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Agenda 21 to Zebranomics: It only takes 1


Through the Hand of I$I$ comes the Directives



Presidential Policy Directive


PPD 1 Organization of the National Security Council System 02/13/09
PPD 2 Implementation of the National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats (National Strategy) 11/23/09
PPD 4 National Space Policy (Fact Sheet) 06/29/10
PPD 5  UNLISTED [War Gaming – Pentagon (to be released)]
PPD 6 [6] Global Development (Fact Sheet) 09/22/10
PPD 7 [7] National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS WILDCARD JADE HELM) 01/26/11
PPD 8 [8] National Preparedness [CAPSTONE – 811 DHS/FEMA] 03/30/11
PPD 10 US Ballistic Missile Defenses
PPD 11 [11] [terms of reference for Nuclear Posture Review implementation study] [Hoax/Staged Event, PSYOP]
PPD 13 Political and Economic Reform in the Middle East and North Africa
PPD 14 [5] Procedures Implementing Section 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (Fact Sheet) 02/28/12
PPD 15 [6] Implementation of the Treaty on Open Skies 03/01/12
PPD 16 [7] U.S. Strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa WILDCARD (AFRICOM) 06/14/12
PPD 17 Countering Improvised Explosive Devices
PPD 18 [9] National Strategy for Maritime Security
PPD 19 Protecting Whistleblowers with Access to Classified Information 10/10/12
PPD 20 U.S. Cyber Operations Policy (Fact Sheet) 10/16/12
PPD 21 [3] Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience 02/12/13
PPD 23 [5] Security Sector Assistance (Fact Sheet) 04/05/13
PPD 24 [6] [nuclear weapons employment guidance] deployment?
PPD 27 [9] United States Conventional Arms Transfer Policy 01/15/14
PPD 28 Signals Intelligence Activities 01/17/14
PPD 29 [11] UNLISTED  [Top Secret – 29 Palms Survey] read this
PPD 30 U.S. Nationals Taken Hostage Abroad and Personnel Recovery Efforts 06/24/15

(everything in red I have added)


National Security Presidential Directives [NSPD]
George W. Bush Administration

In the George W. Bush Administration, the directives that are used to promulgate Presidential decisions on national security matters are designated National Security Presidential Directives (NSPDs).

As discussed in NSPD 1, this new category of directives replaces both the Presidential Decision Directives and the Presidential Review Directives of the previous Administration. Unless other otherwise indicated, however, past Directives remain in effect until they are superseded.

The first directive, dated 13 February 2001, was formally approved for release by the National Security Council staff on 13 March 2001.

On October 29, 2001, President Bush issued the first of a new series of Homeland Security Presidential Directives (HSPDs) governing homeland security policy.


National Security Presidential Directive


NSPD 1 Organization of the National Security Council System 13 February 01
NSPD 2 Improving Military Quality of Life 15 February 01
NSPD 3 [3] Defense Strategy, Force Structure, and Procurement from the RAND and PNAC recommendations and Pentagon 15 February 01
NSPD 4 Transforming Deterrence 15 February 01
NSPD 5 [Review of U.S. intelligence] Prep for 911 9 May 01
NSPD 7 [7] UNLISTED [WILDCARD – TOP SECRET] 811 – 911 (contingency)
NSPD 8 [8] National Director and Deputy National Security Advisor for Combating Terrorism
NSPD 9 [9] Defeating the Terrorist Threat to the United States [alCIAda to I$I$] invisible terror 25 October 01
NSPD 10 U.S. Strategic Nuclear Forces

NSPD 11? (yellowcake/curveball/Plame? IRAQ)

