Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 23, 2015

Papillon in Lafayette


John Russel Houser  – JADE HELM 15

In the latest installment of “Trainwreck” better known as Agenda 21, we look for the usual peculiarities of a staged event.  Let’s take NRA happy Louisiana and the Lafayette  three-a-tre shoosting.

There is now enough evidence to consider the theory I have said in other postings regarding the constitutional dismantling process by Obama and the braintrust of Jade Helm Masters. From Sun Tzu to Saul Alinsky, the Chicago Mafia is running this show with the help of Holyrood, Police, Justice system and even the NRA. Yep, there is no doubt anymore the NRA is part of the psyops and engineering that comes from the collective research of alchemists (PhRMA) and the electromagnetic visual audio producers.


It’s not important to look at the marketing data and promotional value of Holyrood, though they will get a big kick start to their latest release “Trainwreck” and likely another big campaign membership drive by the NRA.   As Obama lands in Kenya to front the AfriCon project, a man walks into a Lafayette theatre (7) and supposedly opens fire. Along with a pistol he has wigs, glasses and other props to make this event interesting.

They were consistent on mentioning the trainwreck movie as if it has any bearing on the event for newsworthiness. We must keep in mind the marketing aspect of all the promotional and revenue in the TRIAD and remember there is always a redistribution of wealth to help fund the operations.

The Jindal for POTUS campaign gets a kick start as well and Bobby the Muppet, gets his chance to look presidential by getting to Lafayette in record time to hold a prayer vigil. We know Bobby J wants to be Bobby K in the Whitewash House for 2016 in a bad way. Just like Bubba the gangster wanted to be JFK.  We COTO know Camelot was Mk-Ultra.

Lafayette Theater Shooting: Jindal Calls for Prayers After ‘Awful Night for Louisiana’ – Awefull

At the very moment the  tweets and chirps began from the Jade Helm social boiler rooms, the messages were easy to decode like all previous staged productions. What’s interesting is the unique sequences and sub-routines that come out of the Googleplex. That’s where the real theatre happens.

This is an enigma that occurs often with these staged productions. It should be easy to link the event to the union of the Holyrood East and West connections.  Some may say why the hell go to Amy Schumer for reaction. Did the shooter open fire because he felt cheated for his ten dollars?  Is this right-wing WHITE MALE with a weapon of mass destruction unhappy with the insides of Amy Schumer?  Or is Amy Schumer another mind-controlled blonde-bot of the illuminati and we need to have quick consensus from coast to coast?
Apparently Amy Schumer makes her living as a comedic sexualized version of Joan Rivers in DSM-5 type neurosis.  I have seen her on Comedy Channels doing her stand-up. It is her schtick.  If you really want to get inside Amy Schumer you can read her transcribed speech
at the Gloria Awards and Gala, hosted by the Ms. Foundation for Women of Vision held last year on Mayday. I can see the marks of the Illuminati and Holyrood liberal agenda here. Were the victims women by design?
Mayci Breaux, age 21 [3] and Jillian Johnson, age 33 [6] are the reported fatalities along with shooter (of course)  These events now are best completed without the “trigger” surviving. It keeps the Sandy Hoaxes from becoming main stream false flags. They have learned their lesson.  But they have refined and improved the utilitarian nature of these events, psyops and stagings.  In the Political Theatre of this event and under the model of the TRIAD, never wasting the opportunity is maximized.  The war on Women benefits, the Obama fast & furious gun agenda is furthered along, the debate and campaigns are assisted and in this case the Clinton crime syndicate should be bolstered. The real war on constitutional and inherit rights are damaged and the war on Christian Right is once again hammered. The White Male baby boomer must die to paraphrase the racist Oprah Winfrey.
The same day of this event two brothers are apprehended by authorities in Broken Arrow Oklahoma after the gruesome discovery of five dead family members including parents and siblings. Where were the media and psyops on that story. There were knives and axes and even more gory details to tantalize the sheeple minds. It wasn’t a staged event, of course.  It’s randomness does not assist the agenda and would only kill the anti-gun debate when five people can be slaughtered with knives.   Oklahoma’s Governor isn’t running for President either. Scratch that news from the script.
This was timely response to the Planned Parenthood event which is in my opinion another staged event.  I suspect the Southern Poverty team was involved along with the Fed crisis unit.  And once again you can see the target area of confederates is the venue.  NC, SC, TN and LA. The shooter from Alabama is a secret service and SPLC mecca.
If you are still wondering what Jade Helm is really all about, I’d recommend decoding the recent activity from General and traitor Wesley Clark’s recent diatribe and the recent  Al CIAda shooster in Chattanooga, the connection from East to West is clear. The marriage of Hollywood to DC is solidified in MK-Ultra and crISIS studio theatrics.  Once Obama came in as change so did this mind altering universal psyop vortex of pre and post manipulating of the society in a Grand Theatre 2016 march to election. Obama’s eight year cycle has fast and furious final touches to be implemented and the Hand of I$I$ then will have to deal us a new Trump to replace their previous master of ceremonies.

