Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 14, 2015

Obama PPD #31 – Pressure Cooker Re-evaluating ISIS threat


BREAKING: Son of Boston Police Captain Arrested for Terrorism Ties to ISIS, Plotting to Bomb College

Boston, MA — Boston Police Captain, Robert Ciccolo, is a veteran commander stationed at Operations within the Boston Police Headquarters and one of the early responders to the Boston Marathon bombings in April 2013. Ironically, Ciccolo’s son, Alexander Ciccolo, 23, also known as Ali Al Amriki, was just arrested for plotting to use the same type of bomb used by the marathon bombers made out of a pressure cooker….read more

Its not about guns, knives, ammo, pressure cookers or fertilizer. It’s about BUY-SELL-TRADE  666 and Full Spectrum Surveillance under Jade Helm.  You can windows Shop and browse but you cannot buy. Not without the grade. The Mark is your grade. If you do not pass, you do not pass go, collect $200.00 and instead you go to Jail.



What the border fence will be about is keeping you in the largest SUPERMAX prison ever imagined by the infidels of I$I$ and committee of One World Order. As we watch Revelations play out coto, it is a good time to ponder the night raids, stealth BRICS and Drones and how your name is classified under the Great GiG in the sky. This is the Kafkaesque Metamorphosis for AMERCIA.

They’re happy we are armed, because in the Supermax bullets are only for collateral damage. Aint one of them ever to be in the line of sight. They’ll be content to watch from the COG and Condominiums or some fabulous redoubt on aerial surveillance drones.  Time is of the essence in this binding universal trade terror contract. They’ve signed it, with their souls and the blood of babies. How a Police Captain Freemason in the Fraternal Order can sell his son for the cause is still hard to grasp but I have no doubt the pledge and contract are quite serious if breached.

If Ali Amriki is a drug and MK-Ultra delta targeted individual or an actor makes little difference in the outcomes for us. The Tsarnaev brothers don’t matter either. Our problem is the ignorant masses who vote themselves as dinners for these Kockroaches and how we can convert them back to critical thinkers.  Will it take one more or dozens of these staged events to get through? I suspect time is the essence.

the global information grid in the sky



  1. Robert Ciccolo LinkedIn


    UNCIVPOL- United Nations Civilian Police*5ciccolo%2F9a%2F915%2F8b2


    “Servo per Amikeco” – “Serve through Friendship” The biggest Police Association in the World with almost 420’000 members. We do not investigate any crimes. The International Police Association is an independent body made up of members of the police service, whether on active duty or retired, and wit..

    Law Enforcement & Security Consulting

    [Violence and bad acts can be reduced with the right training and the proper state of mind. ]

    LESC is your source for law enforcement strategic and tactical training,that focuses on; decision making under pressure, officer safety, full spectrum policing, police operational art, evolving threats and issues of conflict and violence, dangerous body language, street level red teaming, crisis preparedness, adaptive leadership, organizational effectiveness and security matters.


    I get the drift. Anyone else?

  2. Satan despises the flesh. Only interested in the soul, he cares not who peddles it. – pd


  4. Of course it crosses our minds as to how they’ll personally take us down.

    I sometimes get reminded that what I’m doing is, well, rather stupid. I’m making it very easy for them. I wear tee-shirts saying “I’m crazy.”

    And I guess I am crazy. So what. Beats being insane.

    The situation is so convoluted that trying to explain it to the uninitiated is exhausting.

    Dr. Iris Mack, Tulane, Economics Professor, stopped and talked to me the other day. I loaned her a copy of “None Dare Call It Conspiracy.” Imagine, here’s a Harvard educated professor that’s never read Gary Allen’s classic, and I’m educating her? There’s something very wrong with this picture.

    • It’s pretty easy to be a professional from High School through tenure to be so bogged down with career and family that you just never get the message. I’m glad you get in front of important people in the system as that is where the real work and change has to come.

      Powerful people can be changed by crazy people like us. Good work Michael as always.

  5. The following is a Tom Heneghan report, so read with grains of salt. Anyways, the dirt on Bush, Jr. and his speaking fees at wounded Veterans charity adds more to the resume of this POS. The whole enchilada of the machine is a fetid turd laundry just spinning, and spinning out wretched accounts of members deeds.

    By the way, any accounts of Jade Helm 15 activities?

    • If CT’s expect some major fireworks I will say that it comes outside of the Jade Helm territory. Though I think we should listen carefully to what observers are seeing and hearing, the major thrust of Jade Helm plays out in the zones of the two videos I posted.

      This fetal tissue flesh peddler swilling her wine and scarfing her salad is going to bring the homeland terrorists out in full force.


