Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 5, 2015

Hospital ER Locked Down over Chickenpox



  1. AGENDA 21 Paradox: Physicians have the Hippocratic Oath; perhaps we need something similar for our practice of planetary medicine… – James Lovelock

    You have to analyze the ongoing schematics of Agenda 21. It is a critical question to answer for survival. We may think this is just Draconian response to acclimate the sheeple into expecting this type of police state and DHS response to the most ridiculous staging.

    1. JADE HELM: Just mastering the human domain?
    2. A drill yet not a real CP event?
    3. A real CP event and the fact is that MMR and CP are killers now because the softkill of chemtrails, vaccines and other GMO medical ponzi’s are truly killing the immune system so rapidly that CP would be a killer for those who don’t have shingles viruses

    It’s not that any of the above don’t indicate we resist the NWO in the same manner as we always do but instead prep or counter the mandatory vaccinations with some modifications to our routines.

    Planetary Medicines are all around us now. The dead doctors and scientist that have been dropping like flies over the Soetoro Regime are worse than the Philippine, Cuban or any south American regime we have seen over the last 70 years or so.

    All ISIS achieves is the cover for a planetary assassinations squad as determined by the leviathan super computer and GiG cloud NASA NSA identification systems which sweep all internet wifi and land lines constantly searching in algorithms looking for potential risks.

    It is certain that at some point the system will go live on it’s own without potential whistleblowers. You cannot excuse the signs and articles by the MIT Mitre and Big Blue teamsters and hollywoods version depicted in their production called Eagle Eye.

    Was Michael Hastings sanction a sample of the eventual control over all transportation? ( cars, trains Aircraft) Does MH-370 represent a KAL007 complete takeover of a live aircraft? What about the AMTRAK scam?

    Will VA hospitals, be automated such a way that RX or life support can be hacked and manipulated?

    When we started here eight years ago it was real conspiracy like Bluebeam and other targeted psyops that drove our members away. After eight years, I doubt their ego’s would override their change of position on these possibilities. They have the technology curve and at least fifty years advantage over what they allow to be released to us. They offer us trinkets of laziness and convenience to dumb us down from having to learn the technology, while sequestering the advances they have put into the industrial Corpo Miltary complex. Even our idiot representatives are as dumbed down and clueless. Instead they get simple orders and don’t ask policies.

    We can debate when the real event begins but based upon the necessity to kill those of us who still have a brain and talent to decode and hack their scheme, I’d say the time has come for the long-knives version in NWO millennium technology has arrives and Hard Kill and Soft Kill are operating with little or no resistance or error.

  2. Is Minority Report Coming to Pennsylvania?
    State plans to sentence convicts based on the crimes they might commit someday.


  3. Re: El Trumpo. El Chapo and El Salvadore

    41 Zetas arrested in Reynosa including two ex-military from Salvador

  4. What Is Going to Happen in September 2015? Why Are So Many People Storing Food and Supplies?

    For anybody interested in BRICS and Drones predictions.

    “By creating this as ground zero, the events that follow are too numerous to mention but will be better identified once we see the reaction of Russia and especially China. Obama made the trip to China regarding the climate change agenda and the empty promises and discussions were for show as China knows the whole global warming hoax is the attempt for Western Hegemony and a huge financial power shift to the UN. China has no intention of agreeing to the TPP unless there is an option for opting out of Kyoto, the next round. I expect the event to take place in the summer and formal attack to take place in September.”

    The TPP pre-event in a formal attack. Remember that ISIS is a formal adversary.
    Whether border event or false flag interior assault it will happen in September and in October an immediate financial reset.

  5. Hacked e-mails: Boeing wants its drones to hack computers from the sky

  6. Thank you for these links, Patrick! Interesting that storable food and supplies are running out. That is a first in my years of observing the slow motion collapse of Western civilization. The Japanese don’t seem to have a clue, but the Russians I think are highly aware of how precarious America is right now. They saw all the same signs of impending collapse of the Soviet Union. Keep as low a profile as you can, Patrick. If you can get through the hysterical part of it, you have the resources to get by.

