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“The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks!”

Don Henley dedicates this performance to “Rupert Murdoch”.  HaHaHa!!!  The Jade Helm 15-like shoe “fits” this ballerina.

Eagles serenade ~ “The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks!”

Benjamin Fulford addresses the Greek situation,

“The Greek default and following Greek “No” vote to payments of additional blood money to bankers, has put a impression of desperation to ongoing negotiations for a new financial system, based on Western and Asian sources. At the same time, the Khazarian mob is turning to ever more futile threats and manufactured terror situations in an effort to stave off its unavoidable ouster from control of banking.

The fact that 61% of Greek citizens voted to reject to pay for banker’s reckless mistakes signifies a greater part of the people at the street level in that country now understand the criminal nature of the Western banking system. The truth is the Greek people now know they are not legally responsible for debts sustained by Mafiosi banker gamblers and will consequently not pay. This has set in motion the first domino that will lead inexorably to the bankruptcy of the Khazarian banking system and their criminal subsidiary also known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION. A Greek default, as pointed out earlier, is just the first domino that will be followed by Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany and then the United States.”

Read the article at:

Now, COTO has a long term memory of crimes-against-the-people-in-the-not-so-distant-past, and has posted threads, debated, ranted, and catalogued a good many of these egregious “white-collar” crimes.  With consideration, We find that there is “No Color” to these crimes, but note that they often result in so-called “color revolutions”.  Often in a vivid color of RED, as it flows from innocents into the streets of their “homelands”.  We also note that these foreign innocent human beings do not start the “color revolutions”, but some foreign “agent” foments, funds, and provides arms and materiel to other “agents” who carry out “the plan”.  Never — do we see “the People” benefiting (as if WAR benefits people {sic}).  This can be deciphered easily by reading Jim Kirwan’s piece, “Name Just One Country That Has Profited from USI Invasion” — and considering what is so Obvious as you look around at our world and note the carnage & chaos left behind by World-Improving Forces.

Maybe you are a flag-waving, hand-over-your-heart, pledge-of-allegiance type of individual, and just can’t make “head-nor- tails” out of the brightly colored picture of History & Facts that has splashed over the MSM networks for years now, selling the meme du jour of the day?  I dunno.  (Flags are in the news though, don’t you know?  But, I don’t note any victors except bankers & politicians, enablers & military industrial complex corporations.  They have absorbed the FLOW of profits & treasure.  The People get the trickle down of their own blood, the deprivations, the destruction, the dereliction of everything called HUMANITARIAN.

Got off track there.  ’cause its a web tied off to various pillars which contribute to the overarching “catch & grab” of everything earned and owned by The People.  These are Global INDUSTRIES that feed and profit off of agony.

Back to THE MONEY thing.  Yeah, its ALWAYS about THE MONEY.  Remember 2008, and a guy named Hank Paul$on?  Do you REMEMBER him, and how he held CONgress hostage, to BAIL-OUT the Bankers?!  A quick G@@gle search turns up some historical notes for contemplation — .

Some other names pop into mind — Alan Greenspan, Ben “Shalom” Benanke.  WAIT!  I gotta stop here at this STOP SIGN!

Look at this!

Shalom means “peace”.  What institutions has this guy been associated with?  See his WIKI report.

Remember TARP, and “Too Big to Fail”?  Part of America’s lexicon now.

See “THE MEMORY HOLE”, and consider the implications for the future.  Also, recall Donald Rumsfeld reported 9/10 that the Pentagon could not account for $2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS!  Then note, how many TRILLIONS Cheney & Bush’s Wars on Iraq & Afghanistan have cost in foreign & domestic “blood & treasure”, whilst bloating the Military Industial Complex and Bankers Profits.  It is truly incredibly offensive in nature.

Top 6 U.S. Government Financial Bailouts – Investopedia

Al Jazeera

5 days ago – Roughly 90 percent of Greek bailout funds have gone to financial institutions – not to help Greek residents.

TODAY’S QUESTION?  Is not will “what’s happening over there” affect you and yours “over here”.  We already know that SHTF has been caused “over there“, and billed to certain “peoples”.  NOT BANKERS MIND YOU!

TODAY’S QUESTION is “Do you realize that SHTF has already happened Right Here, and just a more OBVIOUS version is bound to happen Right Here at any time?”.  Don’t kid yourself that the dollar-printing capital of the world, Rothchild’s “daughter”, the land of freedom for oligarchs everywhere won’t have her plug pulled…it IS coming.

So, are you in that 61% of the Greek People who voted “The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks!”, or do you think you are a member of the banker/political class who will profit.  Sitting on the fence thinking you’re immune is just pissing on the electric fence waiting for the switch to be thrown, so “good luck with that!”.  And good luck with voting for Jeb or Hillary, to fix the problems.  What ARE YOU going to do?  Now, and in the future?

This ain’t no joke.



  1. If you would like to read an in-depth analysis of the fraudulent nature of the Greek “problem”, I urge you read this piece —

  2. Ben sees it clear but who in Cotoland does not see the dialectic. It cycles over and over again with each round providing the lexiCON of lies.

