Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 25, 2015



East West: One figures in Global Warming Hoaxing via the secret Superheaters and Secret TPP negotiations that the doom and gloom of rainy days has arrived. Did you plan for the rainy day?

If not don’t be too concerned. The TPP has to hurdle Congress but more important it has to pass the Asian, and  Mexican muster.  China has to sanction it as well or blow our economy up. Hey, they would make a great fall guy over Putin.

Instead I expect the Malaise for Malaysia to continue. Unlike the ass kissing Aussie Govt. and Canadian  Head  Pedophiles, Chile, Japan,Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam are not exactly enamoured with Mary Soetoro or the negotiations.  There are much dissent and many disputes that the globalist pimps have to deal with.

Among many of the secret negotiation techniques found in the rounds are the mafia type “making an offer you cannot refuse” If in the Zebranomics phase they still decline, they wake up with a Zebra head in their bed.  The better option is an ENMOD EL HAARPO NINO.  This can be accomplished by the ionospheric heaters of EISCAT that British, US and Australia can unleash in the polar vortex, easterlies, the Jet Stream westerlies or the Nino equatorials. This summers flavor is flood. Along with banging the drum of TPP in Asia by way of cyclones and flooding for Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei, the assault on our own patriot Jade Helm rejectionist program is in full swing. 

Pefect Storm

What can we expect for Jade Helm time? A nifty hurricane season with wet and wild gulf storms just like Texas and Oklahoma got when they received their Bill

This jog likely saved southwest Houston, hardest hit by the Memorial Day rains several weeks ago, from 12 to 18 inches of rain. The map below shows the rains from Tropical Storm Bill, and illustrates how they might have moved had Bill not made a leftward jog shortly before landfall.

Jog? Nice name for a scalar steering committee move to dump water over the I-35 Corridor and blood alley swath.

I expect the Australians to have a cold Winter. Thanks to el HAARPO NINO. We can expect TPTB to take full advantage of a strong EL NINO and with the aid of three or more heaters to make it a record breaker. Solar activity included will aid them in the ongoing campaign of TPP Trade pact which is the Master Plan for “YOU CAN’T HAVE AIR CONDITIONING” which is the real name for Climategate. I know it’s a bit long but it’s perfect for ramping up the TPP and new Carbon economy.

So we will see plenty of water where we don’t need it. No water where we do. Massive hail and lightning in derecho from Texas to Minnesota. High pressure east to Low pressure west and downbursts ala HAARP like never before.  It’s the Pacific Parade of Partnerships being formed by the masters of weather modification.  The EL NINO may be the tool for final passage into the hell we know is coming.  This one likely to last for two years.

The 2015 El Niño continues to strengthen, could become one of the strongest ever recorded

Well see what’s in store for Mexico, Chili and the I35 corridor this summer but I expect a winner for the globalists. It’s just business.




  1. Your Blubeam Dream of the Day from DREAMWORX HOLYROOD.

    NASA Working With National Nuclear Security Administration On Plan To Use Nukes On Doomsday Asteroid

    It just never sleeps, this propaganda machine. Churns out more Bullshit than CNN. Any weapons from NASA are pointed right here on Terra firma and our asses.

  2. UN Base Camp Hidden In Plain Sight In Middle Of Missouri, America!!!!!

    If true it really conforms and possible confirms the New Madrid Fault earthquake scenario on the I-35 corridor. That would align with Ferguson as a major deflection for Military and FEDs in the region. It also bases the Federal Reserve Central banking network.

    This also aligns with Barry Soetoro #44 on the 38th parallel and why the event will likey fall between this lattitude and special coordinates that align with the Masonic Ancient Ley Lines.

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