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Americans Sliding Into “Skid Row”

3 reasons the average American may be worse off than Greece

Americans actually have more debt relative to income earned

Greece’s debt can be wiped out, but not yours

Greece can print money, but you can’t

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said in an interview Wednesday that “people need to work longer hours” to help grow the economy.

Nigel Farage, outspoken British MEP states, ““If you’ve got the courage you should lead the Greek people out of the eurozone, with your head held high,” said British MEP Nigel Farage (EFFD). Discussing the Greek crisis in Strasbourg on Wednesday, Farage urged the Greek government to “get back their democracy” and “the control of their country”. “Give your people the leadership and the hope that they crave,” he added.


“Jade Helm, Terrorist Attacks, Surveillance and Other Fairy Tales for a Gullible Nation”
by John W. Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute

And, for those paying attention, the Confederate Flag has been kicked out of South Carolina —

In her (Ms. Jenny Horne) impassioned speech, she stated, “The real issue is that that flag is a symbol of hate and it’s on a public ground where people, the entire state, they own that state house,” she continued. “That is public property. And to me, if that flag offends a percentage of our citizenry, including the people in Charleston, then we owed it to them to act in accordance with the Senate to take it down in a unified fashion.”

Is this statement accurate? How long has the Confederate Flag been construed as a symbol of “Hate”? And by whom?

She also stated, “Some call it the war between the states, some call it the Civil War,” Pitts said, defending the Confederate flag. “Growing up, in my family, it was called the war of Northern aggression; it was where the Yankees attacked the South, and that’s what was ingrained on in me growing up.”

I always thought it stood for Rebels (a term used like insurgents, savages, terrorists, a term conjured to demonize a group resisting aggression and violence perpetrated by a bullying group); those who choose to defend their families, land, and livelihoods from foreign marauders.

Well…all that has been termed non-politically correct, and tossed by legislators following a possible False Flag in Charleston, SC.

These are the things we see these last days. Interesting times, interesting times.

The Confederate battle flag at the South Carolina statehouse “must fly at a height of 30 feet. Any changes — taken down, or even at half-staff, if that can be done — must be passed by a supermajority of the General Assembly.”

Jean Casarez on Sunday, June 21st, 2015 in comments on CNN

Some people see the Confederate Flag as a symbol of hate, a symbol of “Slavery”.  I would suggest that Americans have been enslaved for hundreds of years and haven’t understood how that it is.  If we are to consider the concept of MONEY, and credit, and debt and other such important financial entanglements, we can begin to see that Americans are indeed slaves to those who CONTROL the money.  That group that creates money out of thin air, and charges every American interest on that debt/IOU.  All the politicians who continue to allow this financial bondage to continue are in fact enablers and part of the slave ownership of Americans.  It goes well beyond the concept I am broaching here, but what’s going on in Greece, in the EU, and elsewhere can be seen to be tied in ways to the concept of the Confederate Flag and that for which it once stood.  It is but a symbol, now being relegated to the dustbin of history, while real true enslavement and debt bondage continues with vigorous assistance by the politicians and money-changers, backed up by their police/military arms.

Let’s at least understand The Truth of what is going on around us.



  1. Confederate Flag (the republic) is gone.

    Next comes the USA Inc war flag

    Forget that we have been under martial law since the joo-joo-bee lincoln (so callled republican) issued the order. The USA peacetime flag has never waved since.

    Step by step, inch by inch and then we get this

    or this

    or maybe even PLUTO the ninth and committee dark side

    Do you ❤ Plluto?

  2. I’d suggest that SC reissues the flag prior to the Civil War and still hold onto the confederates of the REPUBLIC

  3. Jeb Bush: People Need to Work Longer Hours

    Already the Democratic National Committee has pounced, releasing a statement that calls his remarks “easily one of the most out-of-touch comments we’ve heard so far this cycle,” adding that Bush would not fight for the middle class as president.

    Jeb Bush’s Income Soared After His Time as Governor, Tax Returns Show – Certainly he was paid handsomely for the 2000 election rigging and voter blackouts. What is minimum wage for a Bilderberg? 900k an hour?

    I guess you could spin this as a context issue regarding part-time employed but I guess he did not get the latest real figures for the nation. Reminds me a bit of MaGog his dad and his trip to a store for milk.

    TRUMP PEROT? It just always recycles, this erection cycle. Listen for the giant sucking sound.

    BILL – MAGOG – PEROT – We all know what a Trump Card is don’t we? Hearts Spades and Bridge. The SPOILER. Even when Trump says he’s not an independent, he is an independent and a divider. Too bad he’s right when he stages the truth as we know it’s all theater.


  4. Good stuff Puddy! It is critically important that the 99% realize how they have been played, and are still being played. Good Lord, all one has to do is think about the setting up of Jeb or Hillary as “choices” for pretzlmaniac!

    • I hope it does not come off arrogant but when you look at what is happening in the political correctness arena of psyops, my JAN 1 predictions entitled “BRICS and Drones may break my bones but names will surely kill” me now seems quite prophetic. I really expect it to get to the point where I$I$, the cover name for the white man infadel, will be meeting up with the USA collapse at a time of such volitility that it will not be long before the martial law will be needed to prevent OK Corral type gun fights throughout the land.

      This is almost to the letter of G^6 search and destroy.
      destroy family – religion – sovereignty – inheritance – private property – patriotism

      The san fran fiasco shooting could not be a better stage op to get the fires stoked for a politically correct twilight zone episode. She dies but we can’t call a wetback scumbag by his real name. We call him a crisis actor or MK ultra stooge set up. I suspect an operation out the Presidio Trust and DoD Army psyops group.

  5. “Good Old Shoe”

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