Posted by: boomerangcomesback | August 18, 2015

Jeb Jabs the Fear Fork into the Eye of Americans One Too Many Times!

“Jeb Bush: NSA needs broader powers to combat ‘evildoers'”

Hypocrisy Stalks Like a Creeping Shadow

Hypocrisy Stalks Like a Creeping Shadow

© AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt Republican presidential candidate former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaks during a town hall meeting on Monday, Aug. 17, 2015, in Columbia, S.C.

Please read this Bush’s comments at the link below.

The hubris and out-of-touch with reality demeanor is astonishing from elites like this corrupt creature.  I would tell him him to “Look in the Mirror!!!” for the “Evil-doers”, or consider your own family and relatives like the Clintons, or Obama.  All humanity has to do to find the Evil-doers is to track who people like this hob-nob with.  Who donates to your campaign?  Who’s in the Carlyle Group, which Saudi’s do you do business with, who covered up your throwing of the election to your brother?

Evidently, there needs to be a new category delineated for real Evil-doers.  The “working” and out-of-work population of the U.S. is not even on the radar Bush Boy!  Who even listens to people like this?  And I use the word “people” mockingly there.

Why look elsewhere for Evil-doers when they’re in the same room as you, Americans ask?

More Powers, More Powers, More Powers is their siren call.  Sounds like extreme paranoia to me.  My typing this logical “questionaire” only echoes the 10’s of millions of Americans’ thoughts as the same questions flash into their minds.

What America needs is sanity and integrity.  And we ain’t seeing it anywhere close to candidates like this.

We’re all outta fear here by this time.  Few be buying anymore.

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  1. It’s as if these two so-called “front runners” desperately want someone–anyone but themselves–to win.

  2. Front-runners in a Boston Marathon type hoax for certain. How they manage to get into office will take more than DieBold.

    Evil-doers murdered heads of States, corrupted Military, created false evidence resulting in mass extinction and genocide and identified it as something they created, funded and armed. Anybody and I mean anybody outside of conspiracy who still believes this crap are now the most dangerous people on the planet. If they ever get armed we are deep trouble.

    I can manage the knowing criminal mafia enforcers that know what they are doing but the clueless enablers are the real threat to humanity. More surveillance on people = less oversight and whistleblowers to counter the crime spree. That’s why it’s so insidious. It is a vicious circle and cycles the power in a two for one bonus.

    Common sense says the constitutional balance of power dictates that they are the surveyed and we are the deciders. What they do on a daily basis is unconstitutional whether in action or thought. I give Jeb one credit for ‘saying’ it versus Hillary or Trump who would just act on it and never say it.

    • P.S. That is a hideous flag. Looks like a Haitian or Cuban Havanera .


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