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Buy-Sell 666 Commerce: The Illuminati Formula for Man



The illuminati Formula: a triad – P Dunne 2009 – 2015

For COTO breathers and others entrenched in the highest order of skepticism, I present the N.W.O. (NEW WORLD ORDER) as just a kinder gentler acronym for NEED, WARRANT, OPPORTUNITY.In all the cases I have investigated there is a common theme. The illuminati, Bilderberg’s or COMMITTEE have the ability to run the show through this formula of need, [problem/goal] warrant, [solution/means] and opportunity. [reward]  Within this TRIAD, there consists of a triune of personnel to carry out this formula. Comprised of COMMITTEE, ADMINISTRATORS and ENABLERS, they are all necessary to complete the cycle. read more

comment 2009 -I see more MK domestic terror and blacks may be the next targets or hispanics. As predicted I said jews and I was correct. But targeting women had escaped my thought. 

BUY-SELL-COMMERCE = 333   .MAN=666 The MARK is 666 for any Sting by any Grifter


NWO Vortex2 NWO Vortex

When looking at the “Get Him To The Greek” staged event, it is hard not to see the Greek Leaders as players in the schematic, but they are players. It is the illuminati control of Administrators and Enablers. As I reported in the 2009 article, ADMINS and ENABLERS are inducted into the COMMITTEE Vortex in numbers of ways.

We can look at the current events to sample such possibilities. It really becomes more obvious as we begin to accept the vortex of everything. Nothing material, living or unseen operated outside the vortex except the realm of zero.

We have witnessed the FAST-TRACK phase of NWO. Fast track is the vortex manipulation of cycles in the 3D world we call our living reality. What can transpire from the manipulation can happen in a second and by one point.  Today the World Time Server will adjust for the LEAP SECOND and the fast track of our World Order is at stake. Clearly the Servers are at risk and when the system is at risk so are we. The single point of FAST TRACK is that it skips or adjusts for thing out of the norms that we have come to know whether legal, rules or protocols.

This is where Barry Soetoro and the manipulating committee technocrats have been especially competent. We can look to TPP Trade, Finance, Supreme Law of Commerce and BUY-SELL 666, the road to global authority and the transformation.  What we have seen since Obama Buy-Sell is healthcare, commerce and ISIS domestic agendas converge into a very small box. The Supreme Courts rulings on every appeal for Obamacare has been upheld under the commerce-tax clauses. It’s a decision that has nullified Constitution, Rule of law, Religion, Family and Independence. For whose sake? For Whats sake?  Commerce.

The Greek event will fortify the EU transition beyond the borders of the Vortex and beyond the rules of order. This chaos is perfect order in the manipulated vortex and so are all the Supreme Courts rulings since Barry Soetoro. Those which you may agree with as well as those in which you disagree are still part of the vortex schematic for one world order, authority and  CONTRACT.

Marriage for example was a COM(P)ACT [8] now a CON(TR)ACT [11] The difference is P7 turns to TR11. In the vortex it is a transition from 3 to 6. Therefore when all decisions are made upon the commerce clause we GODS people or humans are sucked into the same transition along with the finance. How it aligns biblically and scientifically is debatable but has similarities that are quite illuminating. From UCC-1 today to GENESIS 1, the revelations of numbers are present.

How do the manipulators use the mafia science and numerology of the freemason knowlwdge to achieve the results? It only takes one. The Nine of the Supreme Court are numerically set as a controller. Not the 333 degree but way up there. The reason there are nine justices is not a mistake. It could have been seven or eleven in order for a tie breaker but nine was selected for a larger reason. That reason is being shown to us now. When the Gay Marriage ruling came down even the Conservative GOP came onboard for the most part. This swing is based upon the enabling and administration of the vortex. What happens as a result of this is uncertain and nothing is set in stone. It is merely a manipulation in a living sequence and cycling of the vortex that the universe runs on . They have just managed to use the tools of scientific mathematics and  distort the universal arithmetic set in stone by the creator.

So instead we are slowly watching the Rule of Law change to the Law of Rule. The religious, family and constitution it was built on are being altered to the Nine. The committee and for us the laws which they do not to consider for themselves, but those which we are subject to. Devine rights are overruled and the SCOTUS and their invisible backers are rewriting the laws. All law.

I found that writing the Illuminati TRIAD piece a defined connection to Mafia type strategies to induct servers into the system, inside the cloud. Whether by financial inducements, blackmail and assassination when necessary, the controllers can manage the consortia of this cabal. I found this interesting regarding John Roberts and his seemingly contradiction of past decisions and views on constitutional interpretation.

Was Chief Justice Roberts Blackmailed Into Supporting Obamacare? Maybe.

The Ghost and John Roberts

The Scullduggery

John and Jane (nee Sullivan) Roberts were married in 1996 and about four years later they adopted their two children, both infants at the time, a boy and a girl, about four months apart in age. The adoptions were “private,” meaning they were arranged through private parties without the involvement of any agencies. The notion of the Obama White House blackmailing Roberts arose with rumors that the adoptions may have been illegal under the laws of Ireland.

This follows my formula in the TRIAD of Illuminati induction. Roberts may have been confirmed by Congress but Obama confirmed the rulings by Proxy. This may be a long-standing technique going way back but it is worth considering the FAST TRACK which seems to make more of Barry Soetoros transparency visible to us and the enormous amount of fear in the administrators and many of the enablers. The open assassination of journalists, the wellstoning of certain officials and the depths of bribery and payoffs in the revolving door of the political corporate system has never been so open to conspiracy theory.

What the deep committee must be thinking is that it a designed strategy to use “disclosure” and limited hangouts via the social media and information. How SCOTUS went by the numbers is interesting. The question of 6-3 in Subsidies tells me this is likely the case. Roberts in Round Two did not have to be the decider. Kennedy was there. Roberts would have been free to come back on his original decider vote to at least make some connection to his constitutional duty but still gave proxy to Obamacare Soteoro. But Kennedy, who dissented from the Court’s 2012 ruling upholding the constitutionality of the ACA’s individual mandate was  a two in the ruling in 2015. Roberts still the one who carried the Soetoro proxy to decision.

Image result for WHite house lit up rainbow

The Color Purple Of Proxy West Wing

The transformation continues to be the law of commerce and the rule of committee. It is in the finance of Zebranomics that we enter the Buy-Sell of 666. [Wo]Man will continue their entry into the NWO by proxy of economics and how the rule of the vortex will play its part in this transition will continue to become ever more clear in the spectrum of our manipulation in the numerology of Agenda 21. Every event is a shifting by design to force us to points where we are under the dominance of commerce. It is survival. Without it we would have to break out of jail, grab some survival tools, head to the Catskills or Adirondacks and hope that Homeland Security does not gun us down. I$I$ we are until we are not.  Think about all you have read and seen. Do you feel the love?  I suggest the feeling should be something like a Salmon where the time is to go upstream at any cost or go with flow like the Titanic waiting for a ship that will never arrive. What do you think?



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