Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 27, 2015

Karen’s House Of Shoes located in the Domain of Rothschild

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Time to update folks on the Nationwide UN NWO scam known as the Shadow Corporate Beast. This is the secret offshore and taxpayer investments in slush funds being formed by State Officials, not published the their CAFR’s (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) and amounting to billions of dollars. While your taxes go up, these foreign investments increase as well. Running local government and services for the people’s benefit, well you know, They are becoming less and less visible and cutbacks due to budget shortages are constantly being reinforced by the MSM. Austerity is the word, right? There’s just no money.  Well the facts are undisputable. There is money. Billions of dollars sitting in bogus foreign corporations, some with USA addresses that do not exist.

If you are not aware of Walter Burien and the Biggest Game in Town, there are links posted on the side bar down  at  #0 GOVERNMENT THEFT – CAFR & THE FED. Here is a recent development in the New World Order Capital Crime syndicate located in Clayton County Georgia, NWO capital east like Denver Colorado in the west.

Go to 32minutes 14 seconds and listen for about 5 minutes.

“Some of this, most of this, all of this….?

CLAYTON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Regular Business Meeting June 2, 2015 7:00 P.M.- Carl Swanson

6. Carl Swanson spoke in regards to Clayton County government as a whole. He asked questions of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Mr. Swanson stated that there were “shadow corporations” running and operating in the background. He stated that one is named the Clayton County Government and Service Corporation of which Chairman Turner is named the CEO. He stated that there is nowhere on the report where funds are allocated for this company. Chairman Turner asked Mr. Swanson when the corporation meets because he may need to be there. Mr. Swanson also went on to state that Ms. Barnes was affiliated with this corporation as well. He stated that there were also international corporations. He stated that he called a number listed for one of the corporations, and it rang back to the County Commissioner’s Office.

Chairman Turner addressed Mr. Swanson in stating that he is totally unaware of what he is speaking of. He requested for Mr. Swanson to provide information of which he is speaking so that some answers can be given, as no one is aware of this.

This Karen’s House of Shoes has a Dutch Netherland flavor and UN World Government in the Rothschild Financial Banking Shadow Corporation structure is a monlith of corruption. While Detroit may be bankrupt on CAFR terms, their second set of books may be funding eugenics in Somalia. It’s just Zebranomics to them.  It’s the American Dream to get elected by fraud and be made CEO of a billion dollar corporation in the Cayman Islands. Just don’t read what the attorney asks you to sign and you’ll get that trip to the Islands one day after you leave office as I am sure there is a pension attached to these CAFR2’s.



Master with puppet

Yellow Pages – House of Rothschilds

Karen’s House Of Shoes

112 Smith St, Jonesboro, GA 30236
(770) 473-5421



  1. Off topic from your thread, but the author asking questions has some top notch points:

    “U.S. Paying off Crisis Actors with $29 Million For Charleston Shooting Hoax (Redsilverj)”

    and Dahboo7’s conspiracy accusation: (both sourced from )

    “Charleston Shooting Happened During Federal ‘Active Shooter’ Drill

    We now have solid proof of Federal Agents and Local Law Enforcement In Charleston Conducting an Active Shooter Drill June 15-19th.

    They were already in position and this is why FBI was on the scene like lightning.

    The shooting happening right in the middle of this 5 day Drill.

    There is no denying the Proof we now have.

    Evidence continues to mount!”

    Federal Training Schedule PDF:……


      Thank you.

      • see? even a sheep can see through the wool of these empty suits and confidence men. The greeks are taking it in the you know what as well. Boy have they been hammered with the conmen.

        If MAT and SWEAT, …I mean STARSKY & HUTCH had been bank robbers, we mave seen a US Bank run.

  2. Yeah I saw that. It is even more sinister, the assassination of the anti-vaccine doctor down the road from me here. I expect to arming myself soon.

  3. Here’s the kind of shit our tax money and stolen funds are paying for.

    Based on Hollywood this cheesy, sleazy production may have run into hundreds of thousanfs of dollars. Al-CIAda and the Mossad-Hammas are trying to crank up Iran war.

  4. Drones kill any chance of peace in Afghanistan
    British police seized a drone that was flying over the site of the Wimbledon tennis tournament

    BRICS and DRones???? Maybe BRICS and Dildos


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