Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 9, 2015

The Good Guys Take on the Bad Guys

Hey COTO James Tracy posted this Submssion by James Perloff It shows a collection of the best videos on the largest ponzi scheme ever created. “The US Government” It is the best of the best and all we have posted in the archives. As a lead in to Jade Helm 15 we can also review the Masters of the Human Domain during the Bush -Clinton crime spree. A prelude to 2016.



  1. I must have posted Dr. Larry McDonald Crossfire video a dozen times on COTO as well as OPED news and watched it a hundred times. I wish I had met this man before the committee took down a whole Korean Airliner just to kill this threat. What he said on that day made them so mad and so afraid they then took over the entire MSM complex.


    Visionary: Larry McDonald’s stark predictions manifest today

    • My Hero. I have very few. Listen in 1983 and see 33 years later. Where would he be on the confederate flag?

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