Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 11, 2015

“cogito ergo sum mortuus”

The 811 Summer Primer  – cog(N)ito ergo sum mortuus (N=811)

Untitled-4 copy

Islamic State’s war on culture, I$I$ war on terror We are I$I$ “Quare arbitror ego sum terrore” 

Insuring against Asia’s catastrophes, TPP, BRICS, China, and NWO insurance policies

I think, therefore I am french , I think, therefore I am Charlie, “cogito ergo sum mortuus”[cogito ergo sum zero = 811]

The Robots are coming…..slowly   Rise of the Machines  – :”Cogito ergo sum ​​non machinam”

Untitled-2 copy

WAR on TRADE [World Terror Organization] =811 Trade disruption

Untitled-3 copyFrom a commercial standpoint, there is substantial market interest for developing risk transfer mechanisms for the region. [Global] Governments need to promote innovative disaster risk financing to help strengthen financial resilience when calamities strike.

Your Summer PRIMER for 811, courtesy of the Googleplex and Economissed. Thanks for ‘being’ COTO




    Their Moon…your Blood.

  2. From Jim Stone Freelance,

    “Anything but God”

    Don posted to the Bruce Jenner thread:

    “You know this is getting more and more weird, morality is being deliberately eroded in order for people to abandon God, not religion, that’s already been bastardized, but God. You can expect more stupid amoral sexual degeneration from these Godless pricks in the future. They love to couch their deviancy as some kind of “liberation”, or “equality”. Expect to see in the future, the sexual “liberation” of animals, of children, or what not. I fully expect to see people some time in the future, publicly fornicating and no one batting an eyelid”.

    “My (Jim Stone) response: It is all so transparent. Anyone who has picked up a bible and at least read Revelations would know that this is all laid out there, plain as day, so impossibly perfectly predicted as the great events that would usher in the rule of Satan. You have to be totally unknowing of what the bible says to miss it. And I know that is their goal.

    I can’t even begin to state how transparent and obvious it all is, even the minor details in the bible account of the end times are now coming into light with spectacular detail, as time goes on it leads me to question WHO WROTE THE BIBLE, AND HOW ON EARTH COULD IT POSSIBLY BE SO BANG ON? Answer: Well, perhaps it is all totally real. I am not a bible thumper because I believe people should find their own paths with good information. It is up to the individual to take this tip and do with it what they may.

    And yes, I have noticed that the “elite” don’t care what religion you have, provided you don’t really believe in God. You can believe in a philosophy, pray to the spirits, chant to a gohonzon and do whatever else you like but please OH PLEASE do NOT acknowledge the existence of God. So transparent, pathetic and simple of the lowest order of intellect when all anyone has to do to poke holes in it is to read the forward looking portions of ONE BOOK and start thinking!”

  3. Read a bunch of stuff at Jim Stone’s site, including the stuff in the scroll down “Window”.

    Then, I started reading this recent Kirwan diatribe which is actually enthralling in its logical conclusions on the imminent Jade Helm 15 Mess-ercise —

  4. You don’t have to be spiritual to see the the fake reality show is designed to move you from Zero to outer limits. A max distance from Zero (soul) to planes unknown and infinite in a lost world. Ego is the driver and social media and MSM on [SMART]? devices.

    By reversing polarity we have to adjust as well. I have turned the (-) to (+) and it powers me to jump ever more close to the point where one can see the nine (TPTB) committee in all it’s colors. It is purple folks, this aura, and it is blood and tears of dead souls in a bluebeam dream state. I see them as zombies and they are everywhere.

    Jenner is as purple as I have seen. He is so pathetically void and unhappy that even the tripleA, Arthur Ash Award cannot retrieve his soul from the black hole.
    He will continue to suffer in and out in three and six. His manslaughter charges will be as bogus as his AA Award and the googleplex and EVAN network will go silent unlike the OJ event. He will face civil actions regardless of the hypocritical Justice system. No doubt a Charlie Sheen or Vince Vaughn would do time on the rock for this.

