Posted by: boomerangcomesback | July 21, 2015

Legislators Say YOU Need to Know Nothing About What’s in Your Food. Vaccines, or Anything else for that matter.

Has it occurred to you that your government does not think The People worthy to know even what is in their food?  (this is pretty much global, except for Russia whom has recently said they WILL NOT allow GMO anything into their country!  Interesting no, that they would be 180 degrees from the “intelligent” Western countries?)  Since, they’re working on making more “Rules for You”, your ears should be perking up!

“This issue is quite serious. Just this Tuesday the House and Monsanto scored a critical victory regarding the mandatory labeling of foods as GMO and the prevention of cities and counties from banning GMO crops.”

So, what does this above tell you?  While waiting for me to make my point, don’t roll over, sit up, beg, or anything like that because then you will know your place.

It tells us — THIS =>  Our government(s) thinks we are dumb as dogs.  Truly!

I don’t tell my dog what I’m feeding her, nor do I explain the ingredients to her.  She doesn’t care.  Her food comes from Somewhere, and it is I her Master who procures the food, and feeds it to her when I choose to do it.  I decide what vaccines she needs, and it will be I who decides when she needs to be “put down”.

We see this same Master/Slave/Pet “relationship” with Governments versus their populations.  The “relationship” is rapidly moving towards “Total Skewry” as sold out legislators pile legislation upon legislation stabbing civil liberty to death thousands of times over every day.

So cute, or not?

So cute, or not?

This same perspective becomes quite clear to — US the populations — when we see that the elites hide all that they do in secrecy, live like Kings & Queens, and care not a whit about what happens to The People.  This is in fact, a general rule of thumb for them world-wide, though they don’t like to get their hands dirty.  If you think it is going to change, just observe your dog or cat, canary, or whatever.  When will it ever rise up, and put you in your place?  If it was thought to carry such a notion, would you, as Master, not de-claw it, file its teeth down, use a bigger chain, or shock collar to “teach it to behave”?  I hope you can see the parallels I’m pointing at here.

“Trained” to maim & kill.

All of the mayhem and chaos that we are witnessing around us is due to Attitudes of one group to the others.  Pathology if you will.  Will your dog teach You lessons?  Would you submit to that?  So it is, with the Paths versus the goyim.  Ain’t gonna change, unless a “Planet of the Apes” rearrange occurs.

So quit beating yourself up, wondering why the elites treat everybody but their own tribe like animals.  This is how they see it, and why they act without conscience in maiming, killing, culling, profiting, and all other activities done to regular ole working-class people.  Nothing personal I’m sure.

Don’t get to read or understand the TTP?  Why should they tell YOU about anything They’re doing?  You wouldn’t understand it anyways.  How do they know that?  Consider historically ALL They’ve done to US, and we haven’t rebelled or even complained enough to make them the slight bit uncomfortable.

9/11?  Shut up!  Just keep reading their “My Pet Goat” script.

MSM Snews?  Eat it — because we tell you to; and like it!

Elections?  Theater for dogs.

Fiat Federal Reserve “Money”?  The People are forced to use this counterfeit money because it subtly and continuously steals from them as a debt interest, makes the elites rich, and provides the ultimate in CONTROL.

Obama’s past, his birth certificate, etc.?  Not for you to know.

System of Goverment — Yeah, it is.  To keep the animals caged instead of enraged.  More flouride and aluminum for you!

Wars — They make em, We die in em.  And so do a lot of other innocent dogs in the foreign countries chosen.  So what?!  They’re all dogs.  Why do you think there exists the “Chain-of-Command” dogs?  To ingrain “taking orders” and acting without thought.  Pavlovian mutts!  Works like a charm.

Police State Brutality?  Shut up already!

TSA X-raying, caging, groping of your wife, child, grandmother, or your own precious jewels?  Shut up!  Its for your “protection”.

