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PROPAGANDA and PSYOPS from the people who brought you 911

Recent shark attacks, now up to 7 in Carolinas, puzzle experts and scare beachgoers

It was too much BS that I had to look into this. Coming from Florida and growing up a lifeguard since 7 years old, this avid diver, surfer and ocean lover had encounters with sharks on a regular basis.

Since 1963, I have encountered dozens of sharks while diving, snorkeling and body surfing. The latest encounter being one in which I was body surfing the large tropical storm waves of an offshore hurricane. I was not only near the fishing pier but trying to avoid pieces of the pier itself which the storm had taken from the structure. While coming into the shore on a nice size swell I noticed someone else was riding my wave. It was not until I saw the Tiger fin that I realized it was a large Tiger shark who had come by to see if I were a school of mullet.  As we arrived near breakwater she broke off and headed upstream. I ran to shore and down the surf to get a better view. She was a good 8-10 footer with a weight likely at 600 lbs. A beautiful dorsal fin gave her away.  The only occurrence where I had any concern with these encounters was in the case of a huge hincky Hammerhead. It was unusual to encounter one that close to shore and it was erratic in behavior. I had been spear fishing a school of bleeding Jack.


This recent rash of shark attacks on the coast of NC State where I now reside is just too bizarre not to look at closer. MSM bull sharks are already doing a pump and dump on the Spielberg fear campaign. Close Encounters of the Turd Kind.  It is typical of the connection between the MSM and TPTB when they are doing a major propaganda piece.  The question is why?

You can find the soft sell experts filtered through the media giving a host of explanations for this phenomenon. As usual it is ‘disclosure” in a “limited hangout” or DLH.  We can consider the COTO possibilities as well.

That’s the killer, he’s the one. No we better cut him open and see whats in that slow metabolic belly. Aha, a Louisiana licence plate. Bingo!

777 is the sheeples 11


Navy DoD scalar test . Sonar -radar, weapon heating ionospheric water based experimentation. We know how crazy the kids get and the research of Cellular microwaves that has been accepted now even by major nations like Germany and others who now warn and advise against the dangers, especially for young brains. Why would we not see the sonar testing of the past as a reason for porpoise and whale beachings?

NAVY DoD Experimentation

It’s pretty well obvious now that the economy is in the shark tank. If you are independent research looking for grants you had better start with the base economy folk at the Defense Department. As we all can see our economy is based on service and research. Our GDP is death by Obamacare and weapons manufacturing along with some high fructose and GMO fare.  So let’s consider the weaponization of sharks as they did the dolphins back in the last millenium.  Why not tackle this fish? Is there any other sea creature that puts more fear into sheeple than the shark?  So a little PhARMA and a little disruptor chip into the brain and bingo, you have Shark Ahlzheimers. The poor Bull can’t tell a Amber Smith from an Amberjack. A lone Bull shark can’t even get treatment from a friend. It’s a lonely and scary world.

DEEP WATER HORIZON: The Corexit to the Outer Banks

After the scumbags at BP Legal got done with Macondo, they brought in the COREXIT team of low life forms in Goldman Sachs, Blacksone Group, NALCO, ECOLABS and other assorted corpo-killers. Nalco itself has a storied history.

Once partly owned by the Blackstone Group, current owner of SeaWorld, the company was recently sold to EcoLab, which works on hygiene, clean water, food, and energy services.

So back to the economy, we have seen the SeaWorld problems. Dying attendance at their Killer Whale circus trauma shows. They have been hammered by the recent documentary BLACKFISH which killed it’s business. They claim the film uses falsities and deceptive tools to make false and misleading points and prey upon emotions. Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle Blackstone, then I am Caitlin Jenner’s sister.

So maybe the Gulf stream currents have brought the corexit crude bullets all the way around the horn of Florida and into the outer banks along with the toxic brain dead bait fish and Bull and Tigers following. Maybe the sunscreen PABA used by the bather victims smelled better to the Corexit brain damaged sharks who decided they have had enough of the genetically modified seafood and wanted to try something more organic.


All of the above


Well maybe we can bring this ashore in time for ZOO, the TeeVee series based upon the book by James Patterson. Hopefully we can begin to see Black Bears coming down to feast on unattended children in the park. Whatever the purpose of the deflection, diversion and disclosure of this event, I ask two questions. What caused it? What is it’s purpose?

Wet Dream – Kip Addotta

Wet Dream – Kip Addotta



  1. Dolphin Jumps Into Boat: 350-Pound Dolphin Breaks Woman’s Ankles [Video]


    “Murdered: 3rd “Alternative” Prominent Doctor From Florida Found Dead in 2 Weeks”

    Which way should people look for the onslaught? It is coming in waves.

    Political, environmental, spiritual, financial, educational, pharmaceutical, mental, economics, military…pick the zone, isolate the area, it is all lit up!

    It spells c-h-a-o-s and is meant to cause “overload”. Read the signs. COTO has been posting them for years. Where to go, what to do? Standing still leaves you smack in the path of the tsunami. Gonna get better? No, going to get worse, much worse. That is the prophecy. Find your solace.

    • Journos, Bankers, Doctors …..connect the dots of the Eugenics depop. Project Bluebeam

      Well Boomer it seems that the connection is to whistleblowers or mending the picket fense. National Security of the Homeland. That’s what Stalin called it. Fatherland Security. (“collective security”)

      If you are not a borg or in the hive mind, then you are doctor zhivago…..




  3. “Howl ye, for The Time is at hand!”.


    Greek: Culling the Herd

    This is universal Obamacare

  5. Everyone should check out this Link; its on topic for this thread:

    I’ve seen the evidence in the skies too many times now, chemtrails and the clouds “washboarding” due to frequency manipulation, as well as weird lenticular clouds.

    • I have not seen the shrooms since 2011. Remember this one I photo’d in 2011/ It was a sick day and the next day dead animals everywhere. Racoons in the video.

  6. Gotta love this. Belarusans have no idea what’s comng and it aint sour milk.

  7. Jade Helm Crisis Actor Orientation

  8. What a crock from Hollywood conmen. Sheeple collect in these Baaah Baaaah Blah blah.
    He states the obvious but never talks about NWO or even says elite but definitely talks global order. No constitution, no nothing. wind. Must be holyrood Treadstone and Matt is the proxy for revolution and OCCU-Pi. oooooh amazing!

    MATT DAMON on ELITE & NWO – Amazing Speech On This Evil World

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