Posted by: boomerangcomesback | August 15, 2015

“tRump Erectus to the Stage! Let the Games Begin!”

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‘Hoping for change’ from President Trump? Eight minutes of video to consider:

You should watch the entire 4:29 of the next, or at least skip to the parts with tRump:

We ask ourselves “how?” and “why?” America has turned into such a corrupt shit pile, full of “Actors” playing politicians and such like?  One reason is because “we let them” act upon the stage, with no repercussions.  Consider the billionaire “acting” above, and how that sits with you if he were pResident.  America has already lived through the Reagan acting years.

It is an incredibly bizarre time to witness the goings on around us.

Washington’s blog also proffers this insight into Jeb Shrub’s position on Torture:

“A candidate for President of the United States won’t rule out torture. Yeah, no big deal”.

At least he’s on record in the run-up to the Pale Ghost House, leaving “torture” on-the-table so-to-speak.

Do you get the distinct impression that these career politicians are like Pig Pen in the Charlie Brown series, with a their own cloud of dirt/dust following them?  Ghosts in the closet kinda thing.  Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, on & on.

Amerika’s fake elections became bad sitcom “shows” years ago, even pre-TV.  tRump is Vaudeville reincarnated.  Examining his empire, it is likely he is a collaborator with various mafias.  We should ask the question, “How could he not be?”.

The People just haven’t known how dirty the candidates were.  How dirty the game is.  It is becoming quite plain to those paying attention that WE have been watching Bad Reality TV for years.  Sinking to the depths of depravity of “The Royals” across the pond.

Strong “Moral Character” is what is needed in leaders, to right the ship-of-state.  But it is evident, that only “players” who can be bought are allowed to live to be placed in policy positions.  The Matrix of the Controllers owns the levers of power domestically and internationally.  The Fix is already “in”; and it is apparent that there is no fixing the Power Matrix as it now stands.  Blather by any “candidate” spouting he/she will “do this/do that” is ridiculous, and simply propaganda and doublespeak.  With PTB in Obvious opposition to serving The People’s interests and well-being — We will be served the same as we’ve seen.



  1. The Donald… the cartoon character of this election being used by the ptb , (Trumps’s boys club buddies), to draw in the electorate fed up with current politicians. Sad to say it’s working very well for them. “1984′ meets “Idiocracy”. You’re right Boomer.. it’s only come this far because we’ve let it.

    • “1984′ meets “Idiocracy”….haha, that is exactly the situation!! You nailed it! Entertainment has been telling us what’s going on for years, and we can see it coming true all the time! Fiction is reality, and reality is fiction.

  2. I have never felt anything but embarrassment when Trump speaks. I have always found him to be an intellectual moron. Business and Politics are never about brains but brawn and bullshit.

    Remember RAND and DELPHI oracle. We watch this every erection cycle and currently, Hillary has the largest member of the group.

    Alex Jones will be running the DELPHI technique on his show now for months. His show will include shill callers and a staging of the mind-control product we get from CNN and FOX. Get ready for his full support as he persuades his mesmerized minions.

    COTO is great if for only the fact that we know all candidates are shit through and through. All of them. Rush Limbaugh loves Hillary Clinton. El Trumpo is no different from El Chapo. At least the Mexicans know who El Chapo is and Guzman wears no veneer. The NACIREMA on the other hand continues to worship the celebrity and word as something of value instead of following the history of these cretins and opportunist puppets.

    Right now Hillary gets a few points from me for openly showing herself as a criminal and enjoying it. I think she’d like to tell us she is going to be President and if we don’t like it tell us that she’ll tear our tongues and hearts out.

    • Hillary/\. Letting her near “power” and “policy-making” has gotta be one of humanity’s biggest nightmare.

      • I think like the Lenin-Stalin or the Fidel Castro or Idi Amin, Hillary would find much pleasure running North Korea in the Un spirit.