The air that you and your loved ones breathe?  You are told that Chemtrails don’t exist.  They are flat out denied, though they happen right over our heads in full view.  WE absolutely know what chemtrails are now, and what they are used for. So, get that “lying is policy” here.  See:

Fluoridation in your water?  This long running personal polluting agent Must Be working on Americans because they don’t even raise it as an issue for the most part.  Its not on their radar, because their survival instincts must have been chemically and socially erased.  Do note this gem of factual evidence — “Only 369 million of the world’s 7 billion people drink water that is purposefully fluoridated, yet the US ranks among the top countries that still fluoridates its water .  Do your “leaders” care?  Obviously not about YOU and YOUR loved ones!

I could go on.

But, you can clearly see now, EXACTLY WHY things are the way they are.  Even though, you’re not supposed to understand this concept.

Decide if you’re O.K. with this, and shut up, or start spreading the word about our pet status in the elite’s eyes, and act accordingly.



  1. I think this Dr. Amanda Crews may have been an anti-vaxer like the four other doctors who have bee murdered under suicide.

    What we have here is a another illegal or Mexican hitman MK who is the suspect or patsie.


    While police have not released the victims’ names, family and friends identified three of them as Dr. Amanda Crews, 38, and her daughters, 6-year-old Elizabeth and 6-month-old Rachael, and said suspect Martin “Marty” Martinez, 30, was Rachael’s father.

    Read more here:

    The googleplex has been cleaning house on information. I think this is a hit and setup.

    • And like magic the Activist Post is on the job.

      DEAD ANTI-VAX doctor dead: Number 7

      • I’ve been watching this progress too. Autism researcher one of the dead. And just 44 min. ago, someone posted a reply saying an 8th doctor is dead, one with a cancer protocol.
        Justjojo said: Dr Nicholas Gonzalez now DEAD too, otherwise healthy until yesterday! He had a clinic in New York and treated cancer patients with a cancer diet therapy that includes pancreatic enzymes and a host of natural compounds and vitamins as part of a total cancer nutrition package. He completed a clinical trial on his therapy with patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, supervised by the National Cancer Institute and funded by Nestle. The results of that study were published in the peer reviewed journal Nutrition and Cancer and reported the ´best results ever in the treatment of the disease´.
        I agree with you, Patrick. It’s going to get a lot worse. We’ve got the Mother of All Collapses bearing down on us. The writers of Revelations certainly had historical accounts of other civilizational collapses, And a person could extrapolate from that, seeing mankind’s increasing cleverness but unchanging stupidity. Or maybe God told them. Either way, what they wrote has value.

        • Oh no, not Dr.Gonzalez! This is terrible news. I really liked him! I don’t think it was a natural death, not at all.

  2. Tuesdays confirmation

    4 THINGS THAT ARE HAPPENING TODAY THAT INDICATE THAT A DEFLATIONARY FINANCIAL COLLAPSE IS IMMINENT Bloomberg Commodity Index just hit a 13 year low, which means that it is already lower than it was at any point during the last financial crisis…

    Commodities are crashing to 13-year lows as investors dump gold ahead of Fed rate hike

    Eichengreen: IMF to walk away from Greece deal, commodities crash to 13-year low

    Spot on. The game is ending now. Right Now!!! Big for TPP and BRICS. So watch Australia Canada and Asia look at the deal. Battle over BRICS AIIB.

  3. Interesting line-up here to expose geoengineering:

    We will keep an eye on the markets. From observation, the greater number of people are just going to their jobs (if they have them), and living like everything is hunky dory. When all of sudden it “isn’t”, the shock and awe will be ON. This ain’t gonna be good when the plug is pulled.

  4. Should THIS —

    Come off, then things should get very interesting Very Fast in the land of the lied to sheeple.

    Also, read this “stacking the court” expose; it should piss you off royally —

    • One thing about Hennigan is he calls Al Gore ‘duly elected’ I bet these days Old Al syas what a coup. Millions in Climategate credit and extortion and swedish massages, a divorce from Tipper the dominatrix and look a Dubya, a shell of a man on meds, painting pictures of his feet. It was hard to figure out in 2000 who was dumber. I guess it’s still debatable but as we have read and posted, their is evil genius at the Helm.