    • It’s uncertain the future of Abe and what role that plays into the scheme. I expect another event for Japan internally. Stay safe Pat.

      Putin is smugly watching the same scenario that was the Soviet Union collapse. It’s only a question of time before the demoncracy shows its ugly head. The republic died years ago and now it is just another term for terrorist as identified by the open teaching of forefathers as radical extremists.

      We are under attack now Pat, I have no doubt. Hospitals and EMT cannot keep up in the bible belt here. It is a constant barrage of emergencies for bizarre symptoms being experienced by 20 to fifty year olds. The funeral homes are backed up here.

      I think they have released some nano-tech in the illicit drug trade. I advise anyone I talk to to kick the Pot habit unless they are growing organic seeds. I bet the cocaine, meth and heroin trade are no different. ACCESS ALL AREAS is the motto for the eugenics lab. This includes packaged cigarettes and GMO liquor and brews.

      New York City’s new drug threat: ‘weaponized marijuana’ via @YahooNews

      Margaret Sanger, Adolph Hitler to Holmgren want the culling to include the drug addicts with other undesirables. If you are a saint and teetotaler you get the RX medicine cabinet. If you are Amish you are much safer.

      I see food preppers all the time in a discount supply here. These baptists here are not as stupid as the comedians like to point out. Canning supplies fly off the shelf. I hear assault rifle fire here constantly so it’s everyday now. Three men were charged with Prepping in NC. They made a mistake by having grenade and pipebomb material which was the hook for feds to take them down.

      The GcMAF disclosure only corroborates the theory I had on geoengineering and vitamin D deficiency which I exposed during the height of the sunscreen fraud. Now Dane Wigington confirms his belief that the chemtrailing is killing the ozone exactly for this deception and assault.

      It is a full spectrum and multi-vector assault. We have to make changes, preparations and implement countermeasures where we can now. I remember the stories of Hitler contaminating water on the Russian Front to weaken the army. I see no difference here other than the advanced technology. The agenda and goal are the same.

      • I’m pretty sure that 200 of the 400-odd people following COTO are NSA-related (hi, guys!). I just hope they’ve got enough on their hands to let us be. Yes, we are exposing the truth here, and that’ll get you 30, as Chelsea showed. But we’re small potatoes, otherwise one or the other of us would be absent from this conversation. Thank you for the on-th-ground report from your area.

        We have the calm before the storm here. I am amazed at how clueless the Japanese area bout what is happening. There is growing poverty, which has beennoted in the news, but statistics in Japan are just as unreliable as in America. Underemployment is not measured, and single mothers seem to make up a lot of the impoverished. The standard Japanese response to signs of distress is to ignore them, and standard recourse for the distressed is suicide. I am out in the superannuated countryside, where people are dying of old age, so if there is a trend in illnesses, I am not seeing it, nor am I hearing of anything. We used to be #32 in the garbage duty list, but this year we are #25, still last on the list. That’s how many households died off or became too ill to do their part. The only thing I’ve heard recently that seemed significant was that rats have inexplicably decreased in number recently.

        However,there is news that Abe is extremely unpopular right now. He made the mistake of pissing off the WWII survivors and their offspring, who’ve heard about the war first hand. Japan has a decent self-defense force, but if it’s unleashed to fight American wars, they all know Japan will face blowback. Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima. I’ve been hearing from the right wing this year that they think Japan was betrayed by America, having been America’s partner and beneficiary earlier in the 20th century. In other words, this country is really not likely to stick up for the Zionists except in token ways and they will face betrayal by America again in the not-too-distant future.

        Of course, nuclear policy is another point of unpopularity with this government, and everyone thinks the new state’s secrets law was implemented to protect the nuclear industry. So far the law just goes after leakers–basically government officials and perhaps journalists as well. The media have fallen completely silent on Fukushima here. I translate information on nuclear policy. So that might be where they will get me, but by that time, the jails will be full of Japan’s best people, ripe for the killin’. To be on the outside would be a shame about then.

