Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 2, 2015

El Trumpo. El Chapo and El Salvadore

Seems like the vortex is converging in NAU terms, I usually take things like this with a grain of salt but there are documented. La Reconquista

Too many clues going back to Clinton -Perot and since the time when the borders were all but gone.  El Trumpo in the mix makes perfect sense. Fire up the right with the fraud Donald Trump, Release the Chapo Guzman, who has a vendetta against the US and add the Gladio mercenaries of ISIS and create the perfect storm.  How this can play for the NWO transformation is such a false flag that under any circumstance the TPP and Financial con men can write their own ticket.

Jim White Interviews Dave Hodges on the Coming Paramilitary Strikes Within the United States

The CIA sponsored ISIS/MS-13 fifth column gangsters are coming to your neighborhood armed with IED’s, anti-tank weapons, automatic weapons and WMD’s courtesy of last year’s immigration crisis.


41 Zetas arrested in Reynosa including two ex-military from Salvador



  1. I knew this twit would get a voice.

    Comic Amy Schumer, Sen. Schumer call for better gun control

  2. Yeah, well WE the populace CALL for extreme “politician control” to put a stop to their criminal activities. Also required, is extreme “bankster control”, and extreme “Military Industrial Complex” (MIC) control”, along with some other notables.

    We don’t need no COMEDIANS because it ain’t a laughing matter.

    • Obama has all but declared war on Syria without declaring war. Putin will respond in Ukraine and Iran will not stand by evn under the trade sanctiones. Expect a pissing match.

      John the “crybaby” Boehner may lose his position as House Pit Boss. If the vote gets traction Obama will pressure Dems to vote no. I want to keep my eye on that. Those who vote no on Boehner ousting are the real criminals to watch. The Iran deal aside Obama has some real problems and the TPP stalling isn’t helping. TPTB would love to have an election tomorrow.

  3. “One of the benefits of having fluoride in the water system is that everybody in the community can benefit from it regardless of their age, their income, their race, their gender, because all you have to do is drink the water and have access to that benefit,” said Katya Mauritson, Colorado’s dental director.

  4. They’re idiots. Same with chemtrail “deniers”. Ignoramuses. Those who prefer being blind, deaf, and dumb to the din of chaos crumbling societies’ protective edifices all around them — are but toads sitting in the middle of the road, uncomprehending, as it is only a matter of time before the next vehicle turns them into a toad flap.

    This is fact, as observed.

  5. Short thread at explaining situation.

    Who is the one who is/should be paranoid here?

    Easy answer.

    Soon, taking out the trash will viewed with suspicion by the elites and their private army robots.

  6. BREAKING: 1800 NATO Troops Prep for War in Ukraine

  7. The Fake Anti-Obama. Where’s the plan going? Lead the sheeple.

    They have arrived!

  8. 41 Zetas arrested in Reynosa including two ex-military from Salvador

  9. New York City’s new drug threat: ‘weaponized marijuana’ via @YahooNews

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