Posted by: Mr. M | July 8, 2015

Nothing to see here … move along …



  1. What your whistleblower there says, is par for the course. It would be stupid for people to “disbelieve” his allegations.

    Here’s another “Nothing to see here…move along” kind of thing, but twisted a different way, with panties “blowin in the wind” — . Yep. A known War-monger trying to run for Pretzelmania by jangling his spurs for war. Pathetic and pathological.

    “Radical Islam is not going to be compromised with. They are religious Nazis. Somebody better go over there and hit them before they hit us,” Graham said Wednesday. “There is no alternative to going in on the ground and pulling the caliphate up by the roots. If that scares you, don’t vote for me.”

    • He can sell it all over the country. The idiot sheeple right don’t know anything about the joo-joo-bees and the AIPAC induction that occurs once you wail at the monolith they call a wall. It’s so clear to see why they are destroying all religion. People are leaving the corrupt Jesuit churches and Islam because the big Z has poisoned the well.

      Of course years of ADL, SPLC and Tel-Aviv anti-semitism rhetoric has kept Talmudic Judism painted as the persecuted. Ever notice we see no terror from them? Not in the open that is.

  2. That was supposed to read, “jangling his spurs for war”.

    • BTW Lindsay is the replacement for McCain who is soon to be leaving. He’ll pick up the mantle like a real trooper. McCain will fade away like Lieberman. Lindsay being a chicken hawk ex AF Pansy can fill the shoes nicely for the radical gay agenda/

  3. Goodfellas…only now they have judges on the Supreme Court and a license to kill. I miss the old mafia. You didn’t have to worry about them killing your mother. I suspect since Hillary the state of new york is running in second place over San Fransisco and LA. Chicago still has top spot thanks to the community organizing laid out by Bildergerg and Obama.

    Thanks stranger for checking in 🙂

    • Putting the wagon together. Will have power enough to run a small apartment within the next few days. Then the screens and cameras.

      On the day after I get this together – they’d drop the atom-bomb.

      At least I tried.

      Visited Vitter’s local office last week. The video is crappy. Need to get some reliable hidden cameras. But still is was fun. I’ll edit the video and post it soon.

      When I showed-up you would have thought I had 3-heads. Apparently no ever ever shows-up at the offices.

      I asked to see the person in charge, and when she appeared I introduced myself as Harold Beale. I had a clip-board with me with blank-pages. I asked if she wouldn’t mind signing it.

      I spent around 10-mins. pestering her about the TPP. At one point I told her I had $100-bill on me for Vitter, if she could find where I could read a copy of the TPP.

      If everyone would take 10-mins. out of their week to look these cretins in the eye and make it so when they turn the key in their car to go to work, it turns their stomachs too, we could end this shit.

      And I still don’t know what this is all for. Fighting windmills.

      • I slammed my Senators facebook site I called him a traitor and went into detail about how long it took him to read it. I badged him until I was excommunicated. His name is Thom Tillis and he’s from Jacksonville FL. NWO city of the sunshine state. He tries to play good ol boy but a clear fraud.

        Hey Michael are you using Lithium or AGM batteries? If you are looking for cameras or other equipment I may be able to save you some bucks on my next order from Bejing. Reach out to me at I need to get you a coto email too. You can have it forward to any email you want.

        • Using Lithium for powering the bike and Marine Deep Cell for the rig.

          The cameras I need would need to be remote controlled with hand-held mic capabilities. I’ll send you want I’ve been looking at and maybe you can come up with something better.

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