Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 17, 2015

The A, B, G’s of Depopulation


Patricia provided this link recently and this one I added to twitter today.

Covering the dead doctors and the autism and protein synthesis via added compounds to the vaccines is just one program in the massive arsenal of pogroms in current operation. In 2011 I posted;

The A-B-G’s of Transformation – The smoke and the signals

POPS and Apoptosis
Think of it as your army has mutinied and they don’t know it until they hear the bugle charge.Uncover the radicals who have infiltrated your ranks and turned your army against you. Go after them one by one in a kinetic action to restore peace and harmony in the body.
Killing humanity one cell at a time: It will cover:
Anti-aging science in the books – The mortality decline, (Why we are not living to a hundred and beyond) The link to economic growth plans and agenda 21 sustainability[insert headlines] Obamacare push for climate change legislation via TPPThe connections between HGP, the database [HapMap] Bluebrain, gene patents and money. The Guinea Pig files, their purpose in pathogenesis and OWO transformation

[insert headlines] Planned Parenthood late term full fetus brain intact vs crushed

TRIAD: 1. By creating the virus, mutation, protein/peptide introduction to targeted population [depopulation] 2. Inception [The Cure] before the Kill to the exempted 3. The double cross of delivering real vaccines with additional knock offs ie. sterilization, T-cell peptide introduced antigens and disease basedfree radical

Nagalase on VDBP transportation of vitamin D

The intentional deceptions of: Sun exposure benefits, Gamma rays, EMR replacement, it’s effects biosynthesis, deforestation ozone depletion and the CO2 fraud connected with the deception of chemtrails for twenty years and the nonsense of GW mitigation.  It will also point to sunblocks as another vector for delivering free radicals compounds into the organ systems of your body in a sequential systematic storage of cancer causing agents to be provoked and activated by electrochemical processes. These halogens and Polyhalogenated compounds are everywhere. Cosmetics, lighting, toys, insecticides and in the ground and water supplies from industrial emission, rain and big agri-combine farming.

BASF, Monsanto, DOW, and CHINA

Infant blood testing results from Project Guinea Pig using designed in vitro cell AML fusion and cell transformation studies from selected medical data based women pre and post natal studies

Planned Parenthood – Womens Health

Specific vector  utilization and other vehicles for delivery of gene mutation initiator’s, endocrine disruptors, viral and bacterial contamination and EMR fusion protein inducer’s from moldpersistent organic pollutants -chemtrail delivered / no storage necessary[insert headlines] Chemtrails and Environmetal disasters ( CHINA’s Tianjin port bioweapons, King Gold Mine planned contamination and secret nano=technology release into environment

The financial heist, loopholes of LLC, Ltd corporation and reduced liability to criminal and ethical research, the cost of research burden and the profit skimming

The legal shield, known as the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

No Pharma Liability? No Vaccine Mandates.

To understand how this happened, we have to turn the clock back to 1982. That is when four big drug companies (Merck, Wyeth, Lederle, Connaught) blackmailed Congress by threatening to stop selling vaccines in America unless a law was passed giving them complete immunity from prosecution. 21

The connections of these corporations to NGO’s, UN Organizations, foundations, university grants, education system and media gatekeeping.

Secret TPP negotiations, United Nations, ICC, patent nazi’s, full spectrum dominance, mandatory vaccinations


There have been few headlines that have not fallen under these segments of the universal soft-kill (or thinning the herd) program in effect since Barack Obama walked into the oval office. But the program started many years ago. It’s just that they are losing the information war and their inability to kill all the whistleblowers even when they openly sign legislation to prosecute them when they see crime in progress. Open and obvious genocide is designed in such a way as they target softkill programs at large swaths but focus many on targeted individuals. Some may get a beneficial vaccine while others will not. This is the massive data-collection and full spectrum surveillance assisted by the googleplex, ATT,  Verizon and the ACA Obamacare and other AMA corrupted HIPAA violators.

Pretty soon important information will be gone and unable to find the internet for people to reverse this program. I suggest all look to certain supplements like Vitamin D and the organic seeds for herbs and vegetation to provide backup. An edible plant book is a great investment as well.  Limiting your exposure to microwaves should be immediate.

These psychopaths and sociopaths from Congress are  “all in” as are the candidates. They get the GcMAF delivered at the office.  We get the VA death panels.

