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Force Labor Trade Frequency: Zebranomics

You cant jump start the NWO Global Buy-Sell transformation until you have the numbers right. Pure Mathematics

Americans Not In The Labor Force Jumps To 93.6 Million (Participation Rate Drops To 1977 Levels)  by  • July 2, 2015

The June Jobs Report is out today and Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer must be thrilled! Americans NOT in the Labor Force jumped by 640,000 to a whopping 93.6 million. Remember, according to Fischer, America is near full employment. So, Americans NOT in the labor force keeps rising as a percent of the potential labor force (NOT in labor force + labor force) and is above 37%.


Other jobs-related information is not very good either. While the U3 unemployment rate dropped to 5.3%, the broader U6 unemployment rate is still above 10% at 10.5%.


Labor force participation fell to 1977 levels.


Wage growth? There was none in June. And the average hourly wage growth YoY FELL to 2.0%. So much for the vaunted “wages will rise!” meme.


223,00 jobs were added in June which was less than expected, but that is a drop in the bucket compared to the 93.6 million NOT in the labor force.

Tune into CNBC and Fox Business and you will hear the talking heads singing “Keep Your Sunny Side Up”



3 Worlds 3 Axioms 0 Paradox

So until that time you have to tank the economy. Not an easy task. It required 100 years of tinkering and modifications of the original plan.. From 1913 and the Jekyll Island Clubbers to the planned crash of 29 to the confiscation of PM’s and into the banking era under Glass-Steagall, the manipulators have never ceased tweaking the system at the right moments in the vortex.

How they managed to put America into bankruptcy back then was pure genius. Since this time of planning you can see the fingerprints of the committee and footprints of the elite currency controllers.  Glass-Steagall was necessary back then for them as not to provide competition with the banks that they did not own or control. Once the Central Banks were in place and the possession of the commercial banks were consolidated they busted Glass Steagall with a BRIC  in GrammLeach-Bliley Act and then they were able to play casino royale. They had already seen the benefit through illegal banking practices. The bubbles and crises are just history now.

As instruments of a bankrupt corporation nation we have to begin to come out of the trance of MSM and government propaganda with a new understanding that it is not the old propaganda being whitewashed but that they believe their own BS.  You can’t assume hundreds of thousands of fools are in a confederation of a criminal mafia prototype. You now have to assume a mind control, illusionary process, some training, indoctrination and mathematical formula used in this process.


As you cruise through the zillions of financial websites, outlets and blogs, you see the most ludicrous “hopefulz” smeared across the landscape. Unlike the example of reality posted above by Mr. Sanders, most sheeple and dreamers expect the sines to rebound.  Why?  Barry S. said you can’t have a house let alone air-conditioning. Didn’t you understand?

“The universe cannot be read until we have learned the language and become familiar with the characters in which it is written. It is written in mathematical language, and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without which means it is humanly impossible to comprehend a single word. Without these, one is wandering about in a dark labyrinth.” – Galileo

0 (z)They give this agenda ‘life’ by the science of three worlds. Theirs, yours and the real. The conspiracy is the NLP and axiom of choice. It’s we who decide on the logical context of these frequencies. Assuming the well-ordered agenda of the NWO power, how they have manipulated the set thus far and how they are increasing the volume of programming.


and  TPP Reduces Human Trafficking and Child Labor to Misdemeanors

This raises the obvious question. “Why, in the year 2015, is the White House teaming up with Republican leaders to defend the practice of slavery?”

Topsy Turvy? No, it is just the Z Paradox of the tru rulers of the human domain and that you have three sets. Those who have no clue and live in a total false reality. They are totally out of the formula and accept any and all of the forces. Then there are those who understand the Z paradox and accept it and will benefit from the Agenda 21 and Global trade terror NLP. And finally those of us who know it, reject it and reside outside the set, it’s temple and it’s rule. We may be many outside the workforce which is near 100 million nationally but billions outside globally.  We will continue to become more visible.  I$I$ we are, until we are not.

It’s more difficult these days to understand the subsets of people and sheeple alike. Whether they are perpetrators or victims. Even Barry Soetoro himself may be a total slave. Either way we who are of the COTO subset are and will be the target of the Z domain. The Zebranomics says the economy is improving. The only way the economy can improve is by a complete reversal of the current trend in financial terms or the increase of death by human assets who run counter to that trend.

Untitled-1 copy

Black and White XYZ = Z(x,y) or 9(3,6)

In Zebranomics, the simplest truth is apparent. You either perform as an asset or liquidate as a risk to the market of NWO. I wonder about the SDR’s, trade agreements, fate of the toxic derivatives, etc. but I really think now, the derivatives are a direct correlation to the accounting of global depopulation. Assume every useless eater (6.66 billion) is worth X and the realistic total of derivatives is Y and Z is the business of liquidating the liabilities or converting them to profitable position and balance the sheet. Assume the Military portion of the complex will get first crack at taking large swaths of human assets and domains out in a large bold transaction. Followed by the Corporate set getting bigger cuts in the market by soft-kill and then the government getting their share through reallocating others assets into higher profits for the global slave traders. Forced Labor, slave traders, terror accounting.  Just look at the headlines.

Watch what Iceland did and watch Greece. Watch Malaysia and the flying economy. It’s a process the same process in three worlds. Take your pick and decide which way you want to go. I shouldn’t be so negative as it really turns off the MK Sycophants in Set 1,  so I will say something positive. Enjoy each and ever day as a blessing for it always be better than tomorrow.

“Yesterday I was Icelandic, today I am Greek . Tomorrow I may be Malaysian.”




    So, we read the story in the link above and get a clue that certain entities can and will make life very difficult for populations. In small and large geographic areas. Preparing, even in a minor fashion not can, but will, provide a measure of protection from immediate destitution.

    None-the-less, we see WE are “at risk” to the predation of the banker/political class and any police/military enforcers they can con/bribe to serve their interests.

    A tenuous existence is left to the billions if they remain under “control” of the button pusher/lever pulling/consciousless reptile elite legislators. As I consider this poor circumstance, my innate human survival instinct roars to life with clanging, lights ablazing, screaming, “Do Something, Don’t Be An Idiot!” This part of my central nervous security system is still in working order. I hope other people’s is working too?

    Billions should be realizing about now that the Flim Flam is “on”.

    There is nobody at the other end of the billions’ “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” help button.

    Funny, that folks thought the central derailment cared about them?…

  2. I think Dov Zachheim is somewhere about. Remember the hole in the pentagon? How about a goldfinger?

  3. Gov. Andrew Cuomo asks New Yorkers to be vigilant in light of terror warnings issued by the federal government for July 4th.

    Please can’t we just call the Federal Government IS? Why not ISA.

    • Cuomo — The shlomo? I rank him right there with the other elite khazar klowns.

      What does he know that the masses don’t? How has he positioned himself to profit? Guido Giuseppe Giuliani and that other NY billionaire gas bag are this guy’s mentors. Lump in the Cardinal there too.

      COTO is vigilant; that’s why we trust these spiders to do exactly what they are programmed for…

  4. Speaking of Jekyll Island you can get a flavor of how the TPP is being bought and paid for by lobbyists for the CORP-regimes. Here’s ALEC in Savannah Georgia Resort

    ALEC responds to 11Alive Investigators report

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