Be the Helmsman of your domain

All the numbers appeared in this event from all the major MSM telecasters and transmitters. From the opening salvo of 2 dead 9 injured to the ages of dead in 3 and 6, to the Jindal #44 and 55th governor, the Illuminati cover the same sequences of 3,6,8, 9, 11 variants.  This one is loaded and as we moved from Bush 911 through Barry’s 811 we can move into ? 711 and ultimately the war.  What war? The war against the altered states. If the Civil war references and trends have not popped out at you then you were surely asleep during history. History is not repeating but recycling.

Not an ear but a portal for the googleplex of MK-Ultra

Think about it in terms of a B.F. Skinner experiment.  Do the rats know they are in a prison cage, a maze, or that someone or something is recording their every move?  Nah, they are just being rats and looking for food even if they have an enormous tumor or some other experimental control factor or alteration.  Seems like the research from MIT, SRI and Tavistock have provided the Helm with full control.  If you are truly seeing this Grand Theatre and are becoming aware, then thank your stars for it, because there are more complete slaves to this jade operation than we can possibly imagine.

To keep you in and not them out




    From the Obama Beast lunatic liberal fringe site

    Rusty Hook Houser: Phenix City, Alabama SPLC/CIA/FBI/SECRET SERVICE

    Far-Right Shooter Kills 2 Inside Theater

    TV Host: Houser Was ‘a Radical Guy’

    Houser Threatened Daughter-in-Law

    [A temporary protective order filed in Georgia alleges that Lafayette movie theater shooter John Russell Houser threatened his family and daughter-in-law in 2008. Filed on April 24, 2008, the order alleges that he “has a history of mental-health issues, i.e., manic depression and/or bipolar disorder.” ]

    DSM-V Everyone is afflicted and nobody can pass the test.


    St. Rose of Lima Parish Calls 911 on Wolfgang Halbig via @MemoryHole

  3. IRS back under fire on Tea Party targeting

    This is why a Tea Party staged event like Lafayette
    is done. The Obama’s MI5 IRS just cannot shake this crime.

  4. Prelude to the crime and then on the lam to Kenya

  5. Read this thorough breakdown of the Chattanooga possoble/probable false flag “event”.

    • Very good

      Covers the triad and benefits, the merging of lone wolf American to I$I$. What is clear is the target of TN was to bring the veterans into the mind-control and the Lafayette was to get the women on board.

      Each of the stagings has details that focus on selected segments and weak minded people who are ruled by emotion. They also vary the narrative and style as not to diminish the effect of what has become boring. The Jihadi John cuts for example are dying and I do not expect them to continue but something new will replace it and JJ may still play a role.

      No doubt the desensitizing actually works against them, but does not help the entrained masses either. People go to the movies for entertainment (why I do not know) considering it all shit now. But this whole 8 year change cycle is about over and I expect a real shakeup comes this year before winter. It has to be something far greater than 911 to re-truamatize the population.

      Century21 can get to the core of the dialectic but I’d like to see more forecasting.
      If I am correct the meter has all but expired. The gun grab just isn’t going to happen. Unless the New Age ET comes to tell us the earth will stand still if we don’t I can’t see where they are going to go.

      I heard the guy who invited Piers Morgan to Texas gun range say that Piers told him that he did the 2nd amendment anti-gun campaign on his show for ratings. So after all that we see the minions saying it’s just business. Where is the real agenda? I said they want us armed and it’s not the mission but it runs deeper. I still lay awake at night trying to play chess and think moves ahead. It gets pretty crazy. But hey were all crazy or just idiots.

      • Right now, all the Headings at Infosnores are gun-related, except for the BBQ smell policing idiot whom I posted below for laughs (before I just saw it on Infosnores mind you). What does this tell us about Infosnores, and what does this tell us about the “strategy of tension” that is kept before the people with so many variations as to confuse the sheep?


        Florida Man Ordered by City to Keep BBQ Smell From Leaving His Property
        Mikael Thalen | “You’re allowed to have it smell on your property, so that doesn’t count, but when I’m on the street, that’s when it counts.”
        Confirmed: Tampa Recruiting Offices Evacuated Due to Shooting Threat
        Adan Salazar & Joe Biggs | Unspecified ‘shooting’ threat comes one week after Chattanooga shooting.
        Leftist Journalist: “It Would Be Funny If All Gun Rights People Got Shot Dead”
        Steve Watson | Tells detractors “I hope you die in random gunfire”.
        ISIS Terror Will Destroy 2nd Amendment
        Kurt Nimmo | Anti-gun fantasy trounced by wide support for 2nd Amendment.
        Don’t Blame All Muslims for Chattanooga, But Blame All Conservatives For Theater Shooting
        Paul Joseph Watson | The left sharpens its claws for gun control.
        Obama Called for Gun Restrictions Prior to Louisiana Shooting
        Kurt Nimmo | Distorts record on gun-related homicide.
        Corporate Media Links Louisiana Shooter to Tea Party | Had profile page on Tea Party Nation website.
        Liberals Call For Disarming All White Men After Theater Shooting
        Paul Joseph Watson | Despite the fact that whites are responsible for just 2.5% of gun crime in major cities like NYC.

