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Who is it that “Controls” the levers of power in this world?


Who owns the land? Some facts you should know!

Grasp this reality, and you will see the Matrix much more clearly…


Vitashoka / Guest Writer,



  1. Antipodal CAPE VERDE – EL HIERRO

    Solomon Islands – 6.7M
    10 Jul 2015 15:12:42 near epicenter
    9 Jul 2015 22:12:41 standard time in your timezone

    Location 9.325S 158.448E
    Depth 10 km (extremely shallow)
    Distances 155 km (96 mi) SSW of Dadali, Solomon Islands
    165 km (102 mi) W of Honiara, Solomon Islands
    470 km (291 mi) SE of Arawa, Papua New Guinea
    877 km (544 mi) SE of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea
    887 km (550 mi) E of Alotau, Papua New Guinea

    Bizarre storms in USA

    10. Milky Rain Mystery? No mystery in high altittude chematrail HAARP chaff and cold air dropping into NINO vortex. Dust storm Volcano…doubtful.

    Seems to me the landlords will continue to relocate or evict the tenants via ENMOD. This year will go down as the strangest thus far. Next year should excede this year. I have no doubts about the ICLEI and UN wetlands project being driven by the NASA ISS, NAVY and NOAA boys. Floods and wildfires, crop ruination and shallow seismic HAARPing will continue to foreclose on the children of the Lord. The MSM says 4 million displaced by ISIS in Syria. Pretty good for a ragtag al-CIAda tool. We can add NATO-OTAN to the foreclosure team. I guess it is just a matter of real estate and CO2 sequestration.

    Regardless of the hoax of AGW, the forces are still migrating mass amounts of living souls into concentrated (camps) from where they can focus special accommodations.

    When money and liquidity are scarce, you have to wonder why operations for northern and southern poles stays so active. They are giving pink slips to military during the time that I$I$ is supposedly most active, but they are not closing scientific ops in Antarctica. Easy to see the vortex shift and how they have become so obvious based on total illogical movements. Simpler minds can say it’s the Supermen’s “Bizarro World” but it’s just a well crafted psyop that is obvious if you assume the COTO tenants that I$I$ MI6 and alCIAda are fabrication in front of a modified weather weapons system.

    • I agree. On the last point, WE can observe the illogical “in motion”. When WE consider what is NOT happening relative to the scourge of I$I$ beheaders.

      So, a supposed “force” of marauding killers (driving lengthy caravans of New Toyota trucks outfitted with the old-style “Rat Patrol” heavy machine guns/rocket launchers/ack ack in the back) keeps getting larger, terrorizing the deserts of certain ME countries, making significant territorial gains — and NOBODY, NO COALITION OF THE WILLING is formed up to counter these beasts? The Bad Guys seem to never outstrip their supply chain for gas, ammo, parts, food, water, i.e. basic necessities for waging war and continuing to march forward. We hear of U.S. and other Major countries mis-dropping supposed aid for the innocents right into the hands of the I$I$ warriors.

      Does this make any sense whatsoever? There are Youtubes of some of the air drop “misses”. American air power could decimate these caravans of Toyota-driving (thanks Japan for nothing) beheaders, but none is mobilized by ANY country to rake the Bad Guys from above by Jet, Drone, Helicopter, etc.??? Why Not?!

      It makes so much nonsense, that WE can start to believe the “Democracies”, the 1st World Countries, are actually Supporters of the advance of I$IS by inaction, or even outright covert support! WE KNOW this kind of activity goes on constantly. With the same kind of crew doing the policy-making as existed before in mal-administrations, anything can be happening.

      WE might observe the utter lack of humanitarian motivation of the 1st Worlders for these poor desert peoples.

      • Coordinate that with white privilege and the Muslim Brotherhood directive PPD-11. Obama & Co. (which is the entire congressional body, including the TPP Party) are running a limited hangout of Ruchmore proportions.

        There you find the 19 secret directives which tells me the entire body has acquiesced to the Agenda. It comes down to the 11 directives that are not even titled. While 8 are loosely descibed and questionable, the 11 for we the sheeple are ultra secret.

        The human domain is sequenced through the googleplex and we are catalogued and classified for an outcome. I suspect the sheeple to have the wost of fates as they will never know what hit them. At least we can be standing versus on our knees when the hand of I$I$ moves to liquidate the toxic CO2 derivatives. (otherwise known as John Q Public)

  2. This covers all things we have posted or tweeted. In vortex terms all things are converging and condensing. It can be noted secret directives (19) by Obama may be more important if not a psyop MSM projection.