 “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”



  1. Alpha

    Obama-Appointed Judge Gives Potentially Breakthrough Ruling Giving Drug Companies the Right to Market Drugs for Uses not Approved by FDA

  2. Gamma

    Constantly checking your mobile phone can lead to ‘cognitive failures’

    • Thank God I don’t have a gadget! Oh, but wait! I do: an Acousticom radio frequency detector and a dosimeter!

      • Good for you Pat. I have two TriFields and a HP Spectrum Analyzer 1-40,000,000 Hz. It’s a busy and crowded spectrum. I can now pick up SATCOM with a modified dish. 240-318 MHz is especially busy.

  3. Beta

    NSA Spying Relies on AT&T’s ‘Extreme Willingness to Help’

  4. Paul Craig Roberts has come out with a strong defense of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I consider it his best article ever:

    With his conviction I was so disheartened to see people who ought to know better mumbling “Oh, well, he confessed.”

    Oh well, I’d confess that my Uncle Bob was God Almighty if I were held under this young man’s circumstances.

    I hope the case Roberts presented leads to public expressions of outrage over the insane level of injustice in this case and others. Chelsea Manning facing “indefinite solitary” over an expired tube of toothpaste… This is what Lobaczewski meant when he said that to wtiness such times twice would be too much for most people to take.

    • Spain writing $1000 tickets for taking pictures. Rhode Island HPV vaccine mandates. No poke no play for kids. Cop loses job for saying “Jesus walks with him”
      ….and the beat goes on.

    • Tweeted to the COTOCREW.

  5. Just read PCR’s piece. No doubt, there’s a stench upon this entire cock up. Another FF with designated “patsies”. We have seen this far too often. The Aurora “patsy” just went through a similar court fiasco. This nation is obviously not governed by laws, and justice is now a euphemism. We can look to the Supremes for more of the same.

  6. Remember this video I posted showing the fake “bone” prosthetic falling off during the staged filming? I am surprised we didn’t see the director yelling CUT!

  7. What Does NASA Have In Common With Morgellons Disease?

    related to this from Florida State University

    • I don’t believe anything NASA says. They fabricate every photo taken in space, and I’m still skeptical about the true shape of our Earth, since it is through NASA and other militarized space organizations that we get the footage. They faked the moon landing, and they fake everything else.
      My theory, and yes I’m aware I may have completely lost all grip on reality lol, but here it is…..

      *I think explorers discovered what is really in Antarctica. Shortly after, NASA was founded in 1958. In 1959, nations that normally would not get along (including Soviet Union and USA) all decided to sign the Antarctic Treaty, protecting Antarctica. “In 1958 the United States had completed six high-altitude nuclear tests, but the high-altitude tests of that year produced many unexpected results and raised many new questions.” Then, in 1962, the USA participated in Operation Fishbowl, which was high altitude nuclear testing (basically shooting at the sky).

      *I am at the point in my life where I don’t really believe in anything I’m told, I question everything, and at the same time, I believe anything is possible. My current opinion is that we’ve been lied to about the very earth we inhabit! When you look at the strange series of events that happened in the 50’s and 60’s, it leads to a whole array of questions. What did they find in Antarctica, why did all those nations agree to protect it and keep citizens out, and what the heck were they shooting at in the sky?
      I’ve been thoroughly enjoying researching this idea, which is much more fascinating than any sci-fi show! If this theory proves to be wrong, well, at least I didn’t blindly trust what the NASA liars say, and I took the time to find out for myself. The research is very compelling to say the least. I’m aware of the possibility that this flat earth idea could be disinfo, but from what I can tell, it has its merits. If you want to learn more, or find out what it’s all about so you can debunk it, check out
      We never landed on the moon, evil groups control behind the scenes, vaccines did not save humanity, 9/11 was a false flag….how many lies are we given and expected to accept as truth? How big of a lie can they pull off? What’s the limit to their lies, and what’s the limit to our belief in them?

      • LIES, the bigger the better, right. We’ve heard it before from others in history. I agree about the poles and earth as well Antartica hold the secrets of the time-space continuum. I told someone recently the earth was shaped like a football with NASA printed in a giant crop circle. The NFL lost out on that advertising. 🙂 I believe nothing is real above the truth. That is buried deep beneath the light and in the darkness.

        Germany had to fall before they would uncover it all. WWII was simple case of trade secrets. But like all the false flags and events over time they have managed to benefit in multiple ways when they have an objective like this. 911 was about the same kind of cover for truth not to come out. Bldg 7 and Pentagon had much information coming to light. It was planned to bring in the full spectrum surveillance under the Trade Secrets of the elites to prevent further leaking an ability to monitor rogues worldwide.