      This is a potential major false flag to take place across many states. If like here in North Carolina, one ERIC RUDOLPH would make a reappearance as a right ring PRO-LIFE terrorist bombing and firearm slaughter of many workers in PLANNED PARENTHOOD or abortion clinics this could really trigger a major agenda push for the I$I$ – Libertarian type effort we saw during the MIAC Southern Poverty Law events like WACO/OKC.

      I think this is a PRE-STAGE to an event. Big time multi-faceted type crisis.

      We will see, but it’s ripe for the next level. I think this planned parenthood expose is a little fishy and we can decide after we see the JADE HELM timeline. The Pluto event is important in this I see the numbers here and they are clear. I will expect something like I predicted before October1 and this push against Chritians is ready for a false flag pro-life bombing.

      I give it a 70% chance of being the event.

  6. Those are solid points you are making, Mr. Puddy, Sir. Much is in the news, and of course we know, much is not, but is still happening. I believe you have brought up important items for us to consider (and I wasn’t thinking about it that way). The Confederate Flag deflection is truly a ginned up issue, and so we should all be considering the “timing” of this “release” into the public’s minds. The issue is spiraling into myriad nonsensical hyperbolic reactions, yet of the type that get fanned up from a smolder into a firestorm.

    Thinking about it, we can now understand the “script”, and see where the story is going. It also is a timely distraction from Jade Help 15, Greece & Bankster wars, the economy, and so much more. The Charleston shooting certainly smells of a False Flag, and interestingly precedes by only a short while the Aurora / James Holmes “trial”. Ridiculous! That TPTB can get away with peddling a False Flag like that one.

    Predictions from the Financial Sector are setting the stage and inflaming the probability of a Fall economic maelstrom/crash. Folks should already be prepared for any eventualities, but NOW is a good time to refine one’s “plan”.

    • Agree 100%

      Look at the historical markers and then take all sectors


      Now look at the basis of the civil war. The confederacy and UNION.

      The North American Union is slated to be completed by 2020. The framework complete.

      We know the real civil war had “zip” to do with the slave issue. It was a redistribution of wealth. SO….

      1. The Southern states had an economic advantage and a growing TRADE economy. The UNION (Rothrock & carpetbaggers) had to end it. This was how black slaves were transferred to the model slavery we all know to this day. That is to drive them to Northern city industrial slums and then in communist manner provoke the assault on free market capitalism.

      2. Spielberg LINCOLN ( a similar fantasy to Schindlers 6 million propaganda) and what the Joo-joo-bee Abraham did was front this largest redistribution to international Rothrocks while bankrupting the confederacy.

      3. Martial Law – Never ended. Our status, under the USAInc. war flag has always remained once the Union was able to take control over all banking. Andrew Jackson was wise to the game and was the last president to adorn the gold backed green before the procession of FED RESERVE through JFK event which was another vortex cycle for the same reason. The Silver certificate being the reason for his demise.

      4. The flag came down for financial reasons. The marking of the end of the true Dem and GOP switch. Why Lincoln was a republican and the confederacy was demonized and Democratic goes way back but what has flipped is the reverse. This event is all about the TPP Trade and financial takeover. This is a global civil war against sovereignty in any form.

      5. There is not a white or black person who gives a shit about the flag unless on the globalist payroll. It is a ceremonial that is the same process of cycling again except this time the Union is United Nations centered and the Corporate Military Complex will be holding the cards. Further military cuts and reductions will send the VA agenda into the next phase. They are to be eliminated. Jade Helm is more about the mind. It will incorporate the transfer of US police governed by UN globalist cops who have been indoctrinated into the 29 Palms psyop and are in command positions .

      6. Mano y Mano – Like 1861, It may begin again in Ft. Sumter. The joo-joo-bee Lindsay Graham discussed the nuclear threat as a real event of a suspicious nuclear attack that was thwarted. So true is the union of the left right conspiracy working together and the TPP party as the third wheel to trigger the revolt.

      7. We can see Ted Cruz and the “Don”ald Trump meeting in Bilderberg fashion to conspire as well. IRand and Hillary are playing like there will actually be an election. I suspect not. It’s time for “change we can believe on” to transition the Republic into the next phase of Martial Law and a new order of the three branches, which have provided fruits to the totally corrupt and traitor administrators who have worked tirelessly for this coming day.

      I could easily accept over two or three million active foreign agents. When we talk about BS that the war in Afghansitan is costing us 4 million dollars an hour, we can laugh. The defence department, CBO and Pentagon have cleaned house sonce 911 and the missing money then and the stolen money since has gone to pay the larges part of the black budget, This black budget and el CHAPO fund are in the black. The accounting is controlled by London and the payroll is substantial.

