Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 28, 2015

NWO AFRICOM: Tying up loose ends


A Libyan court on Tuesday sentenced Muammar Gaddafi’s most prominent son, Saif al-Islam, and eight others to death for war crimes including killings of protesters during the 2011 revolution that ended his father’s rule.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, attends a hearing behind bars in a courtroom in Zintan May 25, 2014. REUTERS/STRINGER

When Obama arrives in Africa, the numbers go with him. Nine slated for death. I have posted much about Muammar Gaddafi and his efforts to create SATO, a counter to the zionist Joo-joo-bee NATO and his efforts to run his country for his people by rejecting Western influence and exposing the false flags and corruption of the NATO-OTAN Gladio network, the UN Security Council and the powers behind the CFR and Trilateral.

The facts are there if you look  that confirm that Gaddafi was set up time and time again from the Lockerbie al CIAda false flag to Benghazi, the Bush Clinton Crime syndicate and front for the Zionist World Order architects had a mission. End the Chavez, Gaddafi and other NWO rejectionist’s who threatened the agenda.

In speeches Muammar blasted the zionists and even called for JFK assassination investigation as an Israeli Mossad hit. Even in a deal where he paid out for the Lockerbie incident, once elected leader to the African Union and going on his campaign to bring Africa to the same kind of prosperity he offered Libyans, the NWO cabal went to work.

Had Gaddafi survived and Chavez as well, the BRICS and Drones would have had a much more difficult time getting to the point where we find it currently. Obama’s trip to Africa is no different that the Obamacare we have received.  He is merely announcing the deaths of millions of Africans and those who survive, a life without prosperity but a rat race of global interference, regulation and order.  Planned Parenthood will come via the crop dusting and bio-warfare labs that have unleashed a host of TRIADS from HIV to eBola to the haemorrhagic fevers being developed as we speak in the Ivory Coast laboratories.

What future Africa had is gone and now they are tying up loose ends as indicated in this piece of trash propaganda by the MSM mill.  Every time you read a piece talking about freedom fighters, protesters or agents of change (obamaWatch) you can check your history book about operation Gladio and see the budgets that have gone into decades of radical recruitment by MI6, Mossad and CIA and the incredible obvious funding and arming by NATO and with the full knowledge of the UN oversight watchdogs.

The so called Protesters were the coup d’ etat for change. Just like all the previous from  the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe SHAPE to ISIS of today. Now we can see the Castro regime has fallen as did Chavez and Gaddafi. What the Gladio team did in the “piggy affair” for John Kennedy was much like the Lockerbie and was finally disclosed and now like Iran the zionist banksters are ready to move in to “democratize” the nations.

“How can you rape a whore?”

When Gaddafi began this effort to take NATO and the bankers on it sent the al CIAda stay behinds into action. The usual processes of character assassination followed by false flag and then by direct assault.  Just like JFK himself who experienced all these. And like JFK, the need to kill the messengers and family comes as mending fences.  No Kennedy will ever become President again.  Neither will Saif al-Islam become President of the African Union.

The people of Libya and Northern Africa should take back their nation and continent and pull the same coup that was perpetrated on them.  Instead of the truth getting out in Libya they instead mended another fence with Benghazi and Hillary and Barry dodged another bullet with the use of the Gladio Team.  NATO, of course followed the same stand down they did on 911 in NorthCom. Just Like the Warren Commission, 911 commission and this Benghazi affair, the history will be written and the truth buried deep beneath the volumes.

History doesn’t repeat, it recycles and sometimes it rhymes.

Triad 3-9-6



  1. copy and send:

    cc: Gen Wesley Clark, Gen. Martin Dempsey, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moo, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, CIA director John Brennan, Secretary of State John Kerry, General David M. Rodriguez

  2. Tensions flare again between Hillary Clinton and Benghazi investigation committee

    [The bickering is flaring again between Hillary Rodham Clinton’s team and the Republican-led House committee investigating the Benghazi attacks.
    This time over negotiations for the former secretary of state’s possible testimony.
    Clinton’s presidential campaign says she’ll testify before the panel on October 22.]

    [Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has agreed to testify before the Benghazi committee this month but don’t expect Republicans to be satisfied with her appearance.

    House Republicans have now spent a full year investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in Libya — including whether any of the former secretary of State’s actions may have contributed to the incident — and there are few indications there will be a speedy conclusion to their inquiries.

    Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, signaled he’s prepared to drag out his investigation well into 2016 if Clinton and the Obama administration continue to stonewall his requests for documents and answers. ]

    October 22 – way two late by design. It won’t matter.

  3. AFRICON: Obama and Zebranomics “for the people”

  4. Well, after the third installment of Abortion Wars, the staged event, as I see it, we now have to decide if I will be right about a false flag staging on a facility.

    It is impossible not to see how the liberals can do damage control were there to be a major false flag mass shooting or bombing. I think North Carolina could be a good place for this or maybe Iowa. I’ll pick the 38th, 35th or 33rd Parallel for this attack.