        • THe reports do not appear very good on Fukushima. It is funny on the anniversary of H & N that Japan was so willing to build Daiichi and others in Seismic zones and then to have such poor counter-measures.

          I dedicated The “Royal Scam” to the idea that the EU (London) wanted to take down China, Japan and the US in that order. Seems there is resistance now and trade wars and the finance ‘big guns” are coming next.

          Now if IRAN gets their deal we can bank on the Israeli-London false flag. My question is was Fukushima a HAARPING and a STUXNET?
          We could easily see the one two punch here like you got.

          It appears we a fart away of a Russian-US cold war-hot zone running from Ukraine to the fertile crescent. I had Belarus targeted but it may end up being Kyrgyzstan. It does not take much MSM and mapping to see the NATO-GLADIO NWO encircling Russia.

          The old strategy of tension like a rubber band is mighty tight and could snap at any second now. I’ll keep my prediction for September 23rd and the war, followed by banking/hack or major October correction to follow.

          • There was some evidence of HAARP activity coinciding with Fukushima, if I recall right. EMF weapons are such a favorite of the PTB and other crooks because of their plausible deniability. We know with certainty that at least one of the emergency generators at Fukushima stopped functioning prior to the tsunami’s arrival. It was rumored that all of the diesel fuel had been removed. The plausible deniability would be that some nitwits pilfered it for their SUVs, if it ever became publicly aknowledged that the data on the tsunami had been fudged.

            Patrick, you know about shielding against EMF attacks. Yesterday I read on a site for Targeted Individs that leather is a reasonably good shield against radiofrequency. I’d not heard that before, but it would made sense if the wavelength is under 5 mm. A good leather jacket would absorb that. I expect EMF weapons to feature heavily in what’s coming up.

            A friend of mine was a TI about 15 years or more ago. She was a human rights activist in California, living alone. She saw a funny truck outside, and they moved some equipment into the apartment next to hers, and late at night they blasted her. They harassed her this way for quite a while, but no one would believe her. She wound up in a mental ward, drugged, and though she is free now, very few people take her seriously. She has a doctorate in literature. She wrote me that being declared mentally unfit deprives a person of the ability to use metaphor. People don’t see it as word play, they see it as proof you are out of touch with reality.

            It seems they have refined their techniques with this McULTRA stuff. They are capable of targeting couples now too.

  7. Kyrgyzstan Joins Eurasian Union, Takes Leap Into the Dark

    [C H R O N O L O G Y

    1995 – Russia and Belarus created a customs union, which Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan later joined.

    1996 – The four states signed a treaty, with the goal of “deepening integration in the economy, science, education, culture, the social and other spheres with respect for the sovereignty of the sides”, as well as coordination of foreign policies and joint protection of their borders.

    26-Feb-1999 – Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan signed a new treaty for a “Customs Union and the Common Economic Space”.

    10-Oct-2000 – The five states signed the treaty creating the Eurasian Economic Community.

    30-May-2001 – Treaty comes into force after having been ratified by the five member states.

    A primary objective is to develop a full-scale customs union and common economic space. Other objectives include:
    – Collaboration in their efforts to gain admitsion to the World Trade organization.
    – Harmonization of customs tariffs.
    – Development of common guidelines on border security.

    The five are expected to grant observer status to Moldova. ]

    • This is actually very good news. At first, I misread and thought they’d joined the EU/NATO. That would have been an act of war. Kyrgystan was part of the Soviet Union and is nowhere near Europe. Russia-those scoundrels-has been creating allies through basic acts of kindness. America used to be kind, even if it had terrible stuff going on in the background. The majority of Japanese still think of America as a generous country that brought them democracy. And this was true! Few of them liked the military dictatorship of the late Taisho, early Showa years. It strongly resembled what we have right now in America, showing the same amount of compassion for its vassals and creating a historical legacy that may eventually be paid back.

      I am happy to see people who can say no to America coalescing. It is too early to declare Western civilization done for, but there is another nail waiting by a big coffin.

      In other news, the Japanese TV featured Trump last night, using the sort of scornful voice that lets us know exactly whom the CIA disapproves of.

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