    It’s all a Truman Show and Hybid Rogues “strategy of tension” as they continue to stretch the limits of what could only be hell on earth. This is when the majority and minority reports to the outer limits and the rest of us will be waiting for resurrection.

    I believe, therefore I am already dead here. Ego igitur non dubito

  5. Puddy, I’m sorry if this is out of place, but your blood moon video sent me on a trail down the rabbit hole. Truth just might be stranger than fiction! The Truman Show may be closer to the truth than geography class.

    Flat earth theory–have you heard of it? Do you have any opinions? At this point, I question everything I was ever taught. There is enough evidence for me to question even the most basic teaching of the shape of our world! Do you or Boomerang have any experience–pro or con–with the flat earth theory?

  6. Start with what you do know. Flat earth, hollow earth, round ball earth? Don’t complicate things. What does a horizon tell you, when the moon or sun is seen going down or coming up? Are they disks or balls?

    Don’t let other people/entities mess with your reality and perception.

  7. Yes I agree, it’s myorder theory. No chaos in theory. I can say that it may be all three. Until we can prove Lorenz transformation and minkowski time-space it can be a fractal endless vortex that jumps interdimensional boundaries. What we perceive may be reality in any one of the possibilities. Thought may be the driver for all reality internal. externally the universe may be a discus thrown into a vacuum but I would say from the observations of this watcher in this parallax position on this particular rock that we are in a petrie dish. Or it may be all of them depending upon geocentrics and coordinates.

    Ancient Aliens, Fallen Angels or mere pure energy of master thinkers, their force and gravity is useless in our minds and our thoughts. It is there we have total freedom and will if we choose it. It is there they are trying to use laws and rules to govern us. In the external they have released all governors and we are now seeing the velocities increase exponentially. I personally try to maintain this velocity as well but it gets harder everyday to keep up.

    It’s hard to tell ‘what is’ with the senses (5) but #6 is all our own and it can achieve great power if we connect to the zeropoint in my theory. Where they are, I want to be antipodal to. It’s pretty much like Boomer says “Don’t let other people/entities mess with your reality and perception.”

    • Thanks guys!
      I’m still unsure about the world, but one thing I do know is that I don’t trust NASA’s photographs of our planet. They are the only visible proof we have of the shape of Earth, and they are admitted to be composed images. While I do not want to blindly fall for a “second net” theory–any theory that tries to disprove the official story–I will say that the globe theory has some flaws I cannot ignore.

      Flight paths across the southern hemisphere, and suppressed travel throughout Antarctica by the UN are highly suspicious. Also, just about everything given to us by NASA is bullcrap, especially the staged underwater space walks and the cgi photos of Earth.

      I may not know the truth, but I do think we are being fed lies about our world! I can say I’ve heard lots of theories, and I really do enjoy imagining what could be possible. I’ve often wondered if there are not other lands on earth that are totally unknown to the commoners (us) and only known by the powers that be, elite, illuminati,etc. They control the satellite images, the maps, the lines of travel, so they could very well be hiding secret islands, or even the very shape and size of this world. The artist in me loves to see how far the imagination can go! It’s good to have a place like COTO where questions like this are not ridiculed 🙂

      • N.A. — Maintain your very own personal “Beautiful Mind”, and hone your character with Creator God’s help. No one can take that away from you when you remain “in tune”.

        The Satanists and the masses of those too materially inclined will receive the “strong delusion” that has been prophesied. Only the confused and blinded will deny this exists. Is this not something we can observe all around us? The madness, the evil, chaos, and every such foul thing promoted by the purveyors of such things?

        Yet, there is beauty, and peace can be found among the ruins, as our world dashes headlong to its fate. Find that “sweet spot”, hear and feel the soothing music that gives you rest. Run from war, the clashing and clanging of this age. Go to Nature, out of the man-made cities and citified landscape to commune in an environment conducive to “perspective”. How can anybody clear their mind with the clutter all around us? TURN IT OFF.