21 December 01
NSPD 12 [3] United States Citizens Taken Hostage Abroad 18 February 02
NSPD 13 United States Policy and Organization for the Implementation of the Treaty on Open Skies 16 May 02
NSPD 14 [5] Nuclear Weapons Planning Guidance 28 June 02
NSPD 15 [6] National Space Policy Review [resulting in U.S. Commercial Remote Sensing Policy, 25 April 2003] refers to Humint-Signint from space – JADE HELM/ENMOD/EARTHRAKER Full Spectrum surveillance and dominance 28 June 02
NSPD 16 [7] [To Develop Guidelines for Offensive Cyber-Warfare] wildcard – psyops – original classified JP3-12 XX July 02(?)
NSPD 17 [8] [National Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction] (unclassified version)(PDF) ENMOD-811 11 Dec 02(unclassified)
14 Sep 02(classified)
NSPD XXX(?) [Authorizing Training for Iraqi Opposition Forces] Covert  triad – covert ops – double or triple cross or dual triple objective 03 Oct 02(?)
NSPD 18 [9] Supporting Democracy in Colombia unknown ops top secret (MK-Ultra-Drug Trafficking – Covert Ops?) Nov 02
NSPD 19 [Review of Defense Trade Export Policy]
NSPD 20 Counterproliferation Interdiction
NSPD 21 [3] Support for Inspections in Iraq (WMD, Weapons Arsenal Mil Ops) Nov 02
NSPD 22 [11] Trafficking in Persons [Hoax/Fraud/Psyop] 16 Dec 02
NSPD 23 [5] National Policy on Ballistic Missile Defense 16 Dec 02
NSPD 24 [6] [Post-War Iraq Reconstruction] [MK-Ultra, covert ops] 20 January 2003
NSPD 25 [7] [directs U.S. government agencies to attack the vulnerabilities of drug trafficking organizations] covert ops-trafficking interference
NSPD 26 [8] Intelligence Priorities – CAPSTONE 811 24 February 2003
NSPD 27 [9] U.S. Commercial Remote Sensing Space Policy Masters of the Human Domain – GIG 25 April 2003
NSPD 28 United States Nuclear Weapons Command and Control, Safety, and Security 20 June 2003
NSPD 29 [11] [Transition to Democracy in Cuba] Hoax/Staged Event/Psyop 30 November 2003
NSPD 31 U.S. Space Exploration Policy 14 January 2004
NSPD 32 [5] [Latin America Policy] SouthCom Military Objectives
NSPD 33 [6] Biodefense for the 21st Century Human Depop/Pandemic/Biological weapons – AG21 28 April 2004
NSPD 34 Fiscal Year 2004-2012 Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Plan May 2004
NSPD 35 [8]  Nuclear Weapons Deployment Authorization 6 May 2004
NSPD 36 [9] United States Government Operations in Iraq 11 May 2004
NSPD 37 Relating to Support of Iraqi Government 2004
NSPD 38 [11] National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace [Hoax/Staged Event/Psyops] 7 July 2004
NSPD 39 [3] U.S. Space-Based Position, Navigation, and Timing Policy 08 December 2004
NSPD 40 U.S. Space Transportation Policy 21 December 2004
NSPD 41 [5] Maritime Security Policy 21 December 2004
NSPD 42 [6] On Significant Military Exercise Briefs (SMEB) 26 January 2005
NSPD 43 [7] Domestic Nuclear Detection 15 April 2005
NSPD 44 [8] Management of Interagency Efforts Concerning Reconstruction and Stabilization (Fact Sheet) 7 December 2005
NSPD 46 U.S. Strategy and Policy in the War on Terror 6 March 2006
NSPD 47 [11] National Strategy for Aviation Security [Flying Economy – Hoax/Staged Event/Psyops] 22 June 2006
NSPD 48 [3] Nuclear Materials Information Program 28 August 2006
NSPD 49 U.S. National Space Policy 31 August 2006
NSPD 50 [5] U.S. Strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa – War/Africom 2007
NSPD 51 [6] National Continuity Policy [COG-DUMB BUNKERS DENVER AIRPORT-GOVERMENT BUG OUT] 4 April 2007
NSPD 54 [9] Cybersecurity Policy (via EPIC) document 8 January 2008
NSPD 55 [on dual-use export controls] (11×5 Mil Covert op/Hoax – Peace/war technology for Project Bluebeam) JADE HELM January 2008
NSPD 56 [11]  Defense Trade Reform [prelude to TPP WTO Hoax/Fraud] 22 January 2008
NSPD 57 [3] Implementation of the US-IAEA Additional Protocol 04 February 2008
NSPD 58 Advancing the Freedom Agenda (Fact Sheet) 21 May 2008 (?)
NSPD 59 Biometrics for Identification and Screening to Enhance National Security