  5. Boom, we’ve had physical evidence of a false flag since the day of the attacks itself, when they broadcast the Hollywoodesque implosion of the buildings to all the world. Yet all they have to do is call upon some dubious “experts” to explain it all in such convoluted terms that real experts have to untangle the mess, and by then the majority of citizens go back to a confused sleep. With Putin, all they have to do is cry “disinformation,” which has worked like a charm in the case of Ukraine. Thus, I don’t think Putin will make a move on this yet. AE911 is doggedly trying to increase the number of experts who are aware of the incontrovertibility of the evidence, but the process is as slow as the erosion of a great mountain of sh*t. Of course, once the folks guarding said mountain with their lives are taken away in handcuffs, the pile will be washed off swiftly. That’s when I would expect Putin to add another nail to the coffin.

    • Scary it is that even when we get a consensus, the powers that be will never be jailed (too big to) Since 2001 the WOT terror has been 99%, a financial campaign. The same process of official stories says everything but the truth in this Global Trade War and financial battlefield.

      The shot across the bow was the AIIB Brics move that has jump started the collapse we are watching. When the time comes for a decision of Asia, Japan will once again get courted to realign with China and Russia. If they even look adoringly at the east, Jade Helm will slap you guys down with another Fukushima.

      Revelations says that TPP-TTIP, TSA total spectrum assault wins and GMO World Order with its UN based government wins and we all move to third world status.

  6. One thing I’ve noted recently, just this week, in fact, is that people here and there in American are starting to talk openly of revolution. There’s ‘s latest post, which discusses revolution in hard terms, and even Paul Craig Roberts of trickle-down fame started lamenting that perhaps Lenin and Marx were right after all: you’ve got to overthrow the bastards!

    This is apt to occasion some sort of response from the folks (“our partners” as Putin would say) invested to the wazoo in the way things are run now. Are the hatches battened?

    • I ask readers who pass by to start looking at the strategy of tension. If the recent Planned Parenthood (staged) event was not meant to target gullible Christians to push the ultimate global transition to a New Genesis and Jerusalem.

      The Attacks on the Family, Sovereignty, Independence, Religion, Inheritance, private property are so transparently beyond communist manifesto and instead, part of new paradigm of Corpo-fascism running an eventual monopoly over a draconian socialist modeled reduced populace in a buy-sell total spectrum dominated technological laboratory.

      Over the 911 truth, it would serve us better to expose this truth and that the fact is simple. You are either a willing administrator, player or servant to the authority or you are eliminated. Then I propose that they have nearly completed the entire conversion. From the courts to the prime ministers.

      Anyone appearing to oppose the system is likely playing a part for a purpose of identifying segments of population that will have to be eliminated or sequestered in concentration. Why we are not looking at NAZI and Soviet roundup and ID techniques and NAZI IBM infant strides into classification.

      Now we have had General Asshole Clark just blurt out disloyalty as a reason for imprisonment until the never ending WOT ends. You must read the third reich and figure out what other Nazi General said that once upon a time.

      Yes this is Jade Helm, a psyop? too unbelievable? for real? thats the Jade. Yes I am jaded. Now I want to kick the shit out of the Helm.

      • A beast is most dangerous when wounded and cornered. The effects on us will be pretty impressive. This one, it is feared, may try to kill everyone before he too succumbs.

  7. Don’t understimate the El CHAPO escape and watch how this TRIAD plays out with I$I$ and the US revolution and Jade Helm plan. This is the best played CIA-Mossad event coming out of MI6. I am still figuring numerically that Mexico City will get hammered as well as Belarus.

    The play would best be the Mexican Govt agreeing to extradition upon capture. If the CIA wants to unleach the ISIS camps across the border they have full power to create and trigger for the NAU which has progressed in fast and furious manner.

    If you can get a bet on it, put all your money on the NO BORDER bet. It will never happen regardless of who puppets the stage in 2016. I still say no election. Right now the logical and mathematics say anybody and everybody in the race is just collecting money that will never be spent on campaigning. It’s all a facade.

    Watch the cockroaches that keep entering the arena. It’s not that they wont bank the money and may not play governors in the Martial Law scenario but none are presidential. Just felonius.

