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Soap-dish Madness   


“I have emotion about this.  I’m losing it…  We… have been waiting so long… for someone to listen to us.”  — Ruppert

It’s some sort of madness that goes with the collapse.  We all have it.  Some of us are carriers- others are immune.  Just realized that Mike Ruppert offed himself.  One of the great american writers of our time: apocalypse, man.  

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  1. Great post Waldo. I still have “From the Wilderness” as one of the Captains Favorites. I miss him but cannot buy the suicide story. I think Mike went underground or was a hit. Like Gary Webb, the man with two heads, suicide does not work for me. Men like them don’t fold when stalked or targeted.

    When you are backed in a corner you fight. You dont kill yourself. Gods time Mike or your time? Either way I miss his wisdom and sacrifice.

    • BTW, Isn’t sails the oldest profession?

  2. “But I would like to sound one note of warning. Penicillin is to all intents and purposes non-poisonous so there is no need to worry about giving an overdose and poisoning the patient. There may be a danger, though, in underdosage. It is not difficult to make microbes resistant to penicillin in the laboratory by exposing them to concentrations not sufficient to kill them, and the same thing has occasionally happened in the body. The time may come when penicillin can be bought by anyone in the shops. Then there is the danger that the ignorant man may easily underdose himself and by exposing his microbes to non-lethal quantities of the drug make them resistant. Here is a hypothetical illustration. Mr. X. has a sore throat. He buys some penicillin and gives himself, not enough to kill the streptococci but enough to educate them to resist penicillin. He then infects his wife. Mrs. X gets pneumonia and is treated with penicillin. As the streptococci are now resistant to penicillin the treatment fails. Mrs. X dies. Who is primarily responsible for Mrs. X’s death? Why Mr. X whose negligent use of penicillin changed the nature of the microbe. Moral: If you use penicillin, use enough.” – Alexander Fleming, 1945

    The purpose of this Act is to insure that certain
    antimicrobial drugs essential to human health are not used
    subtherapeutically in food animals unless there is a reasonable
    certainty of no harm to human health due to the development of
    antimicrobial resistance as a result of such use.

    • The plan of attack is assault the immune system. I run 6 radios full time on three separate EMT service lines. It is amazing the number of younger patients requiring EMT rapid response for a host of neuro and physician issues. I have 30+ gbytes of recorded calls. Though I do not listen during the day I can go to the 1 hour incremental recorded files for any day and hear the strangest afflictions-symptoms and 911 emt .

      I may start posting some of them.

      I have added 4 radios for less than $55 that have 2 radios in each unit. You can convert your computer to a high quality digital scanner and receive the APCO 25 FEMA, EMT, Police band transmissions in your areas.

    • A. History of § 558.15

      In the mid-1960s, FDA became concerned about the safety to man and animals of long-term antibiotic use in animals, and for several years the agency studied the effects of low-level feeding of antibiotics to animals. In April 1970, the Commissioner of Food and Drugs (Commissioner) established a task force of scientists from government, industry, and academia to comprehensively review the use of antibiotics in animal feed. In the Federal Register of February 1, 1972 (37 FR 2444), the agency published the conclusions of that task force and proposed to require sponsors to submit specific data for antibacterial drugs intended for subtherapeutic or growth promotion use. The task force identified areas in which data were needed and established criteria for studies intended to show whether use of antimicrobials in animal feed presents a hazard to human or animal health. The criteria reflected four basic issues with respect to which data were needed: (1) The potential to increase the frequency of bacteria carrying transferable drug resistance; (2) the potential to increase the antibiotic resistance of, or the shedding of, Salmonella spp.; (3) the potential to enhance bacterial pathogenicity; and (4) the potential for drug residues to cause an increase in pathogenic bacteria resistant to human antibiotics drugs or to cause human hypersensitivity reactions. The 1972 proposal also stated that all then-approved subtherapeutic and/or growth promoting uses in animal feeds of antibiotics and sulfonamides that are also used in humans would be revoked unless data identified by the task force were submitted to FDA.