        They are geniuses when looking for multiple opportunities and getting the maximum wealth from every TRADE Event.
        Everything is about protecting their turf. Unfortunately it is earth and we are part of the property too.

        • Thanks for not making fun of me lol! Your’e the best!

          • Hey NA… I have a friend who has encouraged me to look into the flat earth theory. He is convinced that is the case. I am like you.. I don’t believe ANYTHING we have been told anymore and especially anything coming from NASA. I haven’t started down that particular rabbit hole yet so I can’t really comment. But I say continue your quest. Finding out that it’s flat or other than round would be the biggest deception of them all… Even more so than the holohoax.

            • You’re the best too! 🙂
              This is the first flat earth video I ever saw, and I came across it by accident…didn’t even know what it was about, and I’m glad I didn’t turn it off once they started talking about flat earth.
     (Fast forward to 6 min to pass the intro)
              *Challenger astronauts are still alive
              *NASA films spacewalks in underwater tank
              *UN logo is a flat earth map with 33 sections in a grid, with no Antarctica
              And here is my fav flat earth blog, with tons of info if you are interested to learn more.
              At this point I am more convinced in flat than sphere. Even if it turns out to be sphere and flat earth is wrong, I do not regret trying to find out for myself!

              • . “Even if it turns out to be sphere and flat earth is wrong, I do not regret trying to find out for myself!”

                Exactly ! NA That’s what differentiates us from the sheep… we do our own research, think for ourselves and come to our conclusions based on that research and critical thinking 😉

              • Watch this NA. Listen carefully and give me the clue.

                • He broke a globe 🙂 That part had significance just like the rest of the speech. They choose their words carefully I’m sure. Great video!

                  Wow, he just laid it all out, told it all….there they go telling the actual truth, but present it as a huge joke. The real joke is being played on the unsuspecting fools who laugh.

                  I notice Sydney Pollack is in the show, who later appeared on Eyes Wide Shut. All the top actors are in on the game, aren’t they? They have to know what’s going on. I love how conspiracy theorists are always the butts of jokes. That’s not an accident either.
                  The difference between us and the zombie masses is this: they are busy watching the puppets, completely immersed in the show, and we are more interested in the ones who pull the strings!

                  • whoops, that’s not Sydney, it’s Steve Landesberg….I had the two mixed up 🙂 I always thought it was the same guy lol!

                  • Excellent Grasshopper. You are a true coto Shaolin 🙂

                    I believe that Barney Miller was an ABC sitcom.
                    There was an ABS news special right about that time 1878-79 called Who is Bilderberg? Before Disney consumed them. It was key info like this and bad press even in comedy that prompted the RothRocks to buy ALL shares of media. print and tv

                    It’s radio that still haunts them and they do their best to covet HAM operator licences and sell sirius radio and not talk radio, though most of it is shill, disinfo (Limbuagh) or deflection crap like Coast to Coast. or H. Stern.

                    It’s nice to the old days before the politburo took over.

                  • I miss Pollack. He died after “Michael Clayton” (Monsanto-Cargill) I think between “i’s W S and this they finally had enough of his meddling. I miss Kubrick and Frankenheimer too. When Hollywood was the wild west and blackballing was the six shooter.

            • There’s this guy that comes to my rig from time to time who is a flat-earth disciple that keeps promoting this view. Him and his group also do massive amounts of MDA. So I’ve more or less put this whole thing on the back-burner, and not totally for that reason.

              I’ve had enough. Like Deb I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t discount anything, but with all else that there is that can drive you nuts that’s going on, do I really need to know that the physical universe I’ve known all my live is simply an illusion on someones version of a giant galactic 3-D screen?

              Fuck-it if it’s flat. Fuck-it if it’s round. Either way we’re fucked.

              • M… that’s why I haven’t delved into it myself. Too many other things going on in my personal life and the world right now. I would if I had the time though because I love a mystery and solving puzzles. I’ll leave that up to NA and other friends that are looking into it. I don’t know why they’d hide the shape of the earth from us though other than that’s just what they do…deceive about everything.