NSPD 60-65 Operation Bluebeam/bluebrain/blue omnibus (Masters of the Human Domain-Humint)

5 June 2008
NSPD 66 [3] Arctic Region Policy (the Base1) (Base 2 -Antarctica) 11×6 psychological operations) BLUE BEAM JADE HELM Humint HUMAN DOMAIN


Understanding JADE HELL(M) as they see it, one must begin by understanding the mindset of the committee. The highest level of a small group of raging psychopaths and sociopaths. The 9 or cabal exclude themselves from the human domain.  The are overlords to the 6 domains. Those are Cyber (EVAN), AIR (flying economy) LAND (terra-geoint) MARITIME (sea-weather) SPACE (remote-universe) and HUMAN (humint-biological-life-form)

As Masters of the first five domains, the final frontier is the merging or transforming of the Human Domain into a dispersed scattering of humint into the other five. Eventually we are to be eliminated totally be attrition while their bloodlines will be a permanent fixture for centuries to come. This is speaking  for their view. We may believe otherwise which is one of many problems they have with this particular domain. How to tackle the problem is pretty much like “regarding henry” No doubt their extreme intelligence and the information stolen, sequestered and obtained through means in the realms of their madness are mainstream now.

What is not mainstream is the vortex and system by which the order of things NWO must follow. From the Masonic beginnings over several thousand years, we have to assume quite a collection of data and artifact as well as some energy sources that we are not aware of. We can pass go and collect some ideas on whether alien or fallen have provided this great knowledge or did they acquire it off the human wetbacks of our labors. What college used to provide was the talent and means to identify individuals with the highest order of brain function and aptitude by scholarship to Rhodes and Oxford and later Harvard and Princeton. Now the education is a beerfest and mind-controlled experiment for workers and slaves in the system and without much critical thinking or aptitude they can depart the halls of higher learning for an administration position. Along these lines the authorities from TSA to local police departments now enforce guidelines for IQ thresholds not to exceed 99. We assume the recruiting and process is at its end because they have the personnel required to make the transformation happen.

I posted the above tables from information and link from the FAS.ORG site and other FOIA sources to give some clues as to how the vortex of Masonic Joo-joo-bees works. There are limited colors, frequencies and numbers in this order and  though mathematicians can infinitely theorize equations, the masters know there is a finite arithmetic in the domains of creation.

Their problem has been trying to decode zero. The problem, is that it is not a number, animal vegetable or mineral. It has no color and no recordable frequency.  But it’s value is undefinable.  Problem two is that in the vortex all numbers pass through zero and they can’t even find it. Problem #3 is that they cannot capitalize on it.  So they have been spending the majority of their time benefiting from manipulating it to control  and disable our benefiting from it. I have to admit they have done a spectacular job in their efforts. Deflection, distortion and interference in all five domains has had unbelievable results on the sixth domain. This human domain has been a tough nut to crack but with exceptional results, they have managed to gain massive amounts of energy. Mostly ours but much of earths as well.

If they find zero at CERN or under DULCE we can close shop and just go to our destination. Our destiny is zero but I suspect many will never arrive. If we look to the vortex numerology they use now we can better predict where we need to be in all the domains at all times and where we should travel.  Some obvious consistencies I have posted in 900 or so posts all deal with the electromagnetic visual audio spectrum. We are not deaf, dumb and blind therefore we are what we have been presented by the bluebeam boys and this committee of science and arts in Kabbalah K1-12 and post indoctrination.

We can debate whether we are dumber through generations or just more debilitated under the assaults of advanced full spectrum governance. I think it’s likely a combination of both.  The worst part of it seems to be the fact that life itself under the tyrannical rule has made the human domain less able to regenerate and fuel because we miss the power of zero and are not passing through the vortex in sequence to our creators plan. Instead we are manipulated by nine with the use of three and six. These are the domains they have secured and operate with strategic and precise order. The three represents al;l things in air, land and sea, while the six rules the space, time, and cyber. Mind and matter over nine. While the vortex runs 124578 in sequences of 124(3)8(*)75(6)1 and passing through zero(0) from 4 to 8 and 5 to 1 by interaction with 3 and 6. It’s how gardens grow, birds fly and whales sing.  That is until the forces by committee (with our energy) manipulate it by changing the sequence of events, perceptions, information or thought re-sequencing the vortex to 1478521,  It is a matter of using multiple sequence variations depending upon objective vectors and points.

