Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 6, 2015

Ascending K2 in the NWO Dialectic

Here’s the typical solution which coincides with the Marijuana legalization Ponzi. It was not long ago I posted the nano-tech versions of GMO, PhRMA and the CIA run drug trade from Paraquat to K-2.  [K-2 = 22]

In the NWO Triad (hegelian version) the problem reaction solution is to destroy from within any of our natural and beneficial countermeasures to the Monsanto-Big PhRMA conglomerate. As with any triad the problem-reaction-solution allows the redistribution of wealth in taxes, ponzi or associated market.

Now we have the introduction formally of K-2 to the masses. It can be seen as a segue into further police action powers and the billion dollar justice-prison system and pyschological realm of the DSM-V and emerging mental health AMA authoritarianism that will be joined to the hip of the Department of Homeland Security.

Meanwhile the illicit Marijuana trade will become even more scrutinized and harsher tactical counter-measures will be used to assure that beneficial natural cannabis is eradicated.  The rule of thumb is whenever the NWO throws you a bone it is likely that it is one of yours.

Based on this NYC staging area it confirms a rollout of a “more to come” event.

Raging, naked Brooklyn man symbolizes synthetic marijuana crisis in NYPD video – Video Link

New York City’s new drug threat: ‘weaponized marijuana’



REVEALED: Scaremongering NYPD video of psychotic naked New Yorker high on ‘weaponized marijuana’ was actually of Iowa man high on PCP in 2002



But the question does remain what will they eventually, if not already, add to the product coming over the border to really add value to their operations?  Only the Master’s know.



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