    Communism, Socialism, Communitarianism = anti = austerity, haircut, global environmentalism. Left Right boxing matches like this prove again that neither fighter or camp wins. Only the promoters.

    This is the Holyrood con and DC con. East and West, the Jade Helm of the Joo-Joo-bees runing a frequency war unseen under the Trade War, NATO war, Terror War, Financial War and all in the Mind War.

    If the Vatican controls the east, then Tel -Aviv controls the West. Both in Sync with the North and South of Jade Helm and the moneylenders. Why Ben paints the picture as an undoing of the Khazarian Empire to an equitable resolution is at best a dream. In my view its a Triptych by Committee and the synthesis is worse than the thesis or antithesis.

    The greatest stage production is yet to open in sheeple multiplexes worldwide but one thing we know is that the program is a Truman Show in a Truman Show by a Truman Show. A visual graphic best shows the Vortex in timeless freeze frame.

    For we who have been called tinfoil kooks, it’s best we send a greeting card to Rob Kall and ask him what he thinks about these days.

    Cosby Under Oath: “I Drugged Women”

    ” In a 2005 sexual-abuse lawsuit, Bill Cosby admitted that he purchased Quaaludes to drug young women he wanted to sleep with, and gave the drug to at least one woman. The comedian was being sued by a Temple University employee. Cosby said he gave her three half-pills of Benadryl. The documents also reveal he asked his agent at William Morris to send money to a woman accusing him of assault. He settled the lawsuit, but the court documents were released after petition by the Associated Press and over objections by his lawyers, who said they would embarrass their client. More than a dozen women have come forward with claims of drugging and sexual assault by Cosby. Gloria Allred, who is representing a group of women, said in a statement to The Daily Beast that she is “very hopeful we will be able to use this admission” in her case.”

    Dr. Huxtable, tell us it isn’t so. Well he is a doctor you know and therefore the administering of drugs is within his authority. Apparently it was needed during some gynological exams.

    So we can look to those who still under the Barry Soetoro Quaalude and point out that even Marcus Welby can be a pedophile. If we can’t convince them that the Truman Show of DC isn’t better entertainment over the GaGa Holyrood West fare, well then there is no hope and sink they must into the abyss of denial.

    Any settlement agreed by the Greeks with EU is a loser, regardless of the perks, assurances or relief. The Greeks ought to wait until Jubilee and then tell them to “F” off.

    • Yes Puddy, you state the Truth with clear eyesight. I too, do not believe there is a Jubilee festivity waiting to burst upon the scene to clear the decks. No, the Triple T Truman show component presents a multiple-pronged tuning/frequency pitch fork to fork everybody that believes psychopathic criminals have a heart, or for that matter, will kow tow to logic and being cornered or exposed. They do not operate that way, as We all should understand.

      You can imagine what is required to stop the Madness!

  3. Published on Jul 7, 2015
    This is the JADE HELM 15 dual SDR radio with both radios actively monitoring an exercise. This multi-county exercise took place on Sunday July 05 in McDowell, Yancy, Mitchell and Avery counties. It was comprised of several teams and it apparently evolved into an investigation of a fish kill in McDowell Co. on Lake James. What the exercise was about is not known or was not made public. It involved GPS location and active forestry services. The fact that it was done on Sunday is suspicious in itself but the chemtrails on the days before the heavy rain were also suspicious with this fish kill followed by two days of heavy EMT emergencies from problems breathing to heart and chest pains. Here is just a sampling of the transmissions for Sunday July 5th 2015. The Lake as closed down to holiday swimming and recreation skiing.

  4. All that we talk about here at COTO resembles a large ball of snagged fishing line…a veritable Fubar mess. Yet, it is left to us to try and untangle it with only the snippets of information that float to the surface. We’re handicapped by so many things that are thrown out there for just such reasons. Fronts of fronts in front of a front, and run by a front. Which of course, is fronted x times. Your Truman Show X times example is wonderful!

    Anyways, I’m short of time, but will put these links up for others to add to the great “unwinding”. So much is Obvious, but then, We Know there is so much more behind the curtains/facade…

    “Iceland, the land of freedom and true democracy, grows booming economy after jailing bankster criminals”

    No Shit! Unbelievable NOT! Cut off the criminals, their criminal currency scam, and other flim flams and what do you get? You get de-parasited, and have a chance at healing and operating without the interference and constant blood loss. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this science and math.

  5. One picture =1000 words = 333 Bluebeams

    No Marigolds in the promised land…

  6. BELARUS – UKRAINE – SOVIET SATELLITES JADE HELM 15 may be really focused on the ols Soviet Union. Just replace the hostiles with the JAde Helm map and discount the Middle East. Maybe both are really represented. China markets are particularly transparent unlike the manipulations we see here. Beyond the bizarre drop in Precious metals at a time they would surge, it says that the derivative traders by the banksters are pulling out the big guns and it’s so frggin obvious the MSM cannot rationalize or make it up anymore.

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