        • Here is my confirmation that this was about WOMEN and it supports Hillary and the Abortion psyop. They paint the picture clearly squared on the WHITE MALE and the whole right-wing race and gender based program

          [For decades, Houser lived and worked in the same area where he owned that home, in Phenix City and the surrounding cities. Since the early ’90s, he had built a reputation as an oddball. It was then that he regularly appeared on a local television show, appearing opposite a Democrat as a radical Republican railing against women in the workplace and calling for violence against abortion providers.]

  6. 33rd Parallel Charleston and Hollywood

  7. Will all things devolve to the absolutely ludicrous?

    Because you are from Florida, I submit the following for laughs:


    The “Rule Makers” have gone batshit insane a looong time ago. The memes they cook up and foist up the petard to the public have become transparent to those who smell lies and crookery from miles away. A for instance would be the constant “gun-grabbing” that goes on after every murderous “event”, real or false flag. A logical individual would think to themselves, “Hey, a bunch of people just got ‘killed’ (maybe/maybe not), so I should get rid of my defensive weapons, so I too along with my family can become a gun-free target zone wherever I go!”. My Goodness! With all the killings going on, why would anybody think it was a great time to disarm? But there you have the politicians and coterie immediately getting face time in the media, telling folks, this is a wunnerful opportunity to become defenseless. Shit!…Shitheads!

    I could do a whole rant, and encompass a plethora of stupid ass ideas promulgated by the elites-in-suits crowd, but its not worth my time.

    Why don’t the public just TSA on up, and we’ll crotch grab the politicians everytime they open their mouths, because gosh darn it, they’re polluting our atmosphere with their lies and stupid ideas. All this stuff has taken on the aspects of satirical caricatures of what a “leader” or administrator might resemble in an off-planet kind of way. Barney Fife

    Cripes. They’re dumbing us down with ditz and shitz. We need to carry extra toilet paper around with us as backup.

    • Yeah like Colorado as well the Agenda 21 lpregressive ninnies invaded and it just became a depressing joke.

      So we now know the MSM agenda is to paint the rightwing CT White Male as the devil I$I$ and Chattanooga as the 29 palms bulleye.

      It’s just a matter of short time before the violent tweeters from the neo-regressive agenda 21 team start calling for murder.

  8. I don’t know if anybody else is reading this thread, so I hate to bury this at the end of the comments, because it needs to rise to the surface of the consciousness of The People. Something “ELSE” is going on besides the fairy tales of the world’s political leaders fronting for the bankster financial elites. And the ELSE is the religious power of the papacy building into a wave, hoping to engulf humanity in its sway. Consult your Biblical prophecies in Daniel 8-12, in combination with Revelation chapters 9, 11-14, 17-19, 22.


    So, this latest/last pope lauds Global Warming as a foundational meme to build a revolution of the people. Interesting, in that Global Warming has been debunked 6 ways to Sunday by some very astute “observers”. Thus, we have a Jesuit pope promoting a False meme as Truth, just as the catholic church promotes concepts originated by themselves, yet which are contrary to the Bible. Indulgences. Pergatory. Immaculate Mary. The dead go to heaven at death, rather than are “asleep” in the grave until the 1st and 2nd resurrections. Confession to Sinful mortal men; priests can “forgive” sins which is the purview only of The Lamb, Jesus Christ who lived a perfect life. Sunday as “Sabbath”, rather than the obvious 7th Day, Saturday. Baptism by sprinkling rather than immersion.

    The Catholic Church is not a christian church at all, as billed. It was the Protestants who, protesting against the heinous crimes and murders of the Inquistion during the Dark Ages, sought to stand on Biblical terra firma.

    • I remember from my 2012 predictions this was going to happen. Once adjusted to the 3 year change I can realize it as fact. It was a matter of time and I did not think that Retzinger was the man for the job. Francis the Jesuit joo-joo-bee surely was the change needed. How could I have forseen the Pope resigning?

      What a coup? This was as big as anything in the global order. He will detroy the faith and church which is not the big deal here but in EU it is major shift to Sharia and socialist shifting.

      Now with the Pope coming in September, I again remind you of the prediction for an attempt on his life as a staged event and his globalist sale pitch in Climategate will take hold in America.

      This is the real kickstarter for Project Bluebeam and the Vatican and NAVY/NASA team under the DoD will give us the cosmic event. Mark your calendars on this one COTO. It will happen.


      There will be the cosmic event from last year again in South America and another move by the Vatican to call for a global political authority and one will emerge from the continent to bring about the NAU.

  9. The [7] is a huge illuminatii wildcard and numerology code.
    In the vortex it is the predicate to the cycle. It plays a big role in Hebrew Judeo-Xtian science and biblical codex.

    Rome no stranger to all three of the above. 7 is run by 3 or 6 depending on polarity. If sheeple follow the false prophet, they will get burned.

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