So true is this manipulation, that is requires they adhere to the universal designations when they implement such a variant sequence for the human domain and subjects. Classical experimentation in these realms have largely been developed through the Rhodes education system and their satellites from MIT to SRI.  Now the human experimentation has gone universal and live. The data and observations collected again by our energy and stored into monolithic servers located in space.  We can accept the space based model as a protection just as we may have an external hard drive to backup our computer and internal system storage.  Though most operations will continue to run on terra based systems the optical laser and radio frequencies in SHF are constantly synchronizing to this leviathan enterprise system. Not only is the data being collected but with advancements in AI, collected from all our brains through our fingers and lips, the system is providing the real time analytics and evaluation on the intel.

NWO Vortex


NWO Vortex2


National Security Presidential Directive and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 


SUBJECT: Biometrics for Identification and Screening to Enhance National Security = 11

Clearly the system is consistent. The operation is 5 and 5 is always militaristic, while the objective is 6 (the human domain)  3 is matter and 6 is mind. 3 is material and 6 is life. (and death)

One is ego or self and two is false or opposite (opposition) Three drives 2 to 4 through zero and six drives 5 through zero to 1.  We are subject to normal sequence 5-1, 2-4, or 8-7 while the event or matter is 1-2, 4-8 or 7-5. When they manipulate the vortex, it merely requires 1. This is the illusion of the zero that they have created. They have assumed the creator and operate from 9 the hidden power and make a simple adjustment of 1 to change sequence of human domain by hoax, fraud, false flag, illusion or a staged event creating  a sequence change to 258, 582 or 825 and this  results in 147, 471 or 714 which bypasses the zero in all vectors.  They have essentially created the world, the axioms and the zero paradox to a Zionist one where we die in ego and are ruled by the absence of zero.  Only the truly immuned and those who have done the necessary work in spiritual and science study have an opportunity to regain zero while living in their 3D construct under their third world political system.

If we chose to accept this and conform always to the sequences, we may still regain zero after ego dies and our vessels fail, but we have to suffer more and more energy depletion and further separation from the zeropoint.  It should be considered that the biblical interpretations are also beyond the linguistics and lexicon of information and are historically accurate in the vortex sequences. What we can conclude looking at the last two 8 year cycles and the forces of action by the committee and energies of manipulating the creators vortex and are consistently accurate in their deciphered sums and conclusions.

Operation Bluebeam is all encompassing of every other keyword we have used here. From Agenda 21 to Zebranomics, it comes down to a simple process of arithmetic, numerology and pattern that exposes the glaringly obvious lack of zero.



  1. The available directive information is hyper-linked to the directive number. The reading is labor but has many of the numbers associated with the secret agenda of Bluebeam, Agenda 21 and the global transformation in process. Some think it is just a coincidence of values but this watcher says it is more than just a group of engineers with an obsessive compulsive disorder.

    “OFFENSIVE CYBER Terror expects us to believe China stole 21.5 million FED employee background checks. Seems likely the NSA-DHS would have a better reason to obtain this piece of the human domain. What sequence do you want to follow?


    [News of the Earth these days is such that one welcomes news from elsewhere, especially when it concerns a prospect as spectacular as the impending flyby of Pluto by the NASA spacecraft New Horizons that will take place on July 14.]

    It’s not good news unless you live in committee city. This numerical go live of Jade Helm is designated by the flyby space based marker for the ninth planet and committee nine. The best case scenario is that we only get a flyby of the Global Information Grid and not a Earthraker or Skynet test range exercise.

    DO YOU LOVE PLUTO? I do not love Pluto nor do I love Plutonium. Pluto has no heart and neither does this committee of haters of the human domain.

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