        We should all ask ourselves, “Why we are here — right now?”. And then observe that it is as the evil and deluded Bush, Jr. said, “We are either with Them or Against Them”. Read as, part of Their Team by choice, ignorance, and assimilation; or we are decidedly “choosing” to seek and be “a part of” of the opposite, the antipodal…apart from what the elites and ignorant masses represent.

        In this, WE get to Choose.

        We don’t have to know everything. And never will. Just enough to make sure we choose Good over Evil, and persistently walk in that higher direction. The elevator down is the easy ride. Looking around, we see that many/most are crowding onto that conveyor belt. Our time in existence here is too valuable to sacrifice for what this matrix offers. Faith in something more is required.

        Have a Sparkling Day!

      • You are ‘the thinker’ NA. You do your research.

        What we know is that it’s not as advertised. You are right on with Antarctica. I have researched and watched for years the points antipodal for arctic-anti (Greenland and New Swabia)

        All the NASA, bluebeam UFO hoaxing was researched, developed and tested there. The Area51’s are deflections off the target. MEDIA blackouts and special ops have insured prying eyes do not see.

        Operation Bluebeam is fact. Artifact is the Ancient Alien agenda and religious institutions bringing about a NWO based upon a cosmic authority and the largest conspiracy agenda in AG21. Tying in all vax, climate, softkill and the Gene-sys of selective breeding. Ending independence and freedom in orwellian fashion is mandatory for this to come off without a hitch. 666 global buy/sell, the basis for compliance under a full spectrum surbveillance apparatus
        (cloud) will be space based. DNA and transhumanism is necessary because all life human and animal cannot survive under the EMR and program unless they are in free zones. We will not be able to travel into the protected WETLANDS/WILDLANDS. Africom and USA will largely be these conservatories and protected zones.

        Beyond the “Hunger Games” and other holyrood documentaries of the global agenda intentions are the ‘hands off’ and ‘eyes only’ ones like the TPP and IMF. These carefully crafted pacts tie terror to trade in such a way as to easily force death penalties to those who would reject and threaten the world authority. I see it as no less than a hostile takeover now. If one does not choose to reject it and stop it now, then it is all but ink drying time and pink slips to follow.

        The pact like any agreement is open ended, vague and ‘living’ It is the rules of elites and the laws from which we are dominated. A handful of psychopaths, sociopaths and techno control freaks working for international joo-joo-bees have had their way for way too long. The jig is up and the countermeasures are coming. They planned for it and they will deliver. That is coming in part this September and it formally kicks of the seven-eleven cycle in the vortex. It’s the wildcard phase that will run from 2016 through WWIII (trade wars) and BRICS and Drones over the next eight years. Then it’s a switch from 3-6 to 6-3 and we go into phase five-eleven 2024 and the major depopulation phase. By that time all who perish will have been completey wiped out financially and most go willingly versus the alternative to inner city slums.

        I suspect the gladiator games and hunger arenas will be something just a cut above thunderdome. There have been so many repetitive reinforcements done by holyrood to prepare the masses for extinction, I just cannot keep the database current.

        • Good Morning, Puddy!

          You are quick on the draw this morning.

          I wanted to add something to what I said above. For those who look around themselves and observe the order and untold “systems” governing everything from the miniscule systems found in creatures (created), our own bodies, to nature, to the galaxies and beyond, it is obvious a Supernatural Force, Being, God Himself, has his handprints on everything. The beauty and perfection of His Work has been perverted and distorted. We can observe this when considering what deeds the elites, who have been pegged as Satanists, “create”. They are destroyers, parasites, war makers, and dark souls. They have had their hands on the levers of control for a long time. Yet, they are not “gods”, but men serving a “created” being, Satan/Lucifer and his demons. Interdimensional “beings” but “created” none-the-less. They are perversions, mutants, and if we are to read, and understand Biblical accounts, they have a “due date”. Therefore, they are Not immortal. Their time of judgement will come.