                M… we’ve been here before wondering when the other shoe would drop. We know it’s gonna happen if only because the entire planet is becoming extinct as we write. Sometime September is the new countdown date….tic tic tic……… Good to see you Mister ❤

              • “Fuck-it if it’s flat. Fuck-it if it’s round. Either way we’re fucked.”
                Mr.M, I agree with you there! The psychopaths that rule have set up this system so that we are screwed no matter what! The worst I think is the tampering with our food, and the corruption of medicine and health care. I have tried to combat this by learning to grow my own food, but with the crap they are spraying overhead, cross pollination with GMOs, and the deaths of honeybees, it’s an uphill battle. We try to buy organic, but even that is suspect now.
                What disturbs me most of all is the permission that citizens give to allow this to happen. Our fellow citizens defend their overlords as if they were gods, and they cannot see the lies right in front of them. I don’t understand how people can still be fooled in this day and age, when the corruption is more obvious than ever. Why do people NEED to believe? Are they like drone worker bees, who have the need to worship a queen, a ruler? I don’t get it, never have and never will.

                • Thule -Antartica – Hollow earth.
                  Look at the toroid. Look at the anatomy of your eye.

  8. “Avoid ALL Contact” With Rain, American Embassy In Beijing Warns

    That’s my advise for America as well. The Wetzones are full of Mold and nanochem chaff. I think we are getting nailed in the Southeast. Way too much rain and trails for my liking.

    • 3 days of chemtrails with “whiteout” Sunday prior to incoming rain event Monday pm – Tues. Like Clockwork they do this in SE.

  9. In a bewildering display of hubris the Criminal Elites (CE) are pushing hard on all fronts to reduce world population as quickly as possible.

    That is the Prime Directive of the CE.

    When people ask me why the CE would do something or other that doesn’t make sense, but can only make sense by answering; “Because they want you dead,” that’s what I tell them.

    Objective #1: Destroy the food supply. Check. We’ll see food riots before the end of the summer.

    Objective #2: As riots become the norm the slaughter will be allowed to build as we kill each other over dwindling resources.

    Objective #3: I need not school anyone on the militarization of the police, or Operation Jade Helm. After allowing the slaughter to go on Martial Law will be declared as the military swoops in to mop-up any resistance, and the FEMA-camp furnaces crank-up. Obama will then become our last President.

    Of course this only holds true if we don’t blow ourselves up in a nuclear war first (my personal favorite) and if there are enough military to go along with the rouse. (very questionable)

    Of course other unforeseen equations can enter the picture, but I’m positive we’ll see #1 & 2 come to pass. Which in of itself will not be pretty. 100,000,000-starving people will not be something anyone will be able to ignore. Or possibly live through.

    It’s all downhill fast from here. This is the best it will ever be. Everyday is a gift as I know how close to the end we are.

    The CE wanted us dead. They may well get what they want. And it makes me mad. It even makes me mad at God. Although I know mankind is deserving of all that is about to befall him, it breaks my heart as I can still see the beauty and the creation. I can still believe in the spirit of man, and marvel at all the incredible, marvelous things that man has created.

    I look at the simplest things and wonder, “could I make that?” And inevitably the answer is I wouldn’t have a clue. Without some else, with skills I do not possess, I couldn’t wipe my ass. That’s why I scoff at turning into a mountain-man.

    Most of us have become a prisoner of our own making. All the gadgets have made us weaker, not stronger. We don’t own things, things own us.

    The CE have played us like a fiddle, and it’s now time to pay the fiddler. The only question I see is will the CE survive?

    • So true on the technology making us weaker M. I think you can expect riots when the WIMAX goes down for the WIMAX iPAD idiots. Food/clean water will follow.. The NSA has completed the new algorithms for unbreakable security and the MIL Star system (cloud) system is in place. Internet will be only a BUY-SELL for the haves, The CE corporate elects and criminal elites will have what they need in their redoubts and DUMBS.

      I do not expect nuclear events in lieu of Space assaults and drones. Bombings yes but I think we survive a nuke holocaust. That comes after they get to planet X.

      29 Palms says we can have our military overseas and have the traitors at home in our Nat; Guard and Police forces. Something will happen to convert them at the right time. This is the fear and loathing aspect when people who are hopeless go after the IRS, FDA, DEA, NEA, TSA, FBI etc. I sense we will find out if the 2 billion rounds were actually delivered.