    Puppet Pimp Directive

    PPD-29 = 811

    [The hostage policy was originally released Wednesday as a presidential policy directive numbered PPD-29. When the White House corrected that number to PPD-30, it meant Obama had issued a secret directive as PPD-29 sometime in the past 17 months.

    Obama signed PPD-28, an order on electronic eavesdropping in the wake of revelations by Edward Snowden, in January 2014.

    So what is PPD-29? No one’s talking. A spokesman for the National Security Council declined to comment of the existence of classified PPDs Wednesday.

    PPD-29 isn’t the first to be tacitly acknowledged only by a missing number. Of the 30 PPDs issued by Obama, 19 have not been released. And for 11 of those, the White House has not disclosed even the subject of the order. ]

    CAPSTONE project is real and it is spectacular. I know that without knowing the mystery I$I$ directives and the 11 Capstone ultra secret commands. I also know that right now, the biggest WMD is Obamas pen followed by the ISS weather mod system.

  3. Legendary Egyptian actor Omar Sharif dies at 83 ([11] sacrifice on the number)

    The 10 Inventions of Nikola Tesla That Changed The World (what about the one changing it now HAARP)

    10 Very Strange Things That Have Happened In Just The Past Few Weeks

    Brainet: Scientists Establish Brain-to-Brain Networks in Mammals (If we only had one)

    Turkish police arrest 21 suspected ISIL agents (ISIL = Sovereigns wise to the scheme)

    Paris: Muslim Overturns Tables, Angrily Lectures People For Eating During Ramadan (US fasting coming soon)

    FBI Head: Terror Panic Is The “New Normal” (who’s panicking? Seen anyone panicking? just Wallstreet)

    Pentagon Concludes America Not Safe Unless It Conquers The World (Pentagon aka WOT base camp)

    India, Pakistan to hold security meet in a thaw in ties (where WWIII begins)

    Tsipras Betrays Referendum, Sells Out to the Banks (end of the staging- stage three)

    Cop Decapitates Army Vet With Cruiser on the Way to a Call, Doesn’t Render Aid, Speeds Off (better than Obamacare death at the VA – a mercy killing)

    Russian Gays Now Fleeing to Isis! What Next From the Daily Mail’s Anti-Russian Corps? (I$I$ loves gays, obama said so)

    “Lucifer” , El Grandes replacement in Los Damaso (new cartels (CIA) takover completely)

    Trump Threatens “North American Union” Scheme(the scheme requires trump to terror)

    MH-17 Case Slips into Propaganda Fog (along with 370)

    Military Officials Declare Russia the “Greatest Threat” to US Interests (who is official, who is US?)

    Video: Proof Hillary Clinton is a serial liar (not as big as the public who lie to themselves)

    Obama IRS Scandal Now IRS-FBI-Justice Dept. Scandal (let’s add the Supreme Court to this group once and for all)

    Greek banks to go bankrupt Monday if no debt deal – FT (big deal, we have been bankrupt for eighty years.)

    Pope Francis seeks Bolivians’ forgiveness for colonial-era crimes (jesus…just wait until he gets to Mexico, the colonials are still slaughtering the people. Shame on Spain and Germany and that white privilege)

    What a Twister! F4 Tornado Spotted in Italy (shit happens when Baal lies in Bolivia)

    Shun gangs, have hope, Pope tells inmates at violent Bolivian jail (Baal Shit! what happened to faith? Obama replaced it with hope by executive order)

    I think he said hope so they do not kill each other and that the NWO plan is to release criminals worldwide into the streets to take the moral right out of the picture. Just a white cleansing by TIDE.

    I just love headlines……don’t you?

  4. OBAMA #44 back on the 38th Parallel

    Your JADE HELM Mixer for AGENDA 21. These (3) three monuments are being Capstoned for NWO lands. Part of the JH-15 event for the global authoritarians.

    Obama creates three new national(globalist) monuments

    — Berryessa Snow Mountain in California, a landscape containing rare biodiversity and an abundance of recreational opportunities; 38th PARALLEL

    — Waco Mammoth in Texas, a significant palaeontological site featuring well-preserved remains of 24 Columbian Mammoths; JUST OFF THE I-35 CORRIDOR

    — Basin and Range in Nevada, an iconic American landscape that includes rock art dating back 4,000 years and serves as an irreplaceable resource for archaeologists, historians, and ecologists. 33rd PARALLEL – NASA SITE
    to 38th PARALLEL (rock art site in Mount Irish Range)

  5. Too bad we can’t get DC and Supreme Court to stop the “left turns”

    NWO details for the Googleplex

    New York Wants Google Maps to Discourage Left Turns

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