Posted by: boomerangcomesback | August 12, 2015

If its Broke, Throw it in the Shitcan.

So, I listen to this guy (Jeh Johnson) fear-mongering, and blah, blah, blabbering about “lone wolf” radicalization, and I hurl my formerly tasty breakfast into the toilet.  Which is where the entire facade of the world improvers belongs.  It crosses my mind, that I should look around for all of these people who magically turn into “lone wolves” that we should worry about crossing our paths, that we should be fearful are attacking US.  And the first thought that comes shrieking to the surface of my conscience is — THAT, the “People” that have harmed America and All Americans are all of these “people”, like Jeh Johnson and the litany of administration acolytes and polyps and swollen purplish personages whom have been in Freaking Control of the “levers” of government, of legislation, of ignorance and ignoring the obvious, in charge of protecting the pillars and institutions of our society, yet have steadily dismantled them, gummed up the processes, offshored the jobs, corrupted the courts, militarized the police, and parade fake “elections” costing Billions but which we can see are traveling circuses of chickenhead-eating geeks, freaks, and lower animals of no distinction save lying like hyenas.

Buffoons & Bandits — the next Hollyrood production is just around the corner.  A horror flick cum comedy with a cast of familiar icons whom should be languishing in jail.

Please, STOP the Madness!  The drivel is so repetitive, the actors so predictable, the rhetoric so ridiculous, that if I had a TV it would melt into a molecular froth brought on by rampaging electrons shrieking and intent on bolting from the insanity.

We the People obviously need protection from the ravening wolf packs rampaging round the halls of power and profit.



  1. Lone wolf.. yea Boom.. that’s us, isn’t it? We are critical, free thinkers. Not going along with the crowd ( herd) makes the powers that shouldn’t be too nervous. Can’t have anyone thinking past the main stream media, that’s dangerous and done only by terrorists. ! Cease and desist thinking for yourselves. After all.. ignorance is strength :/

    • You should see the count on your “Strange Sounds Posts” JG. This years and next years sounds will happen again. There are several I have heard in early AM recently. The hum-buzz is really eerie. I have it recorded but it’s so faint I cannot isolate it with the feedback of the microphone and shield.

      I think it’s space based or from the cell/GWEN network.

      • I see that Patrick. I get emails when someone new posts a comment on those articles. I hear that faint hum too and other sounds that don’t really record well on my camera. It’s the other louder noises that are really concerning. The metallic sounds and the ones that sound like the earth is groaning or the loud engine type sounds like I heard a few years ago that caused me to write the article. Apparently, they are still happening all over the world.

  2. Something like the carnival & circus combined, I’d call it.

    Agust 11 2015 was the trigger. China market currency move was the trigger of the October surprise this year. We will see a radical change and some major “Curveballs” until they send the clowns to the dunking pool.

    JADE HELM: The King Gold Mine disaster is a real meta-phor for the real Jade Helm. It (the map) indicates the real Middle East and the East coast is China.
    The states of Jade Helm are the ME countries with California being Russia.

    What the toxic spill is in reality is a sacrifice for the coming currency and hot war. What the Russian/Ukrainian mimics is Texas/Mexico, while Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan are other states.

    IRAN and ISRAEL are Hollywood CA and Washington DC.

    The toxic spill EPA is ISIS and the travels of the waste are representative of the mercenary and drone wars that will slaughter Sunnis and Christians while we in the US will be deflected by a false flag and market collapse.

    The best time to kill is when the target is in the audience and watching a show. Lincoln knew the Jesuit and Joojoobees. He feared them. Americans are asleep at the wheel. Best they be drunk when the crash happens.

  3. This is Three 6+ events in the Solomon Islands range ( seismic Sunda (Java) trench)) in a month. All shallow and antipodal to the Canary Islands EL Hierro African Plate

    Magnitude 6.6 quake hits Solomon Islands in the Pacific -USGS
    Aug 12 A strong earthquake of magnitude 6.6 struck the Solomon Islands archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, the U.S. Geological Survey said on Wednesday.

    The quake, initially reported as a magnitude 6.8, struck at 5:49 a.m. on Thursday (1849 GMT on Wednesday). Its epicenter was 109 miles (175 km) southeast of Gizo.

    depth=5.0 km (3.1 mi)

  4. Did The EPA Intentionally Poison Animas River To Secure SuperFund Money?

    Maybe as a wealth redistributing benefit but the fist priority was Jade Helm TPP. What the effects are on the food chain are nothing short of eugenics if the cattle and other livestock are effected. America’s Fukushima?

    Not only that but a master deflection off PhRMA that may not be tested but hidden inside the nano-tubes. While checking for ferrous and Non-F metals they will overlook the deeper biological terror. This may be the biggest news for FED foreign traitors using domestic terror for advanced Obamacare kill goals.

    I’d love to get someone to take samples and get this to the real laboratories in Carnicom Chemtrail circles.

  5. 2nd Huge explosion in China in a month

    Huge Explosion Rocks Northern Chinese City, Video Shows Massive Fireball
    read more:

    What was in both of these large buildings?

  6. Posted in: Conspiracy Theories Posted: August 12, 2015
    NASA Whistleblower Clark McClelland: Planetary Body With Dyson Sphere Approaching Earth – Planet X/Nibiru?

    I just love this BS

  7. The second of the three currency events is due next week. China slide will continue until US action triggers EU Russia response.

    China lets yuan fall further, fuels fears of currency war. The dollar will will be manipulated and dissuade interest rate adjustments. Further US stagnation for economy and Treasury yields will continue to tumble along with commodities selling increases.

    How much physical Gold does China really have. Russia too. US may be keeping the secret. Warren Buffet has a gold train.

    Watch the Markets closer now.

    WALLSTREET getting hammered! 3rd Bailout to Greece from Germany. This is madness!

    Time to buy PM’s before they spike and reset at levels not manipulated by paperhangers.

    JIMMY CARTER HAS CANCER. I predicted GHW Bush dies this year. I said a second could too. Jimmy Carter was the pick. – BRICS and DRONES
    P.S. It is highly likely GHW Bush dies … We may lose another as well?????????

  8. I still like Jimmy Carter… GHW Bush can’t die unless someone drives a stake through his heart… oh wait…. right… that can’t happen.. he doesn’t have a heart :/ Please make it Henry Kissinger that goes with Bush… I despise that cretinous demon!

    • It’s possible GHW Bush dies the day his aircraft went into the sea. Satan showed up and made him an offer he apparently did not refuse. He may live forever. I think he may jump ship into Jeb.

      “A NWO. If we are successful, and I know we will be, ……..”

      When I hear that part of his speech, I get the same feeling I got thirty years ago, when I first saw Linda Blair’s head do a 360.

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