    It’s certain that the game of thrones is getting real nasty and election cycles are dangerous to our health,

  5. Ha Ha Ha! White House: Snowden ‘Come Home, Be Judged’

    Barry is going to parlay a release of JJ Pollard, the nastiest creep who slithered out of Mossad, with a unprecedented assault on real whistleblowers. Even this BS tells me Snowden is a patsie.

    The Masters of the Humint Domain could have the snowjob anytime they want. We know it, they know it and they know we know it. A Bergdahl in the hand is worth two in the Bush.

    What about the ninety other whistleblowers who exploded the NSA before Snowden? Oh well they were jailed, killed or worse. Why are they playing this stupid game of spy? Jade Helm says because we want to make the idiot public think that snowden released or has something we don’t already know.


    So how much did Hillary get from Planned Parenthood?
    Answer: More than two arms and a leg.

  6. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    Reblogging this is likely a waste of time because the ‘aware’ ones know enough to agree that this is the real news.
    Obama’s public claim that Africa deserves and will get “democracy”, “freedom” and “health” from Western alliances is, as set out here, basically the opposite of what they actually get.
    Whereas, the majority of the public will ignore or rubbish this reality and will only awaken when so much damage is accomplished that there will be no going back. (If we have not already reached that stage).

    • Ken, we cant get Americans interested in Black Lives Matter here. Not Planned Parenthood, or vaccine deaths can awaken them. It’s impossible to expect them to see how Africa as a free and sovereign group of nations could benefit America and the world.

      Instead we are watching our free trade and best hope for prosperity being taken over. Black lives matter? Ask Bill Clinton about Rwanda and Bush about Somalia and it’s just business. Gaddafi had more stake in lives than either of the previous two. We have seen what US Aid has brought to Africa over our lifetime. It makes me so sick.
      Freedom is abortion, eugenics, homosexuality and no air-conditioning, Those who oppose democracy will be eliminated

      • So you agree, Puddy, that his visit and intentions are a giant fake.
        We are certainly on the same wavelength!
        Thanks for your comment.

        • Wholeheartedly Ken. Obama said you didn’t build that. You can’t have a house or car. His democracy and freedom are terms for the agenda 21 full spectrum dominance.

          He is simply fomenting the African Spring like he did the arab one. And like the Arab spring run by GHW Bush and Dubya, the liberal family in this crime syndicate runs the Africom side. Clinton, Obama and Hillary if elected will give Africa the same song and dance Bush did in his bloody crusade through the Middle East.

          Thanks for your take and stopping by. Add any links or info you found interesting.

          • See Haiti + Red Cross + Bush, jr. + Bill Clinton + missing donations. As this Earthquake FF went off under Obama’s watch, the people went down, Bush & Clinton asked for donations on MSM, nothing has happened to help the people, and inside politicos, NGO’s, parasites on the Red Cross (Rothschild) scam all made money.

            There you have it. Black “don’t” matter to the elites. They’re all just “people”.

            • people, not human in their sense of transhumanism. Thy just don;t have a capacity for real love or hate. More a deep contempt for those who do. I really believe the events dhape up necely for a major event.

              I have been decoding all the MSM and psyops over the last year. I have spent so much time on the screen I have nearly blinded myself.

              The August 2015 and August 2016 span is where the real action will take place. The next 911×2 will be a major step forward to the total unraveling of the peoples world. Whatever event in finance, buy-sell-trade, internet, emp, weather event or war, the elites and admins will be working under a new system (cloud) GiG. It is clear now there are two active systems. Ours and theirs and the door swings one way only.

              The Islamic dates and Gregorian dates say Hebrew markers will be chosen. I see Iran as the trigger with Israel to pull it. We will be punished for Soetoro’s decisions. But that’s by design.

              I am beginning to see the consistent numbers of 8 and 11 but the number 4 is strong in the sequences. This denotes a Gregorian date of 8.14.16 @ 11 am possible. Why are the candidates wasting their time?

              There are three factors to consider. Our time real time and their time. I don;t know which to use. I still suspect no election but instead a figure. I can certainly entertain the figure of the anti-christ by then as the technology curve and economic curve say something large has got to blow, The bubble has to pop. I see no better time to make a push into bluebeam and global UN authoritarian figure to emerge. A fabian from the Rosicrucian with her jesuit Opus Dei sidekick, Religion is the target from here to next year at this time. Race War Gender War, Culture War, Class War….it all meets at religion.

              In like a lamb but out like an aborted fetus.

        • When Obama first appeared in 2007 as the nominee, I said his color was primarily for Africom. Then the info started leaking out about Frank Marshall Davis and birther issues etc. He was a perfect pick by Bilderberg to manage black lives matter psyops here in the US and the history of black death from slave trading through M. Sanger and PP to inner city gang creation and funding has done a fine job to keep population in check.

          Now we can see how the Western White World Order never wastes any opportunity and they always use their dialectics to achieve maximum results. They do not waste energy and always get the biggest bang for their Buck.

  7. I think the Blue Moon Friday July 31st will begin this August-Die we Must year of unprecedented turmoil. (+ one big event)

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