      In the Federal Register of April 20, 1973 (38 FR 9811), the agency published the final rule which established 21 CFR 135.109 Antibiotic and sulfonamide drugs in the feed of animals (redesignated as § 558.15 in 1974). The section was subsequently amended on September 5, 1973, to include the nitrofurans (38 FR 23942). In the Federal Register of February 25, 1976 (41 FR 8282), the agency withdrew approvals for those antimicrobial drugs not in compliance with the data submission requirements of § 558.15. The same document added paragraphs (g)(1) and (g)(2) to § 558.15. These paragraphs listed the medicated premixes and drug combinations, respectively, which had submitted the required data for agency review. These are known as the interim marketing provisions.

      • For me this is the elephant in the room. GMO, BGH etc are nothing compared to the antibiotics and our immune systems. This is the plan of attack. Kill the immune system and Woolah, depopulation at a pace thay exceeds births under planned parenthood which now is chemtrails and vaccination sterilization.

  3. That’s what I thought at first, Dunne Lad. But it was heartbreak that killed our Mike. Don’t know much about fighting… but learned a wee bit about heartbreak. He had Cassandra’s Curse. It has taken many the same way.

    “The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness… Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low.”

    You can’t stop what’s coming. Tip one with me then… for the apocalypse, man.

    • I would accept this as possible for one who has been targeted. Whether years of Apollos mighty force took its toll on him I have little doubt his health and mind were damaged. The Masters of the human domain are apt to stalk those like Ruppert and others like G. Webb, Gunderson and others. I.m sure once they break you both mentally and financially, even prophets can drown while crossing the rubicon.


  4. And another for Curt Sherwood, aka tony forest.

    “Our Curtis (Springencurt) has gone from us.” But they used the English RIP rather than the German RIF. “starb am 8. Juli 2012 in Gründau.”

    • That’s sad. I missed him so when he left.. Thought about him often. I had wondered why he left without a goodbye. 52 years old. You suspect heart or the “C”?

      We miss Deb (Jersey) here. She really liked Curtis. I hope she reads your post and these comments.

      I don’t drink but I will drink a shot of vodka I have had in freezer for years to Curtis. Sad news Waldo. I also drink it to your health buddy.

  5. Oars came before sails… but there were no oar houses.

    Believe it was the “C” that got Curt. I’m the one with the bad ticker.

    But liquor is quicker. I got a titanium heart. Don’t ye be tipplin now if it makes ye step on a hoe. Everything that makes her rich makes you Poe.

    Believe it was a hit according to everything I read on the Webb,

    • I loved his testimony on CIA drug trafficking. I watch it all the time when I need a boost.

      Oar house – prostitution
      Sails-Sales – presstitution influence peddling

      The whores needed a place to unwind after a hard days work so they invented and invested in the oar house and started calling them whores. We never knew who the real whores were.

  6. Sana bin Laden blown out of the sky prior to testimony in U.K. court s scheduled for 8-03-15.

    Go locate the story. Obvious. Telling “hit” to hide the guilty.


    CA leads the way with UN approved Agenda to force vaccinate children, and now with follow-up legislation to force vaccinate all adult childcare workers. Attorney/Governor Jerry Brown (NWO degree obviously) hops over the Constitution and Bill-of-rights (Law of the Land) to institute illegal, Unconstitutional “legislation” (New Paper Tiger “law” with little “l”). Grok the foot-in-the-door leading goose-step with the Nazi Zombie “officials” following to enforce the Smack Down (Cue prescient “M” cartoon depicting the heinous scenario).

    Cue Citizens Revolt against Slow Kill/Fast Kill predatory bogus “legislatio” to “help” society “protect itself” from “other” fear-based fomentations. A totally Obvious BS mis-direction murderous plan the sheep should smell from miles away!

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