          It is my personal opinion that we do have a choice in things. I can choose to “vote” for Hillary or Jeb (Ha, Ha, Ha! That makes me laugh uproariously!), vote for TPP and send donations to the Bilderbergs, etc., blah, blah, blah, and “join them” in their twisted delusions of a glorious NWO…or, choose the opposite. All of these deluded think They control things. They do not.

          I submit, that regarding evil and and its carnage in this matrix-like world, GOD cries. But also, that the GOD who created everything, gives life, and orders the micro to the super-macro systems…HE must laugh at created beings thinking they can morph and become “as Gods”. Numerous writings depict the “backstory” to history, and prophecy tells us what is to happen in the future. This can only be so if the omniscient and ineffable “knows” the future. Studying prophecies we gain faith in this fact. If the “elites” believe so fervently in their satanic “god” and in fact confer and are directed by said being, serving him, why should we not also believe in the CREATOR GOD? If lies are as air to the throng of perverted “world-improvers”, why should not Truth be as fresh air for the antipodal to such? Why should we not have as much and more faith in the Good, as many place in the Evil?

          • Great posts Boomerang! You’re right, the only thing that truly matters is to strive to be good! Strangely enough, the amount of pure evil I see in the world only solidifies my belief in the existence of goodness and truth, and yes, God! There is no denying the evidence of a creator, because the patterns in nature are so obvious. There are mathematical patterns in nature, and yes, being outside in nature is a great way to decompress and put everything back into perspective. It is so much fun to entertain the thoughts that this world is very different than we are told, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter that much. What matters is flooding the world with so much goodness that it crowds out and pushes away the abundance of evil.

            • Right there, N.A, you have connected the dots-of-the-obvious to obtain perspective and the requisite wisdom needed to bless others with a beautiful spirit. Thank YOU! We needn’t even acknowledge the vast distance between your attitude and outlook in comparison to the dark forks (a euphemism that just came to me).

              Fun…what a concept! Like Joy and Peace, and such. These are foreign and alien to the NWO cult. May they repent and see the light. Darkness just doesn’t brim with fun by what we are witness to…to be pitied.

          • nothing trumps GOD and nothing they do can force me to move anymore off the zero. You and like millions have suffered many hardships and setbacks. Our best weapons are the obvious. No choice in things in worldly matters will alter the outcome to me anymore but choice in the no-things will effect our outcome.

            History teaches us that in asymmetric warfare the most heavily armed do not always win.
            – IGNACIO RAMONET

            It’s the proxies of GOD who will be victorius and terrorists we will be called. There is no choice there in my opinion. Rome understood it and they fell. TPTB are making sure I$I$ / al CIAda are well ingrained and embedded so that when the real Proxy War starts, killing people of GOD will be seen as nothing more than demi-gods squashing bugs.

            They have armed their terrorists and slave traders with our tax dollars. We had no choice. People will never believe what they have planned for us. Asymmetric warfare for the masses requires they understand we are at war. That’s just not going to happen. Therefore I have to overdrive the point and expose the harshest reality of what I have learned reading years of history and let the scriptures speak for themselves. When I am proven right by my prediction for September, maybe others will inderstand the Asymmetric warfare and how they keep the sheeple in a trance and in denial.

  8. BTW: the tpp fasttrack fail sure goes with my predictor for terror and war. I expect reality events begin on some holyrood visual and sound stage. The blood Moon just fits so well with bluebeam that i could not rule out the marker.

    Wait to see what people who will lose everything will do.



    Charlie, Charlie, Are You There?

    [The latest coup from the dark arts is Charlie Charlie Challenge, a Ouija Board-ish pursuit in which players—who tend to be, let’s face it, kids and teens—cross two pencils over a piece of paper and attempt to summon a Mexican demon. According to no less reliable a source than the Daily Mail, four Colombian high school students were hospitalized for “hysteria” after playing the game, which set off an international pandemic of DIY voodoo:]


  10. This is a romp through the thicket of “inquiry” —

    • That was a wonderful article! I really enjoyed reading it 🙂

  11. Cheers!

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