      What’s in the red is the free market economy only. I’d like a hour to see the Master general ledger. The event will go down ANYDAY!! What it will be is the Capstone 811. It will come in a series of each of the six domains in dubdomains in a progression so overwhelming that most will not be able to adapt this sequences and series of assaults. I think the softkill technologies of Bluebeam in all the spectrum still holds some secret vectors we have not seen. But there is one school of thought I must accept. It will start with the financial and move quickly to the communication/information highway.

      8. When we talk about preparedness, like the civil war, the north held the industry. Guns and textiles were an issue for the confederacy. They had to become Guerilla fighters and be creative. We need to be able to maintain financially but more important we need to be guerilla minded. I like the North Vietnamese tactics and Sun Tsu strategems.

      9. JADE HELM is predictability at the core and orbited by the psyops and all the radical science in controls. Ejecting the election of tools that enable them is critical. That is how we survive. That’s why the Russian Viet Kong were unbeatable. Same for Afghan and Indonesian. We are the weakest nation next to Great Britiain and Japan to be conquered and ruled. Best we learn from the pros.

  7. JADE HELM – 15 (6)

    Interesting and uncommon? HAARP at 5KM deep

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.4
    Date-Time 16 Jul 2015 15:16:31 UTC
    16 Jul 2015 11:16:32 near epicenter
    16 Jul 2015 09:16:31 standard time in your timezone

    Location 13.829N 58.641W
    Depth 5 km
    Distances 116 km (71 mi) NE of Bathsheba, Barbados
    132 km (81 mi) NE of Bridgetown, Barbados
    252 km (156 mi) E of Bisee, Saint Lucia
    254 km (157 mi) ESE of Riviere-Pilote, Martinique
    256 km (158 mi) E of Castries, Saint Lucia

    Location Uncertainty Horizontal: 6.2 km; Vertical 4.3 km
    Parameters Nph = 149; Dmin = 125.2 km; Rmss = 1.06 seconds; Gp = 48°
    Version =
    Event ID us 20002xx1

    see: Event Page or USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

  8. Jerome Corsi just predicted financial collapse by October. I predicted the October crash in a series of events +- One event to happen before the crash in September, a war assault on Trade negotiations and a false flag.

  9. Ida B. Wells: RIght on Time
    153 years (9)



    Huge explosion at Chinese petrochemical plant caught on camera – video

    This was on the 35th Parallel in Rizhao City Shandong Province

    ______________________________ TPP BRICS TRADE WARS

    Obama, in Oklahoma, Takes Reform Message to the Prison Cell Block
    They opened the door to Cell 123 (6) and President Obama stared inside. In the space of 9 feet (9)

    This is an illuminati visit to the I-35 (8) corridor and the 35th parallel (8). This
    is prelude to an event on the corridor. His visit at the EL RENO prison is a cover.

    [“There but for the grace of God,” Mr. Obama said after his tour.] (though we know it’s by Lucifer he is graced and a criminal of the highest order) He is the most transparent President ever. That was the truth. The numbers in this NY Times article are solid illuminati

    ______________________________FALSE FLAG EVENT CEREMONIAL

    Chattanooga Tennessee Right on the 35th parallel

    Four marines killed and one critical after gunman opens fire with ‘high-powered rifle’ on two Tennessee military recruitment centers in act of ‘domestic terrorism’ – before being shot dead

    5 is Military (therefore critical patient should die)

    _____________________________SACRIFICIAL SLAYING FOR JADE HELM

    Group that filmed Planned Parenthood’s top doctor discussing sale of fetal tissue has ‘dozens of hours of shocking undercover footage with top-level executives’


    Jury in Dark Knight movie theater massacre reaches verdict after three-month trial
    Jurors reached verdict at 1pm Eastern Time and it will be announced at 6.15pm
    Jury panel made up of nine women and three men deliberated less than two days in the capital trial of James Holmes
    Holmes, 27, is facing 165 counts for killing 12 people and wounding 70 as they watched a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight
    If he is found insane, Holmes would avoid execution and likely spend the rest of his life in mental hospital
    If Holmes is convicted of first-degree murder, he could face the death penalty of life in prison without parole

    Read more:

    Same number as in the Obama in prison NY times article

    3,6,9, 18, 27 and 165-615 is a key number and the 35th Parallel is in the news everywhere.

  10. Typhoon Nangka Makes Landfall in Japan; 29 Inches of Rain Reported, Landslide Warnings Issued @weatherchannel

    WE hope Patricia and the people are safe there during this major HAARPING in el Nino warm water cylconic event.

    Check in Patricia.

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