Posted by: Mr. M | August 12, 2015

September 15th! What do I win?

EndworldPool So it is that we find ourselves looking into the abyss. Not even our HAM-radios and stored food will save us. And the only question that keeps resounding that is never answered is “what was all this for?”

What if indeed we go up in a blinding-light either from some celestial well timed strike, (last of the Blood Moons and on the Day of Atonement) or more plausible a nuclear strike, what difference would it make?

There is evidence that this isn’t mankind’s first rodeo when it comes to extinction-level-events. And maybe this won’t be our last? Maybe after the nuclear ash settles, and we start from scratch we evolve to come back to try this again and again until one day we either get it right, or forever blow ourselves and this planet into space-dust.

I don’t know. I wish I had some insight as to why all this is taking place.

As it is I can’t help but feel more than ever like a man on death-row. And I find myself strangely at ease. Of all the things predicted, I’m kind of hoping for a direct hit. Because all the other scenarios seem to be a slower death.

Unless of course there is a mass awakening and revolution between now and Sept. 15th.. Ah-ha-ha-ha!



  1. It’s probably the ne’er-do-well living out back that will get me when he perceives the law and order has broken down enough that he can get away with it. I hope he’s a good shot.
    I’ll try somehow to stay alive. Just curiosity about how it all works out, I suppose.

  2. I’m with you M.. take me out in the first blast. I don’t want to survive in Mad Max’s world. Is it really coming to a head in September? How many times have we thought the end was near and we were wrong? I don’t even care anymore. I just don’t want anyone I love to suffer.

    Btw, good to see you Mister ❤

  3. We can hope after that blast that we all get to collide at some point. Such a meeting would be great. Maybe we can get the CERN team to consider a COTO experiment. We CotoQuarks can dance too.

    I have so many ugly thoughts of what living through the NWO rapture will entail, I think Kali can lick me anytime she wants as far as I am concerned and dance on my corpse til dawn. I’m ready anytime Michael for the real life to begin. I plan on extensive travel.

    • That would be awesome Patrick. Kindred spirits united !

  4. I’m in for the quick blast too. Pain & suffering has gone on long enough on this plane. Let our spirits RIP damn it.

    • Hey msdarlene…good to see you!

      • Good to see you too!

    • Somethings gotta give this year. Apparently they added Bernie Sanders to the Bilderberg menu under the weight watcher column. I think he’s the barometer for just how depressed and disillusioned the target masses are. Judging by his numbers big PhRMA should see great quarterly earnings.

      My guess is that unless you are happy with corporate chaos, military madness and satanic spectrum dominance, you may be interested in a little Lenin Luciferianism. What a buffet. Amerika is great, so many choices, so many choices. until….

  5. This is for you Patrick .. just saw this in my newsfeed….

    • Thanks JG. I saw it and tweeted it yesterday. I predicted GHW Bush and Carter could die this year. I think Carters time is gone. Surgery will hasten it. One thing about the transformation this year and next, is that you can’t have Jimmy Carter talkin about Palestinian genocide and Christian slayings while these pogroms are in process.

      You can’t have a Wilson or an Ike apologizing for selling us out to foreign banks or global elites. It just mucks up the program. Barry Soetoro’s change has to be free of pre baby boomers who actually know what the constitution is. I think even Hillary and Barry have discussed taking Bubba out. He’s become an embarrassment with all his history and recent woes on the Island of Epstein. I thought they might take out a few more like Dershowitz and other castaways. Instead they target and assassinate Bill Cosby. When you google Bill the Rapist guess who comes up? Life is great in INSOC.

  6. I’m reminded of the time when COTO got booted out of op-ed news, and I didn’t even know it, because I was out of town a while, and when I got back, I couldfn’t figure out what had happened because it was taboo.
    So if I’m not there yet when you guys meet up, don’t worry, I’ll catch up with you sooner or later.

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