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From Whence Cometh “The Terror”?

Source for video below:

“This weekend is the sixty third meeting of the Bilderberg Group. In Bilderberg 2015 – The Key Agenda, David Icke gives its history and purpose – global manipulation”.

Quote below taken from article, “Globalism and the push for mandatory universal vaccination”.

“The hallmark of any long-term organized conspiracy is compartmentalization. Each player is only aware of his small part.

Rising through the ranks, players see a bit more of the actual picture, but they continue to believe they are doing the right thing.

And there is always the threat of loss of status, money, job, future career (and even life and limb) to offset the desire to blow the whistle.

At upper levels, players understand still more of whole picture. Few of them, however, are willing to grasp the intentionality of what is being visited on populations.

The top controllers are the contented psychopaths. They, too, believe they’re doing the right thing—but their definition of “right” and “good” is unique. It involves widespread destruction.” ~ Jon Rappoport

ALSO SEE (Well researched & documented):

“The Two Contending Visions of World Government” — The Origin & Broader Context of Obama’s ‘Trade’ Deals by Eric Zuesse

“U.S. President Barack Obama’s proposed ‘Trade’ deals are actually about whether the world is heading toward a dictatorial world government — a dictatorship by the hundred or so global super-rich who hold the controlling blocks of stock in the world’s largest international corporations — or else toward a democratic world government, which will be a global federation of free and independent states, much like the United States was at its founding, but global in extent. These are two opposite visions of world government; and Obama is clearly on the side of fascism, an international mega-corporate dictatorship, as will be documented here in the links, and explained in the discussion.

Also as a preliminary to the discussion here is the understanding that if Obama wins Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority, then all of his ‘trade’ deals will be approved by Congress, and that if he fails to receive this Authority, then none of them will.

“This is not biblical-doomsday stuff, at all. In fact, any doomsday that could actually come, wouldn’t be at all mythological. Myths are designed to misinform people. Science is designed to inform them. One won’t find out what the real threats are, by reading myths. Myths are shaped by the aristocracy, to control the public. Myths helped cause today’s problems; they’re no solution to the problems. They’re part of the problems. Myths are propaganda. They do their jobs, for the deceivers, who generate them”.



  1. 2015 will be the 2012 psyop in secret pacts. Remember that Bilderberg was 1954 (9) and 63 years later the 63rd (9)

    Fifty delegates from 11 countries in Western Europe attended the first conference, along with 11 Americans. Joe Kennedy exclaims “Fifty men have run America, and that’s a high figure.” – committee of 300

    There was no formal meeting in 1976 – the real secret meeting took place but with limited attendees. World Trade Center (911) was first agenda in this meeting (WOT-WTO) soon after the word that USSR was going to tank to create the war on terror.

    1957 (33) had two meeting that year based upon the urgency of the cold war USSR and Eisenhowers rejection of the Cold War industrial military complex to destroy soviet union financially.

    1955 – the EU Europa union formation
    2015 – the USA Eurasia union formation

    No doubt the secret meetings from 1976 forward were about NWO union. Now the Bilderberg Group is likely a diversion like Davos and merely social bonding of the elites and their compartmentalized minions and confederates. Where the nine or eleven meet is still unknown. While the Bilders meet to talk trade, somewhere they secretly meet to talk terror.

    The dialectic has to use terror with trade, surveillance with security, economy with environment and health with obamacare. Now they need to uncompartmentalize the whole enchilada and transform us with it.

    So, how do you make a universal 911? Release the KRAKEN, servant of I$I$. 811 will make 911 look like a waste basket fire.

    • BTW I feel very old and looking at David Icke who I once saw as a young vibrant stud. He’s looking old as well.

      The Political Agenda Behind Alien Disclosure – Dykes & Melton-Dykes

      [Extraterrestrial life is being held and will be dealt as a card that requires ascension to world government and submission to a higher earthly authority. So compelling indeed is the opportunity to use aliens as a pretext for total control, that leader after leader have hinted at its unifying power over humanity. In the background, the possibly of a Project Blue Beam scenario has been prepared should the time come for the last card to be dealt to a humanity unwilling to march dutifully along under the banner of a one world government New World Order.]

      God Bless Serge Monast and Aaron Russo for their sacrifice of the RothRock bluebeam scheme.

  2. ISIS Colonel was Trained By Blackwater and U.S. State Department for 11 Years

    11 years? Yeah, there is no vortex in play here. I’m just a lunatic from the fringe. Blackwater BlackRock? Please, you kook, just go away and take your 811 with you.

  3. Cashes to Ashes : Hold onto your gold and silver and your washing machine.

    How do you hoax a cashless society? You can’t, but you can try with this vector…

    Exclusive : A Strange “Cash Disease” is Spreading in RK Nagar – Tamilisai Soundararajan

    [Banknotes can serve as a potential source of pathogens and, in a study from India, the greatest number of S. aureus isolates was found on paper currency that was recovered from hospitals.[17] In addition, it was found that epidemic nosocomial and community-acquired MRSA can easily survive on coins when soil (pus and blood) was also present.]

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  6. Another insightful inside-the-park Homerun from Rappaport:

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