Posted by: boomerangcomesback | July 19, 2015

America Watches (Hopefully) as Ukraine and Greece are Imploded by Bankers and Political Elites

Thousands of Refugees Flee Northward from Greece

Please read the story below, and consider all the “signs” in the U.S. regarding a sooner-than-later economic/financial catastrophe…


The precarious situation in Greece means that thousands of refugees are making their way to northern Europe. There, the reaction is increasingly panicked:

Greeks Struggling to Escape North -- This should start to resonate with Americans.

Greeks Struggling to Escape North — This should start to resonate with Americans.

Trains to Serbia are crowded.

Trains to Serbia are crowded.

America hasn’t seen “PANIC!” on a large scale since the 9/11 script.  You must recall from news and articles you have read that Greece problems are a “contagion” to all of the E.U., and by extension to the U.S. and other countries.  Tied at the hip to the Banker Millstone of derivatives and fiat currencies innumerable.  It has also been explained 100 different ways that Greece is expected to cause a “Domino Effect”.  If you are waking up every day, going to your job (if you have one), and ignoring the strong possibility of real Danger coming your way, then may God help you and yours to wake up and take some steps to prepare.

In America, we should be very reticent to be riding any Trains, anywhere, if you get my drift.




    The City of London’s shill INDEPENDENT UK explains the gold manipulation as the Greek and currency recovery. Look at this bullshit.

    Gold Price: This is how events in China and Greece have contributed to plummeting prices – and what it means for you


    Gold is getting cheaper because people are choosing to invest in assets that might increase in value – like currency.

    Janet Yellen, the chair of the US Federal Reserve, said that interest rates might rise by the end of the year. This gives people confidence that the US economy is going to continue to improve – and that the dollar is going to strengthen with it.–and-how-it-will-affect-you-10401692.html

    What a crock. Watch yellen and the market: TUESDAY AFTERNOON

    REALITY: A CB and FED DUMP manipulation

    Lady Madonna: Tuesday afternoon is never ending…

    Watch the first event for Jade Helm tomorrow. Watch the Market.

    GOLD is down 4% so far today. Watch the fireworks tomorrow. BIG DAY.
    July 21 2015.

  2. – more bullshit

    Gold fell 1% on Friday after the People’s Bank of China revealed lower than expected gold reserves. All the signs coming out of the world’s biggest gold consumer right now are cautious.

    The lies are as good as gold. We know what the paper traders are using.

  3. I would suggest that after tomorrow all should consider the 6 month plan. Food and water for that time. portable power. Laptop and radio/cell phone protection. The EMP scenario or a global financial Capital Control after the Cyber or other event triggers the panic and like you said it may not take much.

    The Domain Masters will be watching.

  4. [The language of federal gun laws restricts ownership to people who are unable to manage their own affairs due to “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease” – which could potentially affect a large group within Social Security, the LA Times reported.]

    Part of the DSM-5 conspiracy I wrote about in 2013


    [Told of the plan, head NRA lobbyist Chris Cox issued a statement opposing the “executive fiat” and saying “the NRA stands ready to pursue all available avenues to stop them in their tracks.” The National Council on Disability also appears poised to oppose the move. The policy is fallout from the Sandy Hook killings, where six school employees and 20 children were massacred at a Connecticut elementary school in 2012.]

    How much mileage are they going to get out of this hoax?

    • people who are unable to manage their own affairs due to “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease” – which could potentially affect a large group within Social Security, the LA Times reported.”

      Man, that’s a Hoot! Then, this applies to most of the “administrator-class” numbskulls in politics. They can’t run shit, and are proven psychopathically diseased creatures, promoted way past the level of their incompetence. Janet Yellen, Pelosi, Biden, Bush, Jr., Bernanke, its freakin Rife with these gel bots in D.C. and on The Street!

  5. Hey Boom remember we were talking about Graham being McCains replacement and Joe?
    Today the three were in NY blasing the Iran deal. A triple header of wailing neoconvicts in one meeting. I don’t know if we will ever see this again. The three amigo’s

  6. If they are together, then its a good time to have them arrested for the war-mongering liar scumbags they are, and thrown into the same cell for the rest of their natural miserable lives. There, they couldn’t fuck up our world anymore. This should be done to a vast throng of misguided, criminal elites to make our world a better place. I mean, we take the trash out of our homes so the rotten stuff doesn’t stink up our whole house — how is this any different?

    • yep! What stinks in DC is flushed over the world in EM and Cemtrail dumping. What we smell is the sweet success of shit and ecoli. One run through the septic sewer of J and K street and the through the Wallstreet stinktank it then is spread like so much manure over the land. Sheeple eat it like gruel.

      • Well said, guys. Their time is up, and they know it. We are seeing the last desperate grasps to destroy as much of humanity as possible, and to continue to take as much for themselves as they can, before we take our sovereignty. Yes, they need to be put in jail, banished completely. I think inundating congress with emails, phone calls and petitions, might be the place to start, in addition to boycotting, basically everything: to go completely on strike, from their entire Matrix grid. And this will take careful planning from every individual household, in ways mentioned, above. But, this, of course, will not be effective until it has reached critical mass: until enough people do it so as to be “felt” by the cryptocracy. The whole fiat currency “game” needs to be replaced. The Wall Street Racket needs to be removed as does the global debt-slave system called The Fed’. I don’t suggest for an instant to have all the answers, but I’ve done some interesting research. We must have Free energy, free-holistic health, organic food, clean free water, and communities that are completely self-sustaining. Cheers, to everyone here for all their hard work. Puddly you’re a very smart one from what I’ve read of your work. Keep up the great work, everyone. Regards, Elliot Sabino

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