Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 18, 2015

The Great Impersonators




  1. NWO BRITISH OPEN: Players upset after winds delay 2nd round; British Open heads for Monday finish

    For those not up to speed with golf and St. Andrews, this is like the ultimate Chemtrail HAARPING. The Winds and rains came to put the players under the NWO authoritarians. Winds so high the golf balls would not hold on the greens. As the players get the rules committee by their masters, it’s a joke to watch how the globalists and elites of the St. Andrews holy land are punishing the players. You cannot believe the spectacle of the decision making of these overlords.

    This isn’t a major golf tourney but instead a Jade Helm mastering of the human domain. The players are getting a real good feel for the future of their sport just as the NFL , NBA and Soccer events have seen. This is like a parade of a car of clowns.

    This was the last of sports I could watch without wanting to vomit. Not anymore.

  2. Le Vomit?! This Will make you sick enuff 2 vomit.

    Chemtrails for you. No chemtrails for youz.
    GMO for you. No GMO for youz.
    Vaccines for you. No vaccine for youz.
    Bank bailout$ for you. No bailouts for youz.
    IS/ISIS/ISIL for you. No IS/ISIS/ISIL for youz.
    Yous must get the picture, no?

    Someones getting shylocked badly by their supposed “administrators”.

    Since ALL of the above are crippling in different ways, we should sense an enemy, without conscience, waging war upon innocent peoples. This should raise more than an assent and a hearty nod, no?

    We must remember the above subjects are legislated, discussed, planned for, minimized, ignored, imposed without recourse, cunningly painted as something else altogether, and ALLOWED TO HAPPEN ANYWAYS! That is the KEY to the OBVIOUS. The dots connect directly to administrators sitting on either side of the table selling out the people Every Time. Amazing how that works, aye. Some string of “coincidences” boy!

  3. This here is a “great idea” that we’ve seen on the Big Screen in “Avatar”; watching as the natives are destroyed, so off-planet miners can get to the “good stuff” they crave.

    “An asteroid worth an estimated $5.4 trillion is on track to pass by Earth on Sunday night.

    Asteroid UW-158 is believed to have a 90-million-ton core of platinum. The celestial body will be 30 times closer to Earth than the nearest planet at around 10 PM GMT Sunday”.

    “The successful deployment of the A3R is a significant milestone for Planetary Resources as we forge a path toward prospecting resource-rich asteroids,” said Peter H. Diamandis, the company’s co-founder”.

    Read more:

    • Oh you know that the jjb’s at Goldman Sachs must be losing sleep over this. They will have to get their attorneys on thisand do some real business to figure a way to Lasso that nugget.

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 7.5
    Date-Time 18 Jul 2015 02:27:33 UTC
    18 Jul 2015 13:27:33 near epicenter
    17 Jul 2015 20:27:33 standard time in your timezone

    Location 10.415S 165.212E
    Depth 10 km
    Whopper HAARPing Look how shallow for 7.5. This is antipodal to the Canary Island volcanic plate Africa.

  5. I heard they had a Bohemian Grove Soiree ;ate June. I didn’t hear much about it but thought I post the header with Molech in honor of the Jade Helm 15 soiree. We know that July 21 (Tuesday) is a blood day for the cremation of care. I suspect we can look for an event that day next week. Set your watches/

  6. Breaking News

    5 bodies found in home in Modesto, California;
    Hamilton Spectator
    MODESTO, Calif. — Police say five people have been found dead in a California home.

    Near San Fransisco

    Modesto police spokeswoman Heather Graves said officers received a call Saturday about the discovery in a residential neighbourhood.

    She had no immediate information on the victims and circumstances of the deaths.

    Detectives were processing the crime scene.

    Modesto is located in the state’s Central Valley.

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