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811: This may be too easy but it’s compelling


JAMES FETZER on the JAMES TRACY SHOW: Why I believe the Apollo 11 mission was a hoax. Fetzer lays out several of the same hoaxes that I believe are true hoaxes. What I go by is science but in numbers. The Van Allen Belt is a vortex too. It was a Faux Paul?

LETS TALK 38th PARALLEL and the 44th PRESIDENT. It too is a vortex. One derived by deceit and delivered by death.

REALITY IS 1,2,(3) 4,8, (6) 7,,5, (9)
The NWO reality is (1-2) 3 (4-5) 6 (7-8) 9
The dialectic, the truth, the consciousness all pass through zero except where the powers that be can re-sequence the vortex to their liking. No matter what you want to believe, arithmetic rules the universe and it is true in one cycle only. What we perceive versus what is true is a victim of the parallax. We should never forget that anything we do not experience is nothing potentially.

What the Master architects know is that digital is theirs where film was ours. Film is all but gone. They also know that EM frequencies are theirs and the audible range is ours. What they have learned about those and what they have imparted to us is night and day as to the profound effects on our internal vortex. A healthy one. That’s why a good [wo]man will have a healthy dose of skepticism. It’s not required you be spiritual or clairvoyant, just skeptical. If we had only shot 911 footage with fuji-film

tag: Kodak conspiracy, Analog Digital conspiracy

Fukushima, NAPA,  Ferguson, Soetoro Golf and all events occurred on the 38th
And Baroness Philippine de Rothschild Passes Away at 80 Years of Age on the 38th at Opus 11

Now we have JADE HELM 15 and the 38th Parallel. Something about this video and reporter hits me like a tonne of BRICS.

HUGE JADE HELM 15 UPDATE UN Trucks Spotted In Missouri And Military Is Digging a Lake


This was an active nine hole golf course hidden by trees less than 600 feet from the JC (Jefferson City, Missouri) airport and they are building something. Idk what’s about to happen but that white tent is surrounded by Mercedes vans that have no licensing and UN stickers on them. I need to get this out because idk how much more is going on but people need to know.

Jefferson City, Missouri Coordinates: 38°34′36″N 92°10′25″W

811-811 vortex 9 hole golf with the lake. Now focus on the JADE HELM logo

XYZ = East West North South and the shoe (lake) The hole. Where is the focal point of the event? Right Here?

One can only look, listen and decode. What’s covered by the MSM is always a hoax, deflection, staged event or psyop. Trust but verify?  I think it’s beyond that now. Always assume false until true shows itself before your eyes. But this may be a New Madrid event for the Blood Alley I-35 Corridor and 38th parallel. I think “Ground Zero” in TPTB event for transformation.  When and how is still uncertain but where is becoming more clear. If we get many or multiple events globally I bet they fall on illuminati latitudes of 38 and death longitudes of numerical significance. Those may be any sequence, I do not know. But lets look at the US 38th Structures

Wikipedia: The 38th parallel structures, also known as the 38th parallel lineament,[1] are a series of circular depressions or deformations stretching 700 km (435 mi) across southernIllinois and Missouri into eastern Kansas at a latitude of roughly 38 degrees north.

Rampino and Volk (1996) postulated that these structures could be the remains of a serial meteorite strike in the lateMississippian or early Pennsylvanian periods. Difficulty in determining the age of many of the structures and doubts about the exogenic origins of several of them leave somegeologists skeptical of this hypothesis. As of May 2009, only two of the structures, Decaturville and Crooked Creek, are listed as confirmed in the Earth Impact Database.[2]

Wait a minute!  NASA Working With National Nuclear Security Administration On Plan To Use Nukes On Doomsday Asteroid has just been splattered all over the web????????  Hmmmmm.

Does the Shoe fit or does the Foo shit?

You’ll have to wait to see if the Pope on a Rope Francis is killed in Philadelphis 38th parallel or another sacrifice is staged on this remarkable proned imaginary line. Jefferson City is quite the point for the real JADE HELM project which may include the Bluebeam Teams introduction to America and the UN Agenda 21, boys in blue.

Jefferson City is commonly referred to as “Jeff” and abbreviated as “JCMO”.= 8, 9 18, and 666. midway betweenSt. Louis and Kansas City (Federal Reserve Banks)

Just too many possibilities here. I’ll leave it to COTO to look at the info and decode it themselves. But if I were on the dream team technocratic board of killers, I’d fire a space based weapon into the lake on that 9 hole golf course and tell the idiot masses it was a chip of a comet that is coming to destroy the planet and / or set of a HAARP or dirty nuke to trigger MADRID fault and flood the joint. Blame it on I$I$, the moon and CO2.

The Head of the Beast is Jefferson MO


I’ll leave it on a great Faux Paul song from Billy Shears. “Where it will go?”


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  1. You have to take note of the NWO MSM media machine. Note that they are saying Homeland Security killed the NY Escapee today. Others calling them Customs Border Protection agents from the Department of Homeland Security.

    Get used to this ring COTO. There was a reason for this staged event and it’s been clear by the 24/7 BS Cycle of garbage and poorly scripted love triangles crap that it was to get hundreds of NWO gmen on the job hunt down and kill an American regardless of his baggage.

    Then as usual they use an assortment of ridiculous “incompetence” while playing on the fear and heroes swooping in to make everyone safe. What a flagrantly obvious crock of shit.

    No one lays it on better than Fuax Spews.

  2. Meanwhile:


    [A fisherman found the body of Dr. James Jeffery Bradstreet in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock, North Carolina, last Friday afternoon.

    “Bradstreet had a gunshot wound to the chest, which appeared to be self inflicted, according to deputies,” reported WHNS.

    In a press release, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office announced, “Divers from the Henderson County Rescue Squad responded to the scene and recovered a handgun from the river.”]

    How does a floating man with chest wound appear to be self inflicted by cops? Because It was the cops. That’s how you get up close to someone. Appear to be a cop.

  3. 2 incredible photos of the moment Obama found out about the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling

    Read more:

    Here is Photo #3

  4. Who is WikiLeaks working for?

    [One notable absentee

    Interestingly, there’s very little of interest regarding Israel in the cables. There’s the title page of a document regarding alleged strategic cooperation between the Saudis and Israel, but the document itself is missing. It could be a technical error, or someone may have had reason to remove it…..What’s interesting about this batch is that WikiLeaks chose to head it with a Hollande conversation from 2012, in which the French president discussed engaging with members of the German opposition, behind Merkel’s back, over the European Union’s problems with Greece’s debts. Giving this particular issue prominence now, in a week of crisis talks between the EU leadership and the Greek government – which is on the verge of defaulting and perhaps leaving the Eurozone, with potentially disastrous consequences – could simply be good news savvy on Assange’s part. On the other hand, there are those who would be very interested in sowing discord between France and Germany at this point: Russia, currently the subject of EU sanctions and a supporter of Greek ruling party Syriza. Russian news organizations were certainly very quick to trumpet the leak and this particular detail on Monday night, minutes after it was released on WikiLeaks’ website..]

    What a news – disinfo day. I’ve never seen one like it in a long time.

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