    WARNING: Trump Tower is babel. Don’t get caught up in this scumbag. If you know this guy like many, he is a liar thief and crook. I have been in his presence in Florida and heard this snake talk. I have known his staff in Palm Beach and they were not flattering in anyway of this pimp. Whatever he says may be music to the ears of left/right escapees but he the third tower and a forked tongue if ever there was. Trump is a Tool in this stage production unlike many of others who are mere props. El Chapo and El Crappo



    • Consensus of 75 years of combined experience in the trenches of the drug trade ; “Chapo had been thrown back into the drug world to restore order”

      To restore Order from Chaos: This will be the event for our symbolic demise of the republic. From here the dominos fall fast and furiously into the NAU.

      [“When I first heard the news, I thought this is either a good thing or a bad thing,” said the cartel operative. “Either this is a sign of how far things in Mexico are out of control. Or this shows that the government is willing to risk a certain amount of international embarrassment in order to restore peace for Mexican people….Surely I’d been out of Mexico too long, I told the table. How could anyone believe that Chapo’s escape would be good for public security?”]

      A microcosm of the ‘too big to jail” scenario that rules world order at the top . What could be a better example of the Lord Chapo and Pope St. Francis BerGog than this proposition?

      [“Mexico’s security apparatus is simply not ready to combat organized crime,” the intelligence official said.]

      The CIA from FARC. The forty year campaign to own the drug trade. Mexico’s security apparatus is the cartel, officials CIA, DEA and ATF. FRrom MI6 the Opium wars from British East India can take credit for coining the term “WAR ON [?]” Add Trade and whole enchilada and then add some salsa to the recipe and you get this TRIAD of open ‘in your face’ understanding of the deal The WOT is War on Trade and it is run by the WTO, World Terror Organization.

      “There’s no real fight against drugs,” he said. “It’s all a perverse game of interests.”

      More like a sequence of numbers

      [Still, a deal with Chapo strains credulity, even for those who know Mexico well. He has often been called the drug world’s equivalent of Osama bin Laden. To the chagrin of Mexico’s ruling class, he was listed by Forbes as one of the richest billionaires in the world, chief of a multinational trafficking organization known as the Sinaloa Cartel that he built after his previous escape from prison in 2001. ]

      911-811 It rhymes.

      “Viva Zapata! and the Bush Clinton Crime Cartel and the Joo-Joo-bees who own them.

      So I say keep your third eye on Trumpo, Chapo and Mexico City. Jade Helm never sleeps but works fast & furious for the Order.

  8. One of my best graphics from 2007

    History doesn’t repeat, it recycles. (sometimes it rhymes)

  9. Nine Reasons Obama Is Going to Win on Iran. Obama is Running against Netanyahu

    Nine is One: Iran as a ploy and player will get the deal because the committee (9) has sanctioned it. What the GOP gets is Obama’s next move to secure TPP War on Trade victory. The bribed and lobbied GOP by elite are all about this.

    ONE REASON ONLY.. butfor the NINE

    MONDOWEISS – The War of Ideas in the Middle East

    [3. The American people. It is obvious to anyone who has their ear to the ground that a large majority of the American people want this deal, want a new chapter in the Middle East that does not include drone assassinations and people they know coming home with brain injuries and prosthetic limbs. Here is J Street’s appeal.

    Call your Congressperson. We are the majority! Opponents of the deal – many of whom are the same people who brought us the invasion of Iraq – are already hard at work.

    CNN says 53 percent of Americans supported the deal in April, it’s bound to be higher now]

    IDIOTS think the false flag isn’t the next step if this deal gets done. Where the F-uck have they been for thirty years? How do they think this whole ME thing got wings?

    The rest of this piece from MONDOWEISS is a crock of mierda!

  10. This piece is written by John Kaminski under a pseudonym John Chuckman (I believe). Anyways, good for a quick scan. I was not aware that Gen. Wesley Clark presided over the WACO debacle murder spree! Check it out — “WHEN THE LIE IS THE LAW AND THE TRUTH IS A CRIME”

    This is Exactly what we have been witnessing around us with politics, bankers, and corporate whores,and hearing via the MSM and judicial BS courts. Add in the Military branches too, what with the Big Lies told in the past, up to and through 9/11 and to today. The unbelievable has become common place.

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