest of Agenda 21. After his transform and eight years, the powers that be have created the anti-political, next phase in El Trumpo.  He’s perfect. I never realized how stupid people really are until I heard the Mark Dice man on the street videos. Jay Leno’s as well.  But more important is the truly sickening fawning of the MSMS propagandists and their staged pundit salesmen’s BS on this dirtbag. Yes, dirtbag. Donald Trump is a crud and the perfect anti-human being for taking the last breath of humanity out of the country. Ross Perot said the sucking sound was jobs leaving the country and he was right on target. Trump will create the sucking sound of political correctness and policy out of the country. This includes foreign policy and constitutional protection.

He is the Nazi style candidate. He clears the Joo-joo-bee hurdle, the black barrier, the insider designation and taps the anger frequencies that Obama created by design in the trough. Now El Trumpo is the “in” guy. He’s the anti-pope Francis faker and a Jesuit shill. This is by design as well I believe. El Trumpo creates the MSM version of the Agitprops technique.

I have now carefully followed a dozen MSM and Alternate radio shows. There is no doubt he is the guy for the ‘crest’ of the 811 sine wave for our next eight years.  If we do get to the election which I still see as unlikely, the certainty of Trump and “X” is clear. It makes me sick to my stomach to hear real constitutional radio heads beginning to get sucked into this sound.  Have these idiots not seen enough to know that the COMMITTEE owns the machine. This includes the Industrial – Military – Congressional – Complex.  This was in Eisenhower’s speech,  They just made him take out the congressional part and so it became the MIC when he delivered the speech.  Listening to them talking about his helicopter going down or JFK style take outs is unbelievable.

Donald Trump is a silver spoon. Like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and all the rest of the faux rich, they are insiders propped up and allowed to flourish under the generosity of the real rich. Trump had half a billion dollars to start off his career.  He should be worth fifty to a hundred billion dollars now.  He’s a prick, a cutthroat and an arrogant ass. His business savvy is tin plated compared to the likes of his gold and silver peers. He’s got nothing going except the cosine of a false transmission of anger that resonates well. I admit to the fact his song and dance as refreshing with a new beat.  I think his lyrics are not well written but when talking to the black, white, women, blue collar men and moderate others, there is no better way to get them on the dance floor than calling politician idiots, government broken and illegals a danger.

That’s a testament to the accomplishments of Bilderberg and their agenda with Barry Soetoro, who fulfilled his duty with ‘Reagan like’ lapdog obedience.  Where Barry was the trough (v) El Trumpo is the crest (^).  The fact is that the troughs and crests are not really reality. The reality is the troughs and crests are undetectable in political theatre. We just hear the waves as they move in perfect pitch. Trump is a perfect pitch right now.  I have talked about the “slinky effect” where  the wave is a back and forth created by up and downs, but we never see the trajectory in terms of the slinky running down the stairs because we only sense the back and forth, troughs and crests.


The Last Pope, the last President, the last puff?

It’s a genius maneuver with hope and change and yet it always winds up at lower and lower expectations and less freedom.  This phenomenon was timed perfectly for transition. El Trumpo is as much a politician as a salesman. Regardless of his family information and his sisters connection with the Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate in the circuit courts.

He will provide the Trump Card, wildcard flexibility of a foreign policy idiot, an amnesty proponent post election or a border war JADE HELM terrorist 911 Bush type responder using the NATO-GLADIO ISIS machine.  What we know now about the elite’s market manipulations and intentional gutting of global industrialization via commodities, currencies and Wallstreet gaming should be a alarm clock for El Chapo like corporate takeover of the World Trade Org. and TPP by creating an astronomically over valued dollar and bringing TPP nations to their knees. Whether China will collapse is a sure thing if El Trumpo gets his way.  He would get every illegal and American a min wage job and push China out via TPP passage. Trump likes Hong Kong when they work for him.

Sum ting Wong

We also could get the Joo-joo-bee action desired in Iran, the cold war in high gear and a decider who manged to lose more money that he made by way of his own ineptness and ego. YOUR FIRED!

There will never be a wall on the border just monolith sections for historic markers as we head into the North American Union and Trans Pacific third world existence.  I believe now that El Chapo would make a better president than Trump. He’d do the ISIS beheadings of the right criminals, shift the markets to truly independent free market segments and provide aid to the people who really need it.  We would just have to allow him to kick out the CIA the Bush Clinton cover for the globalist bankers. Joaquin Guzman is a misdemeanor guy compared to the Committee syndicate.

El Trumpo and La Fiorina make up and you have your ticket for the World Terror and the War on Trade for 2016.  I think our only prayer is Putin to start a war or China-Russia to collapse the economy, then wait for the roaches to scurry out of the crevasses and do a ready roundup on their asses. But we still don’t know for sure whether the China-Russian aren’t compromised. What we do know is that a real president is a dead president and it has not happened for some time now. El Trumpo is not a real president but a dollar menu gimmick made to order for a slave economy.


Hungry for the El Trumpo Grande?

“Political reality is a bitterness and ideals a deception.”



  1. BRICS and DRONES 2015

    The truth revealed. What we expected.

    Why do you think that people buy into this narrative that countries like Russia and China are a ‘resistance’ force?

    So listen to the props and see the Gold Manipulation as a universal project until the SDR and IMF get their act together. Will some confiscation or control come with this program. You bet. World Order hegemony requires all participants cash in. Gold, the reserve for Special Drawing Rights. How will it change as a currency? What about private holdings? Wheres it going? Hmmmm?

    More evidence proves Putin and Jinping are role playing in this financial merry-go-round. By the time it is mainstream it will be too late.

  2. Stock Market: Smart Money’s Quiet Massive Exodus

    Dear reader; don’t take this lightly. In just a few months, money managers have reduced their exposure to stocks by 50%. Active money managers really don’t like stocks right now.

    Prelude to October surprise?

  3. More flexibility….

    Obama’s Meeting With Putin at UN

  4. …or Trump is genuine (doubtful), and the way you’ll know that is shortly before or after getting elected he’ll get killed by a bullet that changes direction 4 times from a lone gunmen so far away that the shot was nearly impossible, who then goes and casually buys a Coke, drinks it, then decides he wants to go see a movie.

    • Hi CP.

      You can only write these scripts in Holyrood. The deep ops JADE HELM promoters are saying this last President will be Barry Soetoro or whomever gets elected (erected)

      Going to be interesting when the BerGoGlio comes in September, after the FED meeting regarding Interest rates and after the Putin meeting and other tidbits that came out of the summer Austrian Bilderberg (Bretton3)

      Don, ‘#theartofthedeal’ has not offered very much in the way of his monetary process and has not slung even a single arrow at the FED or WALLst. That’s a huge distraction off topic for Rand Paul. The more I see and hear, tells me he is in for mainly deflecting off anti-American financial program which is at the heart of global NWO building.

      Hashtag: tic-tac-tow

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