Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 25, 2015

Newly released photos show George W. Bush, Dick Cheney in wake of terror attacks


Here is the final retouched photo shoot likely taken in August 2001.  It has some real actors as you can see. Perfect timing for the GOP flag party and RaRa 2016 campaign. Like Holyrood East and Hollywood West, the PR never sleeps.  You may want to have your barf bag handy.

Here is the expanded FLICKR by the US National Security Archives. Don’t Enjoy!



  1. TRAILS this AM follwed by sun grey skies and haze. Temps rising.

    I saw the sun, though it didn’t shine
    Gave up no shadows, gave out no way to know the time
    No wind to blow the silver leaves

    The drone of clever talk just stopped
    The air hangs out, hesitates to carry a thought
    Away from me

    And the sky colored heavy gray
    August Day

    One of my favorite Chemtrail Songs along with white fluffies.

  2. Chembombs Over Europe!! Massive Heat Wave Has Been Geo-Engineered!

  3. There are currently over 800+ wildfires burning across North America. Mainly Canada’s Saskatchewan and Alaska

    The NAU is burning down. They HAARP’d and traliled California to protect the elites but not the slaves.
    EL HAARPO NINO is perfect for an Alaskan Burn.

    PS The world is burning

    [Wildfires have burned a phenomenal 5.5 million acres across the U.S. so far this year, an area equal to the size of New Jersey.]

  4. Fertile Dirt in Here:

    We don’t want to let the City of London and Brits’ elites off the hook! They’re Co-War Crimes partners with their U.S. cohorts.

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