  3. The Field

  4. That’s quality humor there, Buddy!


    • It’s the pre-debate party they all have. Pigpen and all.

      • I’m voting for the kid in the back in the green-shirt.

  5. Surprised they don’t have an APP on their iPADs to better assist them in their lies,

    Jeb Bush Calls Common Core ‘Poisonous,’ Forgets He Actually Supports It

  6. Wow, what a quality selection we have! So many great choices, I don’t know which one to pick!
    It’s not as if we really have a say in who becomes president, so this is all just a bad political fiction show!

  7. This is all theater. I doubt we’ll see an election. There is no political solution. There is a much better chance that we’ll all be dead before Nov. 16′.

    Fuck Trump. No one will be around to remember him. He’s being used by the insane elites. Otherwise they’d ignore him like they do anything that exposes the real truth.

    Hell is about to be unleashed. And Hell can come at us in ways we haven’t even recognized yet. I’m not prepared to survive this Hell. Not many of us are. If any of us are. Even if half the things happen that could cause a world-wide implosion/explosion, we’re still dead.

    Typically when economies collapse, nations go to war. This war will be nuclear. If this scenario occurs none of this matters. Even a limited nuclear war would cause calamities we’re not prepared for.

    If by some miracle we avoid nuclear war we’re faced with 100,000,000+ people relying on food banks that have run-out. So the FEMA-camps become the intended extermination-camps that they were built for. The Road-Runner scenario is a very real probability.

    If we should somehow avoid the above the GMO’s alone will kill us.

    I pray I’m wrong, but being COTO makes it hard not to state the obvious as I see it. I would like anyone, someone to give me a better scenario. Talking to Prof. Iris Mack (Tulane Economics) the other day, she expressed how scared she was, which in turn scares me. She actually said that the situation was so bad that we should do things that I normally preference with saying “not without a fair trial first.”

    I wish I had something positive to say. I wish all our beliefs, knowledge and heart meant something. But I can’t lie. I can’t see it. And for better or worse I can’t shut-up about what I see.

  8. Hey, M! It is “The Time” to be All Ears, Eyes, and Sensory Organs on High Alert. “I wish all our beliefs, knowledge and heart meant something”~ M. They surely do. Character and integrity, and having a Heart (empathy) are what distinguish real “honest to goodness” people from the reptile-brained, and the masses of non-thinking “people”. So, we are either of that group, or we are something else altogether. Approaching the lowest-common-denominator is not a righteous goal for humanity.

    Something for Puddy. 9/23/15. Will you do what you do with numbers and see if your amazing brain generates some hypotheses on this?

    I believe the Pope coming to the Pale Ghost House is a pivotal point in history. The beginning of fulfillment of prophecies in Daniel/Revelation. And I don’t believe “End Time” prophecies to be negative, as many people do. The way things have been going, we must take notice that mankind is driving the bus straight to Hell. So, we are all being forced to make a choice between “Good” or “Evil”. Since I cannot bring myself to “vote” for any of the choices offered by TPTB, I am left with choosing that which lies on the brighter side. There is hope to live for on that side of things.

    • Puddy, see (his Iceland address will popup) and read his take on the China blast. This could certainly come to a city in the USSA, or cities, and be pawned off as an attack by the Bad Guys du journey of the day. Local, regional, or national Martial Law could be invoked instantaneously by TPTB. The stage has been set for some time. Add Pope & stir. Add the WWF sElection carnival, currency/economy implosion, and other factors and we can see how tenuous our fake “reality” of freedom truly is.

      • Bad guys du jour — spell check corrected.

    • “Approaching the lowest-common denominator … ?”

      I’m afraid we passed that mile-post some time ago. So much so you couldn’t see it with the Hubble Telescope.

  9. Thanks NA….. I get the feeling the real movie we’re living is the Truman Show..Just waiting for that day when I bump into the scenery..I already have reason to doubt the moon is real..and….”in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good night”…

  10. love the peanuts gang analogy Patrick …so apropo……

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