  10. Food riots…, I suspect the Fast Food restaurants will stay open, and populations will keep eating their shit. Gas station “food” too. It is hard to stomach what people eat, considering it “food”. Take shit, add “excitotoxins” to stimulate “Mmm–Good!” brain reaction, and hordes line up daily for their shito glomming. “Happy Meals!” my ass! Pawning off this garbage on people as food is criminal slow kill. Wash it down with Coke or Mtn Doo Doo, and the brain & body are severely impacted. True “Gut Bombs”.

    It is hard to say what will “happen” in the near future, but just imagine the haggling over the scripts and the wide array of means available for harming the human ant pile.

    The slow kill methodologies are morbid and difficult to watch play out. But, the ants don’t rile up too much to save themselves from the onslaught, and in fact line up for many of these offerings. The “Big Play” scenarios will generate resistance.

    • Mitochondrial Heaven in a humburger and aspartame shake. Would you like cheese with that disease?

    • The rats the infest my kitchen are amazing! If I didn’t have to compete against them for a living space, my tin-foil hat would be off to them. They’ll eat soap before they’ll consider GMOs. They go for fresh produce. If you manage to deprive them of it for long enough, they’ll get desperate and go for the rat poison. A couple years back we had an awful infestation when they broke into the popcorn (home grown). When we finally figured that out, and after they’d finished the stores they’d squirreled away, they went for the poison. A big mama rat figured out she’d been poisoned and, bypassing my husband’s hoarded cup ramen, she found my chlorella! They have abilities we lack, and will probably survive us quite well. Good thing too! I have not heard of genuine cruelty committed by rodents.

      • Cruel intentions, no…but when the Powers push them into cities and produce overcrowding and famine they are cannibals The young and weak are the victims. BF Skinner saw more ‘human’ in rats than just in the physiology.

  11. You can’t believe the EMT calls I am recording. Bleeding Anuses to Asthma‎ attacks coming from 30 somethings and children. Heart Attacks and falls from the boomer set. Constant calls. These technicians are overworked.

  12. That’s very sad to hear.

    Americans don’t get it that they live in “Slave Nation”:

    When you consider the Europeans get what? 6 weeks to 2 months off each year to go on “Holiday”, there should be a Revolt in the USASS.

    At every point, the corporations & elite owners are squeezing the life out of the Americans.

    ***Note the 3% drop in Silver today. Hmmm?

    • This is the trigger for Biflation to begin. Watch the commodities slide the essentials skyrocket and the luxury goods go on sale. Must have been some real paperhangers working today at the BASE.

      What’s the status of inventories? Hmmm. Can the power base hang on til D-day? Let’s get this show on the friggin road I say, I’m tired of waiting. Pull the trigger, you pussies.

      Hyperflation set sail from Tianjin China right after the explosion. It’ll land here in a few weeks.

      • Yep….. see you in September hyperinflation…………..

    • Boomer…. Amerikan worker drones seem very proud to say.. I have two jobs! As if working at two menial jobs for the man is some kind of badge of honor. They think working your ass off for modest wages is a good thing while the fat cat CEOs sit back and collect their millions in bonuses every year.

      • Sow what you Reap, show what you raped. Let’s watch the second round of Banker suicides over the fall. BRICS and Drones will kill what the FED misses.

        So far the BRICS has lived up to the COTO scam and not the hype. Commodities down retail soar on everything from Eggs to Milk to Toilet Paper. But if you need a 40″ Big screen they are available for about $225.00

        This is like walking into an office building and finding every door locked. The importer, the exporter, the bank, the broker, the doctors office, the retailer, the surveillance is working but there is no security guard. There are no people but the parking lot is full. You can still use the teller machine though for a fee and Starbucks has a robotic coffee dispenser for $12 a cup. It’s a beautiful building though you have very few choices. The point was to collect your data, images, face recognition and psychological evaluation as you wandered befuddled and frustrated through the maze.

  13. I see the problem.

    Grotesque Taxation, Horrific Medical costs, Fiat currency, Off Shoring decent jobs, and on & on it goes.

  14. HaHaHa! You can’t get one liners like this anymore

    Investigation: Collusion Between Terrorists and Mexican Cartels is a Threat to U.S.
    Lead investigator says Obama administration has a responsibility to stop it

  15. New NASA grant explores turning human poop into astronaut meals

    Hey, Obama has turned human poop into a congressional body. This should be no problem.

  16. “Hey, Obama has turned human poop into a congressional body. This should be no problem.’ lol PD TRUE ! 😀

    • I’m so happy we can all talk like 2012. It’s like a class reunion. COTO class of 2008. Time flies but the earth stands still.

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