Posted by: jerseyg | August 12, 2015

A warning before the day of destruction?

CERN IS RELEASING THE DEMONS………Personally, I think it’s time to call Ghostbusters.

The (bogus) “explanation”………..

The CERN connection…(remember the weird dance before they fired that monster up?)

Kali Dance…



  1. JG! So good to see you!

    In the Kali dance, it looks like she is cutting down the evil forces. As we know, the only thing a psychopath has to fear is a bigger psychopath. Hindu is a very ancient tradition, along with other forms of shamanism. These old traditions anthropomorphize the natural forces and draw myths from the natural trends they see. If we are lucky, the current crop of pathocrats will follow the ancient dance and be cut down by the queen of them all.

    Oh, but God save us from Hillary! A fate worse than death…

  2. Hi Patricia ! Good to see you too! Personally, I find Kali frightening..she looks demonic to me.. crazed eyes, severed heads, blood dripping. I don’t take comfort in the images I’ve seen of her no matter how maternal her other side is supposed to be 😀

    I agree about Hilary… she’s evil incarnate ! How are things in Japan?

    • Kali is demonic. She represents the nadir of human existence. If you’re into yin and yang sorts of thought, even in her worst form, she is part of the spectrum of our experiences, without which we would not have the good times either. All our emotions, including anger and fear, are sacred gifts to us.

      In the ancient shamanic religions, the concept of “evil” was “lack of order,” in other words, “entropy.” When civilizations arose, evil became systematized on a large scale, and the religions that arose in response to that addressed the concept of “evil” accordingly, but they also took on the aspects of the societies where they flourished, introducing absolute evil (‘cuz I say so, and I’m the king) and divine punishments for sins. That is much more frightening than Kali, who seems to have had a very bad day.

      Shinto has a similar god (male, but it is interesting to what degree the gender roles are reversed here). Susano-o was the impetuous little brother of the sun goddess, and when he called home saying he was coming for a visit, she went out to meet him in full battle gear. He caused terrible disorder in the heavenly palace, resulting in shock, suffering and death. (The cruelty is what shocks us, but the disorder is what shocked them.) While that aspect of him still exists, he managed to turn himself around and is primarily a benevolent god with quite a following in Japan. Mt. Fuji was also originally a very violent god in Japanese mythology, but the gods all got together to do something about the menace, and transformed him. Now she is the princess who makes the cherries blossom.

      I’m looking at our prime minister, Abe, on the TV. He seems intent on demonstrating pacifist sentiments, possibly in response to public outrage over steps to strengthen Japan’s military role (which I have read as bending to pressure from America to perhaps engage in proxy wars). I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. (Perhaps the gods decided to transform him too.) I have a friend who has a better hand on the pulse here, but I won’t see him for a while.

      One thing I like about Japan is that the politicians and other leaders are not way up in the upper stratosphere like they are in America. If I wanted to, I could probably get an audience with our prime minister. The politicians are not really the rulers here. The CIA is.And we tend to feel some sympathy for the folks who have to deal with that directly.


    I can't be too objective anymore Deb. I think its great to see a post from you and Michael on the same day. For that I am so happy.

    Whether a dance of Shiva (death) or Kali it comes from the ISIS. I have been reporting since ISIS that it is the feminine in all things that will befall us now.
    DEVI on steroids is Kali or Shiva the malevolent version of the Mother ISIS for Egyptian and hundreds of other religious feminine death goddesses

    It's all about the Project now, Bluebeam and AGendA 21. All the mystery and clues to the coming years under a full scale assault will be very hard to track. It's nearly impossible to track them all, let alone decode them. Fitting it was on the EMPIRE STATE bkdg.

    It does key into the fact that if we do have an election and the kind of genocide I predict, that we also have two women vying for Commander in Chief. CERNS image statue of Shiva.

    Shiva Calms Kali

    Intoxicated with Raktabija's blood, Kali ran amuck across the three worlds, destroying everything and everyone in her sight.

    To restrain her, Shiva took the form of a corpse and blocked her path. As the goddess, blinded by bloodlust, she tripped on his lifeless body and was jolted out of her frenzy . She wondered if she had killed her own husband. She placed a foot on Shiva's chest and brought him back to life.

    Shiva then took the form of a little child and began to cry, stirring maternal love in the heart of Kali. This forced her to shed her fierce form; Kali became Gauri, the radiant mother, bestower of life.

    I think we have a long way to go before DEVI trips!

  4. Agree Patrick ! ^5

    • I’m interested in yours and Pat’s thought on ISIS and Planned Parenthood as a PSYOP? I believe it to be cover for killing NWO resisters and deflection off Domestic eugenics Vax programs setting up for a merging false flag.

      From the Mouth of the Beast

      ISIS Fighters Pray Before Raping Girls

      • ISIS itself is a quite transparent psyop. Even their members go bragging that they receive money from the US, and we see ISIS collaborating with the Ukrainian fascists–how convenient can you get? Along comes ISIS in Syria, and so now we have good reason to bomb Syria, thus supporting our arms dealers and getting rid of Assad at the same time, so that then we can go bomb Iran. Hooray. If you cannot actually hire Kali to do your stuff, ISIS is just fabulous for its shock value. Note the lovely juxtaposition of religious expression and rape.

        I have been busy and have only vaguely heard of some Planned Parenthood thing, so I don’t even know what is happening there, much less know how it might be a psyop. I suppose I ought to have a look.

        States this way and that are making vaccination mandatory, some of them for adults as well as children. I wrote in to some of Colorado’s politicians to oppose similar stuff there, but only got back responses indicating they have never heard of adverse reactions. Good grief.

  5. And thank you… it’s nice to be welcomed home ❤

  6. Yes, I agree that ISIS is a cover and excuse for more killing and keeping the war on terror grinding away. So many people don’t have a clue who is behind it. They don’t care, don’t wanna know. They just know that bomb bomb bomb bombing Iran would be a good thing.

    As for the selling of baby parts by PP… funny it’s coming out now eh? Yes, always an agenda behind the big news stories. I have no doubt that’s exactly what they were doing. In other words, I think the story is not a hoax but i’m sure it’s been going on for decades and the timing has everything to do with the big reveal by the media. Haven’t figured out their agenda on that one yet but we know there is one.

    Vaccines will be mandated for all, young and old, in every state very soon. A lot of people are pushing back right now against them being forced upon them… that is.. just until they release the military lab created virus that will send everyone into a panic to line up for the “magic potion” to prevent them from getting it. Meanwhile they will also be pushing the “cure”. Another toxic shot or pill? Makes no difference…Either way it’s poison.

    • Here’s something inner’sting I just turned up from Washington’s blog in an article on false flags posted on Global Research :

      ◾Former Department of Justice lawyer John Yoo suggested in 2005 that the US should go on the offensive against al-Qaeda, having “our intelligence agencies create a false terrorist organization. It could have its own websites, recruitment centers, training camps, and fundraising operations. It could launch fake terrorist operations and claim credit for real terrorist strikes, helping to sow confusion within al-Qaeda’s ranks, causing operatives to doubt others’ identities and to question the validity of communications.”

      It would be eaasy to round up a bunch of disaffected Middle Eastern psychopaths and give them instructions on how to make their (probably) hated family’s religion a real pariah, and have fun at the same time!

      • Good find guys. Well done.

      • Yes Patricia… they’ve been at it since forever and will continue to do it as long as we don’t call them on it. Wish all Amerikans would wise up to this deception. Problem is, most Amerikans don’t even know there are such excellent websites as Global Research and if they did, would not bother to read them.

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